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Nick Robinson

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Wall of Fame (6.0)
Nick RobinsonAugust 30th 201780%Reading Sierra and Bates book over and over since 2011OCA7 then OCA8 then eventually OCP8. Got there in the end.UK
Arun Kumar BS2015100%Love for Java... Sheer Persistence thanks to Bates and Kathy   Bangalore, India
Antriksh VermaFeb 20, 2016100% in Ocjp6Three months of hard work, dedicated 2-3 hours everyday and complete weekends , But relaxed too whenever required . Kaithy Seirra for OCJP6 book, Kaithy Seirra practice ,lot of practice exams , lots of coding for each and every conceptUpgrade to Java SE 8 OCP&Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master  INDIA
T VergilioApril 5, 201696%Two and a half months of very intensive studying, 4-5 hours per day plus weekends. Used Boyarsky and Selikoff's book, practice exams from Enthuware, lots of coding and many questions in this forum.OCPJP 8 upgrade from 6UK
Rossyafk RosApril 1, 201691%Thank you very much to Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff for their hard work with the study guides . I spent a month and a half reading the guides and practicing with the study material of Enthuware.OCPJP 8 upgrade from 6Spain
KrishnadharNov 2nd 201593%Practice,Study,PracticeOCPJP 8(upgrade),OCMJDIndia
Bishal MazumdarJuly 10, 2015100% 6India
Luco RAMAROMANANA August 18th, 201490%Started preparing for the exam just one week before the exam date, read Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates' book and laughed a lot while reading (did 2 chapters a day with lots of programming), did tons of mock exams during the weekend and past the exam with a satisfying score on Monday OCEJWCD 6Madagascar
Kyle MooreAugust 3, 201485% OCPJP 6Japan
Adarsh AgarwalJuly 12, 2014100%Thanks Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for compiling such wonderful book.OCPJP 6India
Sreejesh K RMay 31, 201491%Thank you Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. Thanks to all mocktest providers.OCPJP 6India
Astha SharmaNovember 28, 201390%I am very thankful to Kathy Sierra and Bert for such a great book. It was really a helpful book not only for OCPJP but also to clear your many concepts and doubts. I also want to thank Examlab and Enthuware. these simulators helped m a lot practice.OCPJP 6India
Om Prakash BijawatAugust 04, 201386%I am very thankful to Kathy Sierra and Bert for such a great book.It was really a helpful book not only for OCPJP but also to clear your many concepts and doubts.OCPJP 6India
Paweł BaczyńskiApril 08, 201396%Study guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert BatesKraków, Poland
Jeyakrishna RamamoorthyApril 03, 201391%Thanks to Kathy and Bert, wish I had read your books years ago. Please continue to write books on various subjects :-)OCPJP 6India
Yuriy BondarukMarch 27, 201390%Taken 1Z0-805: Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer ExamOCPJP 7Ukraine
Emad EidMarch 15, 201390% OCPJP 6USA
Tamas TomorkenyiFebruary 20, 201388%OCE Java EE 6 JPA, EJBHungary
Deepali Verma4 FEB 201398%Thanks a lot to Kathy and Bert BatesOCPJP 6India
Ankit GaretaOctomber 8, 201291% 6India
Pal RegosFebruary 12, 201393%Thanks to Kathy and Bert and Enthuware!OCPJP 6Hungary
Majid AbarghooeiJanuary 20, 201380% OCPJP 6Iran
