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Darius Juodokas

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Recent posts by Darius Juodokas

Hey ya all!

So I've been working on my tiny little project based on the usual: Spring, JPA, AOP and Hibernate. And I ran into a rather weird case... JPA Repo method  cannot find one of my entity  fields.

without @Query annotation app fails with exc:

Datamodel looks smth like:

And if I comment out the second @Fetch(FetchMode.SUBSELECT) (over "floor" field), the exc looks even funnier:

So my question is.. What's wrong with my JPA method name and why doesn't it work without a native qry specified?

And why does Hibernate suddenly does not see a field without @Fetch(SUBSELECT) annotation, even though it DOES see it (see exc message)?

(the first question is more important to me; the second one -- just curious)