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Recent posts by Robin Z. Clark

Thank you.  That makes me feel a bit better.  In my new job I must use Karaf/Felix.  I don't have any choice.  Can you recommend a strategy for understanding this technology?  All of the documentation I've found is horribly old and contradictory.  If I could figure out some of the basics on how to build and run applications, I could figure out how to attach the source code from these antiquated frameworks and just read the framework code.  Most of the books are more of a sales pitch on how marvelous OSGi is than on how to actually USE IT.  
I understand that the way to understand these tools is to make changes to the code and observe the results...try to add functionality.  That is what I am trying to do.  But I have trouble figuring out how to get the simplest possible examples to build and run.  The learning curve is very steep.  Thank you for your help.
This is a very interesting thread.  I struggle horribly with eclipse, maven and the frameworks I must work with (Eclipse RCP, karaf, Apache Aries Blueprint).  The tools hide what is happening and although through trial and error I can get things to work, I never feel like I have a good understanding of what is happening.  I would do ANYTHING to be able to really understand these technologies.  If I read the OSGi specification (and I have TRIED) it is gibberish to me.  Every explanation is in terms of something that I do not understand.  It feels like it is speaking in circles.  Most of the time I feel like I am living in a nightmare.  My husband won't let me quit my job.  I am ready to commit hari kari or get a job as a janitor.  SOMETHING where I understand a portion of what I am being asked to do.  I'm not sure how anyone figures out this stuff.

In any case, this udemy course did help me to understand many things I did not understand before:

Good course where you can actually follow along
I have the book OSGi In Action and I am trying to import the example code (source code from OSGi In Action book) into an eclipse workspace.  The version of eclipse that I am using is 2019-03.  

I was able to figure out how to build the chapter 1 greeting-example lifecycle.  Then I right click on the class that contains the main method and choose "run as java application".  When the application runs, I see this error in my console:

How can I find the "bundle/provider-2.0.jar"?  I don't see it in the source code for the book?

Please do not tell me to use some other framework.  I have a new job and OSGi karaf is what I must understand and use.  If you can help me to discover a learning path where I can become comfortable with this framework I would be much appreciative.  I have purchased every book on the topic but much of what they say seems to be out of date.  

To start out with I would like to understand what this error means and how to fix it.  Here is the link to the book:  OSGi In Action book
Instructions in the book are very specific about creating this as a .jar file instead of a .war file.  I gave up on using eclipse and just compiled the class at the command line and created a jar.  But when I try to deploy it in the OSGi environment it gives me an error that I don't understand.  Is there a forum group related to OSGi enterprise users where I can post the errors that I am getting?
I am trying to follow along with the examples in the book Enterprise OSGi In Action by Holly Cummins and Tim Ward.  I have successfully installed and have running the Apache Aries examples download (  I want to create a simple jar that contains one servlet class.  The directory structure contains two directories

1) META-INF which contains the MANIFEST.MF
2) WEB-INF which contains web.xml and the compiled simple servlet class

I am using Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Version 2019-03 (4.11.0).  I know that I need to first create a new project.  When I do File->New in the eclipse IDE, I am presented with many options.  I do not know which one to choose so that I can successfully write my tiny servlet class and build the jar.

I want the WEB-INF/web.xml to look like this:

And I want the MANIFEST-MF file to look like this:

I chose the Java Plug-in project for File->New.  I have the following errors in my project that I do not know how to resolve.

Image showing error

Can anyone help me to understand how to create the simple jar and resolve these errors?  Thank you.
I am trying to learn about Eclipse RCP.  I just received the Eclipse Rich Client Platform book in print format by Lars Vogel.  I am so confused by the first exercise on page 49.  The steps that he specifies in the book are not present in my version of Eclipse (Oxygen 4.7.2).  The exercise is to create and run an RCP application.   The first step is to select File -> New -> Other... -> Eclipse 4 -> Eclipse 4 application project.  But the Eclipse 4 application project is not an option for me to select.  

When I go to his tutorial website (  the steps are quite different.  

The reason that I bought the print book was that I struggled to look at the website and at the Eclipse application simultaneously on my small laptop screen.  Is there anyone who can help me to modify the book's instructions so that I can complete the first exercise?  
11 months ago