Prajwal Shetty4 January,2013100%Thanks a lot to Kathy and Bert for such a wonderful book. I also referred Thinking in Java Wish You Good Luck For Your Exams!!!OCPJP 6India
Sarvesh Dikonda3 January,2013100%Many thanks to this forum which helped clarify most of my doubts which helped understand the concepts better . Thanks for all the help. And also "Kathy Seirra and Bert Bates SCJP6 Certification Guide" book without which i would not have been able to understand the language thoroughly. Its been a delight to be with this forum and the book as well. I would like all of you to help me guide as to how to move ahead now, as i'm done with the certification. Actually, i want your expert guidance!OCPJP 6India
Hina Omair SiddiquiDecember 28, 201298%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, WhizLabs, Javaprepare, Java Black BeltOCJP 7United Kingdom
Kailash JoshiDecember 11, 201298%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, Examlab for SCJP, & Certpal.comOCPJP 6India
Gerard QuirkeNovember 29, 201273%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert BatesOCJP 6Ireland
Sayud Rejau AliOctober 17, 2012100% OCPJPUSA
Vijaya RaghavaOctober 15, 201298%Thanks a lot to Kathy and Bert for their wonderful book. And thanks too for the Java Ranch Forum.OCPWCD India
Joan BretónSeptember 04, 201275%Thanks to Javaranch and my FamilyOCPJPSpain
Abel MoyoAugust 30, 201295% OCPJPZimbabwe
Rajat BhatejaAugust 09, 201290%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert BatesOCPJPIndia
Manish SharmaAugust 11, 201290%Thanks to khalid mughal bookOCPWCD and Placement in a good software companyIndia
Arkadiusz JanickiAugust 1, 201286%work experience + 1 month of preparation (web resources and mock exams)OCPWCDPoland
Pradeep K CJuly 24, 201298%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert BatesOCPWCDIndia
Md. Minhajur RahmanJuly 3, 201281%StoryOCPWCDBangladesh
Gaurangkumar R KhalasiJune 29, 201285%StoryOCPWCDIndia
Gil VegliachJune 28, 201295%StoryOCPJP 6Italy
Alexis KOALLAJune 7th, 201291%Thanks to Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates rules, Sybex and ENI FranceOSCJP SE 6France
MaheshwaranMay 7th, 2012100%Bunch of Thanks to Kathy Sierra well i am working in java project so i had fair amount of knowledge to clear itOCJP SE 6India
Syed Muhammad Nayyar MustafaMay 28, 201280%Thanks to Kathy & Bates for their great study guideJava EE 6 Web Services Developer ExamEngland
Anna KozlovichMay 17, 201285%Thanks to SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 - Kathy Sierra & Bert BatesOCWCDUSA
Avik GangulyMay 05 , 201271%Thanks to the wonderful IDEs of NetBeans and Eclipse.  OCEJWCDIndia
Joerg BrockmeyerMay 02 , 201273%Thanks to the Community of JavaRanch and to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for their wonderful book  OCPJP SE 6Germany
Avinash AnandApril 23 , 201298%Thanks a lot to Kathy sierra & Bert Bates and everyone here.OCEWCD JEE6India
Swapnil Suryakant PrabhavalkarApril 05 , 201281%Thanks to Kathy sierra & Bert Bates and a big thank you to the Java Ranch Community  OCEWCD EE6India
Jai ManiMarch 27 , 201291%Thanks to SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 - kathy sierra & Bert Bates, OCP Programmers exam for java And A big Thank you to the Java Ranch Community  OCJPIndia
