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Recent posts by Jorge Ruiz-Aquino

There are messaging API that support streams.
Spring framework provide some abstractions to work with usual messaging technologies like RabbitMQ (AMQP) and Kafka, but also JMS implementations.

For instance, under the project Spring Cloud you can find GitHub repositories for JMS, and the top trending technologies in event stream processing: (ActiveMQ)✓&q=binder&type=&language= (All binders)
This is an article that explains how to use RabbitMQ in reactive applications in Point-to-Point and Publish-Subscribe scenarios:
2 days ago
Using Kubernetes from Docker instead of a virtual machines sounds very interesting.
I think for the purpose of bringing the cloud environment to the local machine is much better since it's possible to share the environment-configuration directly from the source code repository with all the capabilities like versioning.

Thank you.
Thank you Cornelia,

In several comments and articles they say that it's better to pursue the agnosticism while designing an application. Even when sometimes we will require to use some specific features of the platform though.
So I guess the idea of having the patterns to be agnostic to any platform is a good starting.

But what do you think, it's better try to make the application "agnostic" or do it native from the beginning?
Are there CN Patterns to bring cloud native development to the developer's local-environment?
In other words, how to reproduce the cloud environment for local development? At how extend is this achievable?
Welcome Cornelia.
Congratulations on your new book!
Hi Cornelia,

The Cloud Native Patterns (CNP) you share in your book could be taken as cloud agnostic or these patterns should be taken per platform basis?
Do you provide advice on which cloud platforms support each CNP or all of them are tied to a specific platform?
In the last case, I would guess Cloud Foundry  

Welcome Josh,

To say truth, I was expecting you to promote CNJ in Code Ranch.  
So it is great news having you promoting your new book here.

Best wishes on your new book.
3 weeks ago
Hi Josh,

I know from your Cloud Native Java book that you usually prefer a DSL API.
Which DSL you do promote in the book, Kotlin or Java?

3 weeks ago
It's possible to test reactive/fluent data accessing, web programming or RSocket all in the same way or each one require different test approaches?
3 weeks ago
You are right, most tutorials compare Kotlin vs Java.
I think your approach in the book, also if explained the Head-First-way, would be better in many ways.
More excited of start learning Kotlin, and more motivated because Spring Framework is giving support to the language in the recent version.
5 months ago
A question about the common frameworks in Java & Kotlin.

What are the differences of Kotlin's lambdas, collections, generics to the Java counterparts?
There are such differences apart from syntax?

5 months ago
Hi Dawn & David Griffiths,

Since Kotlin runs on the JVM and Java is the main programming language for the JVM, do you compare the way Kotlin work with Java's way?
I mean, not only the semicolon, nulls and other abstractions, but how lambdas, collections, etc. work in comparison with Java.

Best wishes with your book.
5 months ago
Hi Jeff Friesen,

You are right, it would be nice to have a kind of official JSON specification.
I like Jackson too, specially because the Spring support of Jackson.
Hope we can compare the other alternatives in your book.
Hi Jeff Friesen,
More questions, but now about XML.

How has XML processing changed since the first version of the book? It's there new additions/improvements with the new versions of Java?
How XML is being used in the industry in the modern software development?

Is there any advice of When to favor XML over YAML, or other modern alternatives when writing tools or software intended to consume structured data representations?

Hi Jeff Friesen,

In the case of JSON, When would you choose one library over the other libraries?
Do you favor one of the libraries? Which one? Why?