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Sam Alzoubi

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since Nov 28, 2017
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Recent posts by Sam Alzoubi

Hello everybody,
please i need a help with my code,
part of my code required to picture, now i found some line was very helpful for me but i can't find the write way to do it, i am trying to do like this


now, the urlNavHeaderBg is string and inside that string is just regular url like "" the function works perfect and the image loaded perfectly in the app
but i don't need to access the internet or load from the internet, i just want to load from the drawable folder i mean i want to load internally like store the image inside the app and load from the folder
please how i can do that

thank you
1 year ago
Hello guys,
please i need your advice.
i finished the book Oracle Certified Associate java 8 programmer 1 written by jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff and solve all the question in the book at least two times.
it's really nice and was very helpful for me, but once i moved to Enthuware tests i am all the fail in them!
Seriously i see it like it's from different planet or something like that. i am frustrated with situation, i don't know what to do,
please i need your help guys,
does anybody here take the exam by only studying the book, is the Enthuware test indicators to my knowledge?
now let me be clear i really appreciate the guys who created Enthuware they know exactly what they doing.

thank you  
Hello everybody,
please i have question about the Leitner Mode section in Enthuware mock exam for OCA 8
actually its my favorite but i really have question about it,
now as you know if i chose this section it's allow me to determine the topic or the number of the question,
but for example if i want to test my self on working with java API or string and String builder and specify the number of questions for like 10 questions i will get an error saying that's there is only 1 questions related for that topic ???
is that true in the whole software and in among all the questions only one question related to that field ???

thank you