Manikandan N.MMarch 24 , 2012100%Thanks to SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 - kathy sierra & Bert BatesOCJPIndia
Saurabh SinghMarch 13, 201278%Thanks Java Ranch and Enthuware exams and of course Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates!SCJP/OCJP 6.0NY USA
Jonathan Simas07 March 201281%Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates rulesSCJP / OCPJPBrazil
Andrés López Ramos02 March 201295%K&B Study Guide, K&B Practice Exams, www.certpal.comSCJP / OCPJPECUADOR
Bartosz KempinskiFeb 27, 201286%SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6SCJP / OCPJPPoland
Prince SewaniFeb 14, 201286%Success StorySCJP / OCPJPIndia
Sebanti Sanyal25 January 201293%K&B Study Guide,Practice Exams,Master Exam CDSCJP / OCPJPUSA
Ernesto Reig Alvarez19 January 2012100%SCJP Study Guide & OCJP Practice Exams both by K. Sierra and B. BatesSCJP / OCPJPSPAIN
Vivek Hari Narayanan31 December 201198%(Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates) & Exam LabsSCJP / OCPJPINDIA
Xeyyam Quliyev29 December 201195%Thanks to Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates bookOCWCDAzerbaijan
Srinivas Doppalapudi27 December 201193% SCJP / OCPJPINDIA
Jorge Abreu22 December 201190%SCJP Study Guide & OCJP Practice Exams both by K. Sierra and B. BatesSCJP / OCPJPMEXICO
Vimal Kumar Venugopal19 December 201196%Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates paved my storySCWCDIndia
Rommel Sharma17 December 201184%The book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates + on the job helped greatlyOracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 ProgrammerIndia
A. Phatak5-DEC-201186%Thanks to K&B Book and EnthuwareOCP JPMD USA
George Paolo L. Flores2011 November 1783%Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, Thank you!OCEWCDPhilippines
Aseem BathlaDecember 2009100%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and my family motivation to keep me targetting highSCWCDIndia
Riza Aktunc17 Oct 201193%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for their wonderful book, and David Cooray for ExamLabMasters DegreeTurkey
Yosri Zouari12 Oct 201173%It’s always hard to work and study. I hope make better next exams. Thanks godJEE6 JSP&Servlet DCETunisia
Shruti Arora19 Sep 201198%Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert BatesSCWCDIndia
Suhrid Karthik14 Sep 201198 %StoryMasters DegreeIndia
Mahmoud Abdelmoniem AbdElkader12 Sep 201195% OCPJWCD6Egypt
Agostino Di Manno12 Sep 201181%StoryEJDCItaly
Piyush Joshi22 Aug 201196%StoryOCPJWCD6India
Gaurav Gupta10 Aug 2011100%StoryOCPJWCD6India
Josephine Pascual01 Aug 201196%thanks to God, to the authors of Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide, to Ron Jason Ang for asking me to put my name here, to my family and friends who inspire me to do my best, and to Ferdz Cunanan who is always there to support me. OCPJWCDPhilippines
Erwin BastardoJuly 5nd, 201170%thanks to God,Katy Sierra,Bert,whizlab team and ExamLabSCWCDRepublica Dominicana
Ausan AbdulhabibMay 20,201178%StoryOCPJP 6Yemen - Aden
Ashish Agre28 May 201198%K&B Study Guide,Practice Exams,Master Exam CD, OCP Java SE 6 Programmer Practice Exams (Exam 310-065)SCJP / OCPJPINDIA
Harsh PensiMay 2nd, 201197%StorySCBCDIndia
Faraz KadriApril 20, 201190% OCPJWCDCanada
