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Recent posts by Jorge Ruiz-Aquino

Hi Jeff Friesen,

You are right, it would be nice to have a kind of official JSON specification.
I like Jackson too, specially because the Spring support of Jackson.
Hope we can compare the other alternatives in your book.
Hi Jeff Friesen,
More questions, but now about XML.

How has XML processing changed since the first version of the book? It's there new additions/improvements with the new versions of Java?
How XML is being used in the industry in the modern software development?

Is there any advice of When to favor XML over YAML, or other modern alternatives when writing tools or software intended to consume structured data representations?

Hi Jeff Friesen,

In the case of JSON, When would you choose one library over the other libraries?
Do you favor one of the libraries? Which one? Why?

Thank you for your great answers.
I agree, all in software development matures. And 5 years is too much for a technology.

About microservice teams. You are right, it's always good to change iteratively. I would say adaptatively.
1 month ago
Microservices is still a trending buzzword among the companies and programmers.
But, what have changed in the microservices landscape, apart from deployment techniques, in the last 5 years?

About the last chapter "Building Microservice Teams". I think this is very important as there is NO many people talking about how to have effective teams for building microservices.
Question, when would you say that it's necessary to start talking about to change the team's dynamic to build microservices? In terms of the size or the type of the project/system?

I hope my questions are understandable
1 month ago
I learned about the existence of design patterns while learning the first versions of Spring. So I think that using a framework like Spring is a good way of understand design patterns.

What new patterns are implemented in Spring 5? Usual Spring programmers make use of Singleton, Prototype, Factory, Proxy, MVC.
Do you cover the Spring's approach of design patterns in this new edition?
2 months ago
Coming back to the old XML-vs-Annotations discussion, is there any way to centralize the bean configurations using Annotations?

With XML it was easy to have all the configuration centralized, how to achieve that with Annotations? Or using IDE tooling is the only way?

Otherwise, how do I would face the configurations spread through all the modules of my application? How do you do it?
2 months ago
Does the book expects understanding of Kotlin?

And, Would this book be enough to achieve the Core Spring Certification? Would you recommend any other book?

Should I go for the courses by Pivotal instead of books?
2 months ago

Rob Spoor wrote:..did Java 11 actually provide anything new?

I agree. The major changes were introduced in versions 9 and 10.
I guess, to catch all of Java 11, the programmer needs to go through the versions 9 and 10.
2 months ago

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:I am not the author, but I guess the book covers Java SE 9, and it requires advanced level of knowledge.

Yes. Looks like it requires actual knowledge of Java programming. There's other thread with the same question.
2 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:You could consider books like Horstmann Core Java 9 for the Impatient

I won this one a couple of months ago. But too many great books and not enough time to read them all in short time.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Or even, Urma Fusco and Mycroft, but I am going to win, so I can have two copies of it

 Good one I will start a new thread to ask how people manage their time to read all the books they win.
2 months ago
Seems the adoption of Java 9 & 10 has been very slow compared to the adoption of Java 8 in the 1st year.
So the next question is because of the small amount of Java 9+ tutorials.

Do you would say that, for new Java programmers, an old Java 5, 6, 7 tutorial (which are the most) is not enough to write code using Java 11 due to all new features and changes?
What about programmers who work with Java 8?
2 months ago
According to the description of the book, it covers Java 8 to 10. But it touches Java 11 release, as the lasted if a long term support release?

Any new feature of these version have been left out of the book?

Looks like this book is not for new Java programmers, am I right?

It explains techniques or best practices for programming in the newer versions of Java?
What knowledge is expected for the reader?
2 months ago
Thank you for your great answer.

What I find from your response is that a central activity to CI is Automation.
Btw, that last figure captures all senses of the complete testing complexity. Thanks.
In summary, we are not doing CI.  
3 months ago