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Recent posts by guyvincent

Bonjour Evelyn,
I passed the test on july 4th.
I think I failed, but it's really a good exam. Next time i'll get it !!
Drag & drop is a very good idea.
What more ? Nothing but one advice : DO READ SPECIFICATIONS. For a french educated people, it seems logical....
Next : Cathy book will be GOOD if all the text look like examples she gave us. My next purchase !
"Enterprise javabeans" and "mastering enterprise javabeans" are good too, but must be read with GREAT ATTENTION.
Cheers from France to everybody on JavaRanch !!!
Bravo et merci,
Hi Sayed,
Very good idea indeed
Best Regards from France
Bonjour from France,
thanks to Evelyn & sun team for the voucher.
I just would like to say i'm not in terror with the fact that only the first 400 exams taken are free. I've planified mine for the end of the month. I'm not a specialist, and have to work )
I mean : this certification is great because it is closely related with architect and/or actual project managers pr´┐Żocupations. (RMI, .NET and so forth).
If it's too late to try it free at the end of the month, well : I'll pay and try it later.
this certification seems to me great because it deals with CMT's principles which in my opinion are the future. Java based, it can also help to work in microsoft based project too.
A very good idea this certification. It makes Sun back in fundamentals against .net
Gros bisous ´┐Ż tous ))
Hi from France,
I passed programmer certification java 1.4 on 20 september.
Just a few notes:
a) Dan & Marcus tutorials are a great help (specially dan exam for collections)
b) It looks normal that the "Java Language Specification" book must be read to avoid casi all tricks. But hard to read for non american
c) I had casi no questions about assertions
d) I think it's quite easy to fail this exam if you're not concentrated or have only an average practice of Java
In the result statistics, Sun should indicate the number of questions per objectives.
This site is very good. Thanks to you to the help you provide through your links, exams, and cow test.
meuh and sorry for bad english
15 years ago