 Aditya Sharma        April 16,2011   96%  thanks to kathy and Bert   SCWCD  jaipur,INDIA  
Luigi FugaroMar 30, 201173%Thanks to JavaRanch and WhizlabsSCEA 5 pendingItaly
Marcel van den BoerMarch 24th, 201196%StoryOCMJDThe Netherlands
Mohammed Amanullah    Dec 31, 2010    93%Should have tried for a century, just missed SCWCDIndia
Jigar MaheswaryFeb 12, 201083%Sorry to have posted it so late SCWCDIndia
Vaibhav MittalMarch 25, 201175%"All thanks to Sri Mata Nirmala Devi ji and also my Hearty Thanks to Kathy and Bert for all the way Guidance."A bit of fun! and then a job.  India
Davy FloesMarch 24, 201190% SCWCDBelgium
Meena AjayMarch 21,201196%StoryThinking about SCBCD/SCWCDIndia
NainaMarch 07, 2011100%  US
Ricardo Espirito SantoFeb 07, 201168% SCJPPortugal
Alessandro BrucoliFeb 02, 201193%Story  SCJPItaly
Agshin GuliyevJan 31, 201181% SCBCDAzerbaijan
Yide ZouJan 12, 201196% SCBCDGermany
Max RamosJan 10, 201190% OCEWCD6Philippines
Radhakrishna KalyanDec 27,201086% SCBCDSweden
Ashok KurakulaDec 24, 201095%-OCPJP 6India
Arpit BhargavaNov 4, 201088%"Practice and clear all doubts by Reading K&B book for Exam 310-065  "OCWCDIndia
Dominic NicolosiOct 30, 201088% SCJDUnited States
Maria-Magdalena FloreaOct 21,201096% SCJPRomania
Rajnish MishraOct 16,201088% scwcdIndia
Arjun SrivastavaOct 12, 201093%Storyjob huntIndia
Oladeji OluwasayoOct 11,201065%"K & B, Sybex, Jamie Jarworski, Ibrahim Ibrahim mock test (, Exam Lab (just two tests), reading, reading, reading!"SCJDNigeria
Oleg GorenkoSept 29, 201090%'''Story'''SCWCDUkraine
Steli NiculescuSept 27,201096% B.S., then SCBCDRomania
Atanas LadzhovSept 28,201095% SCJDBulgaria
Piotr NowickiSept 24, 201088%StoryOCMJDPoland
Vali Musoiu20 Sep 201095%StorySCJPRomania
Manju20 Sep 201081%StorySCJPIndia
Ciprian MihalacheSept 15,201095% SCJDRomania
Paras GeraSept 13,201095% SCWCDIndia
Akash PeriSept 11,201068%UBC student,CPSC Major,Y-2, prepared for the SCJP certification, using Kathy Sierra book, during end of Summer-2010SCJDVancouver, Canada
L K KakaniSept 08,201088% Still planningGA,USA
Tareq AteikSeptember 8, 201075%StoryGraduate UNIV. SCWCDYemen
Sahil KapoorAug 30, 201096%Story
Shanky SoharAug 23, 201095%StorySCWCDIndia
Suresh Babu VenkatAug 14, 201088%SCJP  Chennai,India
Mohamed Ahmed MahfouzAug 10, 201096%it was a really nice Experience, it took me 2-3 months to prepare , main preparation resources was the both magnificent Kathy Sierra book and enthuware mock exams. thanks for all of you guys your success stories,recommendation and help was the main reason after allah to help me achieve this.SCJP 6Egypt
Paulo Roberto LeiteAug 08, 201071% SCJP  Guaratinguetá/SP/Brazil
Neha H WaikarJuly 31, 201071% SCWCD  Trivandrum, Kerala
Srinivasa KattaJuly 23, 201095% SCJP  Hyderabad, India
Julian HernandezJuly 16, 201075% SCJP  Barcelona, Spain
Kugathasan AbimaranJuly 15, 201091%SCWCDColombo, Srilanka
Rajeev NairApril 25, 201091%StorySCWCD5  Virginia, USA
Martin KrischikApril 14, 201081%StorySCJDSwitzerland
Inderpal Singh July 1, 201096%  SCJP  Amritsar, India
Prasad Kharkar June 30, 201086%StoryNow working on College Project  Aurangabad, India
Gayk GevorkyanJune 18, 201096%StorySCWCD  Tampa, USA
Shamil MehdiyevJune 18, 201073%StorySCJPAzerbaijan
Dhriti Ghosh June 03, 201093% SCWCDKolkata, India
Javier CamachoMay 21, 201078% SCJPMexico
Aldo ParadisoMay 14, 201075%StorySCJPGermany/Italy  
