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Saurab Sharma

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I have confusion regrading init-method calling. As I have studied that when the bean is initialized then init-method is called. So is it like that when IOC container initializing bean or we say creating instance and storing properties in memory or at the time of getBean() method.
Hi All,

As I have studied that spring framework applications can be deployed on Webserver. My questions are :

1. Why we use webservers for spring applications since any advantage if I deploy application on Application Server.

2. As per my understanding spring supports JAVA EE specification framework like Hibernate(ORM), Web(Servlets) etc thus if we want to develop applications that supports JAVA EE specification then we go for application servers otherwise it is complex to deploy on application server rather than on web server. Since with this understanding we can say Spring is not a part of J2EE, it supports J2EE frameworks.

Can you please give me a brief on this doubt?