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The impact of SQL injection attacks may vary from congregation of sensitive data to manipulating database information, and from executing system-level commands to denial of service of the application.

Types of SQL Injection:

1.In-band SQLi (Classic SQLi)
2.Error-based SQLi
3.Union-based SQLi
4.Inferential SQLi (Blind SQLi)
5.Boolean-based (content-based) Blind SQLi
6.Time-based Blind SQLi
7.Out-of-band SQLi

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404 Error means that the page you were trying to reach on a website could not be found on their server.
404 not found error messages are generally obtain by Individual websites.

How to fix the error '404 Not Found: To solve the 404 problem, here are some step.

1.Reload the page
2.Check the URL
3.Go back through the directory levels
4.Use the website’s search function
5.Use a search engine
6.Delete the browser cache and cookies
7.Contact the website
4 years ago
You need to learn some Programming Language like Java and Advance Java to switch from Desk support to JAVA programmer. If you join any Java training Institute after working period or weekend class can join. Start preparation on live project which is helpful to grow more knowledge in Java programming.
4 years ago
It Is basically used to store key value pairs. Using Has Table is not more difficult, It is good Data Structure for finding any value directory.But the problem is that Bucket Hash Table does not store more data. It is old method of using Bucket Hash Table .
4 years ago