Dmytro IarkoMay 5, 201083% SCJPUkraine  
Jeff LoweApril 28, 201090% SCMADUnited States  
Olga VoytovichApril 09, 201090% SCJDBelarus  
Ehtiram HasanovFebruary 16, 200880% ''Azerbaijan  
Chad TurnerApril 10, 201068%StorySCWCDUnited States
Promila SinghMarch 6, 201083% SCWCDIndia
Jerome JacobsenMarch 11, 201090% SCWCDUnited States
Ilgar MammadovMarch 7, 201073%  Azerbaijan
Patrick HumphriesMarch 8, 201075%  United States
Hung LinMarch 04, 201093% SCWCDUnited States
Ahmed ElgoharyMarch 3, 201085%  Egypt
Jiachen DongMarch 1, 201085% SCWCDChina
ShreyansFeb 22, 201095% SCJPINDIA
Elchin AsgarliFeb 22, 201091%StorySCJD or SCWCD, and Graduate SchoolAzerbaijan, Germany
Murad ImanbayliNov 16, 201291%StoryOCPJP 6Azerbaijan  
Vermeir MathiasFebruary 17, 201095%-SCWCDBelgium
bobFebruary 15, 201096%-SCDJWSHungary
Piotr JanikFebruary 5, 201083%-SCWCDPoland
Neha DagaJanuary 20, 201096%--India, UK
Manish AwasthyJanuary 18, 201098%--India
Rohan KanadeJanuary 18, 201085%StoryFind a GFIndia
Muhammad Minhaj MehmoodJanuary 17, 201096%Story-Pakistan
Albert TangJanuary 15, 201096%StorySCWCD 5Australia
Cristian VrabieJanuary 15, 201090%StorySCJD, SCEARomania
Evelina VrabieJanuary 15, 201088%StorySCJD, SCEARomania
Ben PowerJanuary 7, 201066%StoryB.S., then SCJDUnited States
Ankur Kothari31 December, 200991%StorySCWCD, SCMADIndia
Roel De Nijs29 December, 200998%Story Belgium
Eugen Banari24 December, 200990%--Moldova
Frank Karlstr�m14 Desember, 200993%StoryMCTSNorway
Rajaganesh Ramu1 December, 200986%StorySCWCDIndia
Javid ShikhiyevNovember 30, 200978% SCWCD, SCBCDAzerbaijan
Ion C. Olaru29 November, 200991%Story-Moldova
Allan Cheong28 November, 200983% SCJDMalaysia
Rahul Chhabra17 November, 200995%StoryYet to DecideIndia
Takundwa Mapfumo November 06, 200998%-SCDJWSZimbabwe
Elchin AbdullayevNovember 1, 200995% SCJPAzerbaijan
Harish KommarajuNovember, 200988%StorySCWCDIndia
Bhagwat Singh ChouhanSeptember 9, 200976%noneSCWCDIndia
Adel RestomOctober 30, 200980% SCWCDSyria
Mahmoud Fouad AyoubOctober 27, 200990%  Egypt
Mauro CodellaOctober 27, 200988% SCWCDItaly
Erickson JavinesOctober 22, 200993%SCWCDPhilippines
Markus BrökerOctober 09, 200976%SCBCDGermany
Ria Chakraborty81%India
William AlvesOctober 02, 200985%SCWCD
Srikanth NakkaOct 1, 200984%"Hard + Smart Work"OCWCDIndia
Harsh PensiSeptember 27, 200993%StorySCWCDIndia
Madhavi SelokarSeptember 12, 200993%""SCJP 6.0India
Sergey NikiforovSeptember 11, 200986%""SCDJWSRussia
Megha PokleySeptember 7, 200983%""SCJP 6.0India
Kannan PrakasanSeptember 06, 200998%StorySCWCD 5.0India
Scott EmrickSeptember 1, 200986%" "  SCWCDUnited States
Monu TripathiAugust 24, 200993%Story India
Stefan PopaAugust 21, 200988%   SCJP 6.0Germany
Bernhard HuberAugust 18, 200993%StorySCWCDAustria
Luis CentenoAugust 17, 200986%StorySCWCDPachuca, Hgo. Mexico
Krzysztof ZdrenkaAugust 11, 200990%SCWCDPoland
siddhartha varmaAugust 7, 200993%StorySCWCD 
Dick SmithJuly 27, 200980%StorySCWCD 5UK
Surya Rao RayaraoJune 26th, 200986%StorySCWCD 5Hyd, India
Himalay MajumdarApril 11th, 200975%StorySCBCD 5Hyd-Kol-Harrisburg, India-US
Divya SubramanianMay 18th, 200979%StorySCWCD 5India
priya thomas May 12, 200991%StorySCWCD 5.0India
Eko HarmawanMay 12, 200986%   SCWCDIndonesia
KhomeiniApril 8, 200990%StorySCJD or SCBCDIndonesia
Efraim J LopezApril 2, 200987%StorySCWCD 5.0Venezuela
