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Recent posts by dorel iancu

Thank you all so much !
Based on Campbell's advice, I picked up a Verhas book (Java Project 2nd edition). I will definitely look into the Horstmann's book from Sam.
... and as I said before, I too dislike the style of Head First books. Took me some will  power to go through it. Good books but...
Thank you again and have a nice day !
5 days ago
Good morning,

I apologize if this is not the right place to ask my question... which is: I read/ practiced ' Head First Java' and I would l like to continue with Java learning. Disclosure: did not like this book's style.
I am not sure what to study next in Java (JSP, EJB !? ). I would like to go with something which is in demand at least now ( and in the future) but I couldn't figure out what that is or what I would like.
So, do you guys have any suggestions and if you do, I wonder what books would you recommend.
I am coming from a (raw ) C# background and I used to work as a software tester. Could not find a job like that after being laid off but I would like to continue learning Java for me and ... who knows, my luck could return.

Thank you so much and have a good weekend.
1 week ago
Thank you all for the input.
I read what you said several times and I think I came to some understanding:
- checked exceptions should be used whenever there is reason to believe that the app can recover from those exceptions.
- runtime exceptions are not bad actually since they may point to a programming error
- handle runtime exceptions if you want but don't overuse them.

Hope that makes some sense.
Thank you all again and have a good weekend.
6 months ago

I am kind of confused about usage of checked exceptions; I looked them up on the web and on this site and I got more confused.
Anyway, my thought: I can handle an exception (try/ catch) at runtime. All exceptions I can think about... and I can catch them right where they may happen.
So, why would I use a checked exception ever ?
NB: I am currently learning Java; as far as I know C# does not use checked exceptions.
Thank you.
6 months ago
Now, that was fast and crystal clear !
Thank you all, so much !
9 months ago
This is kind of stupid question and I could not find a clear answer to my problem. Here is where my confusion is coming from:
I know that in a .java file there can be only one top public class and the file name needs to have the name of that public class (say Now, I have more than one class in that .java and there is interaction between all of them (eg an instance of a class may call a method in a different class).
When I compile that .java, the compiler will create a separate .class file for each of those classes... and I do 'java MyPublicClass' to run my lousy code     .
So, I wonder, if I want to have all those classes public (not sure why), I have to create a .java file for each of them and compile then separately, how else ?
How can I compile all those .java files and how to I run my code ('java ...') by calling only one of them so all of them would run like a unit ? or,  how is it really done ?

Thank you for your patience and have a good weekend (since it's Friday eve today     )
9 months ago
... Just wow !
Well, as they say: 'be careful what you wish for'  
On a serious note: the above are the most/ very comprehensive  explanations I ever got for anything. Awesome.
I got a lot of knowledge from you guys and of course other questions which I intend to solve by my own.
Thank you so (very) much !
11 months ago
First of all, thank you very much for your answer Bryson.
Still, I have two questions (..sorry    ):
- why Java seems to be more  popular than C# ?
- in the C#, your 'Hello world' construct, the Main method is listed as public.
I used C# to create some test tools I needed when I had a job and I really like C# but I still have a lot to learn. So, long story short: why would I need to make Main() public in C# ? From all I saw and use, Main() was always private.
I realize that these questions are kind of time waste for which I apologize.
Before I go I really need to say this: this 'Ranch' is awesome. Really.
Thank you.
11 months ago
Thank you.
So, the main difference between C# and Java is the fact that Java runs on a virtual machine. Isn't this making Java slower ?
However, Java seems to be more popular and versatile than C# so there may be other reasons as well. Wonder what Bryson Paine would say about this.
Thank you,
11 months ago
Not sure I'm in the right place for Bryson Paine's book promotion.
I got a question though: I am familiar with C# and new to Java. They look pretty similar syntax- wise. So, aside of Java running on a JVM, what would be the main difference(s) between C# and Java ?
Thank you.
11 months ago