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Recent posts by Nick Robinson

I found a typo in my shiny new copy of the Sierra/Bates/Robson OCP 8 Programmer II Exam Guide.
At the bottom of page 501 are some lines of code -

String currentStatus = "Everything's okay";
logger.log(Level.INFO, currrentStatus);

Note the triple 'r' in the second line, but not in the first.

And I'm puzzled why there's a font change halfway through the word 'method' halfway down page 585.
That's all I've got so far.
Fair enough, but my slow learning rate has given me time to spot a few more typos.

p203 - second last sentence. 'limit() prevents its second element' should be 'limit() allows its second element.'

p228 - Q9. Being picky, if answers A and B end in semicolons, C and D should also. The answer requires the code to compile.

p338 - second last paragraph - 'the writers of the Java' could be either 'the writers of Java' or 'the
writers of the Java language'.

p361 - 3rd paragraph. 'that object' should be 'that an object'.

I read the SCJP6 version of this book several times before taking the SE6 exam and found it very useful.
It's good to see an updated version as I hope to be taking the OCP8 exam real soon now.
I have some questions on various points in the Sybex OCP8 study guide. I don't know if it's my own misunderstanding that's the problem or if it's the wording of the text. Any help would be appreciated.

p84. In the bottom paragraph. 'We provide two methods for retrieving the total number of favorite foods as
well as a method to retrieve a food based on an index value.'
To me that sounds like 3 methods altogether but I think there are only 2 that are relevant. Should it be rewritten for clarity?

p359 - I'm puzzled by the third sentence - 'As you may remember from our discussion of polymorphism in Chapter 2, even though the reference type changes, the underlying object is still a ConcurrentHashMap.' But in the examples above, the reference type hasn't changed and the object has.

p377. In the third sentence in the box (starting with 'Alternatively') the end doesn't seem to match up with the start. Are there some words missing?

p463 - first sentence. What is a 'path representative'? Does 'representative' have a specific meaning in Java that I've not come across before?

p476 - middle of the page 'the NIO.2 API bridges information about streams,'. What does this phrase mean?

I've spotted a few more minor typos for the errata list.

p178 - In the middle of the box, the italicised 'eggs' should just be 'egg'.

p208 - 5th line, 'this function that takes an Object' should have 'that' removed.

p334 - halfway down, my old English teacher wouldn't like 'requests the current thread of execution rest'. It could be either 'requests that the current thread of execution rest' or 'requests the current thread of execution to rest'. I'm English, and American English grammar may not be as strict so you could disagree on this one.

p358 - near the bottom 'in own custom implementation'? Should this be 'in our own custom implementations'?

p358 - same sentence as above. 'forgot' is a tense change within the sentence, which my English teacher also wouldn't like, so 'forget' would be better.

p373 -  last sentence - 'Recall that' should be 'Recall that the'.

p377 - First sentence in box - 'a parallel' should just be 'parallel'.

p551 - Q9. 'and as the code would not compile'. I think the 'as' is superfluous here, or maybe it should be 'so'.


Hi, first post.
I've made it all the way through the Sybex OCP Java 8 Study Guide.
Overall I like it and I expect most of my questions will be answered by another readthrough.
However, I noticed a few typos that I haven't seen in the errata.

page 219 - Third paragraph. Shouldn't it be 'implementation of Set' not 'implement of Set'?
page 233 - First Localisation bullet point. Shouldn't it be "set the locale" instead of "set the local"?
page 287 - Table 6.3 Reference to Chapter 3 for DateTimeException should be Chapter 5.
page 298 - 2nd last comment line in code example. "exeption handler" should be "exception handler".
page 306 - First paragraph. Shouldn't it be "There are a few" not "There are few"?
page 428 - First sentence after the box. Is there any need for the 'a' before Serializable?
page 637 - "Too be determined"? I know it's in a String and it will print perfectly well. It just bugs me. Should be "To be".
page 648 - The very last page. There's a reference to Option H which does not exist. Should be Option G.

Now back to page 1 for me for another try.