Luis MirabalApril 3, 200988%StorySCWCD 5.0Venezuela
VarunKumar MallisettyMarch 31, 200990%StorySCJDIndia
Soniya AhujaMarch 31, 200986%StorySCBCD EJB 3.0India
Filip NelisMarch 23, 200984%SCWCD 5.0Belgium
Michal BogdalMarch 30, 200993% SCWCD  Poland
Kiran S ShiraliMarch 20, 200986% SCWCD 5.0India
Vasif MustafayevMarch 14, 200980% SCJPAzerbaijan
Aditya KulkarniMarch 12, 200995% SCWCDPune,India
Roland WagnerFebruary 26, 200994%StorySCWCD 5.0Germany
Ramin OrujovFebruary 14, 200969%StorySCWCD 5.0Azerbaijan
Pankaj UpadhyayFebruary 04, 200986%StorySCWCD 5.0 SCEA GIACIndia
Michael TolenrucJanuary 29, 200991% SCWCD 5.0Philippines
Przem WoznickiJanuary 19, 200988% SCJDUK
Saurabh NaikJanuary 5, 200988% SCWCD 5.0INDIA
Punit SinghJanuary 10, 200995%  StorySCWCD 5.0India
Asanka KodippiliJanuary 2, 200981% SCJDSri Lanka
Ankit Garg   November 28, 200898%  StorySCWCD 5.0India
luka kenno   November 20, 200875%  Story-Italia
Tan Chin ShengNovember 4, 200883% SCWCDSingapore
Janaka DalugamaNovember 01, 200884%   SCWCD 5.0 
Martin BoehmerSeptember 26, 200888%   SCWCD 5.0 
Andreas KernAugust 06, 200895%   SCJD 
Raphael RabadanAugust 04, 200898%StorySCWCD 5.0 
Sreekanth MenonJune 28, 200870%     
SampathKumar May 10, 200887%StorySCWCD 5.0 
Rob SpoorApril 21, 200891% SCWCDThe Netherlands
Bert HeikampApril 11, 200870%   
Raphael KouApril 4, 200886%   
Milton OchoaMarch 13, 200881% SCWCD 5.0Colombia
Mohammad Abu AjamiehOct 25, 200991%SCWCDPalestine
Sada KurapatiSep 02, 201193%Thanks to JavaRanch and Kathy Sierra & Bert BatesSCWCD & SCEAUS
Vishal HegdeFeb 12 201181%JSP_ejbIndia
Riccardo IaconoJan 22, 201081%Italy
SudhakarJuly 17, 201093% View CertificateStorySCWCDChennai,India
Ilkin EsrefliJanuary 16, 200877%SCWCDAzerbaijan
Rahul Dev MishraMarch 30,201096%SCWCD
Abhijeet DeshmukhApril 22,201093%SCWCD
"Swagato Bhatta"Feb ??,201075%SCWCD
Alvin ReyesJanuary 29,201086%SCWCD
Harry BraleyNovember 13, 200988%SCJD
Asit ShuklaJune 30,200987%SCDJWS
Vaibhav AjmeraSeptember 26,200996%SCWCD
Kapil MishraSeptember 17,200982%SCWCD
Swati SisodiaMay 5,200880%SCMAD then SCWCD
Chaitanya JadhavJune 10, 200980%StorySCWCD
Balraj MomiAugust 17, 200995%StorySCWCD
Dhirendra Pratap SinghJuly 8,200997%SCWCD
Ariram KJuly 7,200984%SCWCD 5.0
Naveen RavindranJuly 1, 200988%SCWCD 5.0
Suhas SaheerMay 14, 200974% SCWCD  Trivandrum, Kerala
Jose A. AguileraApril 27, 200998%Story-
Damian MazziniApril 20, 200993%SCWCD 5.0
Ireneusz KordalApril 15, 200998%SCWCD 5.0
Anuj KashyapOctober 25 200884%SCWCD 5.0
Rohit SurveApril 13,200998%SCWCD 5.0
Vaibhav KhareMarch 23, 200994% SCWCD
vamsi krisMarch 6, 200997%  Story-
Nitin ChoudharyFebruary 28, 200988%SCWCD 5.0
Lum Chai LingFebruary 24, 200993% SCBCD 5.0
Rajesh MahadevanJanuary 23, 200996% SCDJWS
Hasnain Javed KhanJanuary 24,200887%SCWCD
Balagopal KannampallilJanuary 23, 200994%  StorySCWCD 5.0
Soumitra DeAug 31, 200798% SCWCD 5.0
Naresh BafnaJanuary 17, 200994% SCJP 5.0
Daniel Cabral da SilvaDecember, 29,200879% SCJP 5.0Brazil
Vaibhav MishraJanuary 14, 200986%StorySCWCD 5.0
Biju MoozhikkaraJanuary, 200988%SCWCD
Pablo SzyrkoNovember 20, 200897% SCWCD
Mike AnnaNovember 15th 200879% SCWCD
K. TsangNovember 4, 200877% SCJDHong Kong
Marco PivaOctober 13, 200883%SCWCD 5.0
Jyotsna PaiJuly 17,200873%SCWCD 5.0
sanskriti agarwalJuly 11, 200888%Story-
karunMarch 6,201080% SCWCD 5
Gert-Jan den BestenJune 25, 200886% SCJD
Aniruddh JoshiMay 25th,200894% GMAT
Mantas KanaporisAugust 18, 200894% TBD
Prem Piyush GoyalJuly 30, 200883% SCWCD 5.0
Parth SanajaJuly 27, 200884% SCWCD 5.0
Michael MitchellJuly 25, 200886% SCWCD 5
Tom BuntingJuly 31, 200890% SCWCD 5
Sumit GaikaiwariJuly 23, 200897%StorySCWCD 5.0
Jari TimonenDecember 13, 200791%SCJD
Camilo NetoNovember 05, 200770%SCWCD 5
Tapas Ranjan SamalMay 14, 200797%SCBCD 5
Cristinel GafitaJune 23, 200894% SCWCD 5
Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos FilhoJune 13, 200873% SCWCD 5
Andre VettorettiJune 07, 200879% SCWCD
Shweta JindalMay 19, 200895%  
Aaron BrowneMay 12, 200894% SCWCD
Amit GargavaApril 30, 200883% SCWCD 5
Priyanka DubuguntaApril 11, 200894%StorySCWCD
Iv疣 P疵ragaApril 8, 200888% SCJD
Nitin KasatApril 7, 200884%StorySCWCD
Ranjan KumarApril 1, 200866%StorySCBCD 5.0
Prateekk MathurrMarch 23, 200891%StorySCWCD
Prabhat GuptaMarch 20, 200897%StoryNone
Yashashree KaleMarch 20, 200890%Story 
Andrea VibelliMarch 7, 200884% SCWCD 5.0
Andrzej FolgaFebruary 18, 200880% SCJP
Ankit kumaroctober 18, 200891% SCJP 5.0
Chumak Eduard  February 14,200891%StorySCBCD
Vitor IsaiaFebruary 14, 200887%StorySCWCD 5.0 
Anderson BonavidesFebruary 11, 200872% SCJP
Carlos CardenasFebruary 09, 200883% SCWCD
Marc TanFebruary 1, 200876% SCWCD 5.0
Lionel ConfortoSeptember 18, 200873% SCJP 5.0
Naresh BafnaJanuary 17, 200994% SCJP 5.0
A C ArunJanuary 29, 200875% SCWCD
Ibrahim ALShehriJanuary 03, 200887% SCWCD
Deepak JainDec 31, 200790%StorySCWCD
Icaro DouradoDecember 28, 200775% SCWCD
Gunnar MalufDecember 28, 200781%StorySCWCD
Rodrigo FujiokaDecember 27, 200772%StorySCBCD
Milco NumanDecember 21,200791%SCWCD
Adam TkaczykDecember 10, 200786% SCBCD
Mahmad AtikOctober 1,2007100% SCBCD5.0
C駸ar LawallSeptember 22, 200786%SCWCD
Khadija LokhandwalaAugust 29, 200791%StorySCWCD
Sumith PuriAugust 10, 200786%StorySCBCD 1.3
Vinay BSAugust 26, 200770% SCWCD
Naveen NarayananAugust 25, 200781%StorySCJD  
Sergio TridenteJuly 23, 200793%StorySCBCD
Beno羡 de CHATEAUVIEUXJuly 9, 200784% SCBCD5
Veit UllmannJuly 4, 200784%SCJD
Elton KuzniewskiOctober 2   
'''Vijaya Raghava''''''May 21, 2007''''''98%'''Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert bates for their wonderful book. It helped me a lot in passing the exam.'''SCWCD'''
Rommel Sharma24 July 2004-Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform 1.2India
3 months ago
I've just passed the OCP8 exam with 70%. Not a great mark but it's taken so long to get here I'm just glad I made it.

I've been a mainframe programmer since 1987 and I've done OK with it, but by 2011 it was clear that I shouldn't expect to keep finding COBOL jobs for another 20 years. So I thought I would modernise my IT skillset and get a recognised qualification too. I bought the Sierra and Bates SCJP6 study guide. I had picked up a little Java in previous jobs and it seemed a simple enough language. I gradually worked my way through the book, not even realising that Java 7 had come out almost as soon as I bought it.

On my first tries at the end of chapter questions I usually scored less than I would have if I had randomly picked out answers by sticking a pin in the page blindfolded. So I gave up in frustration on several occasions over the next few years. Fortunately the mainframe day job was still paying the bills.

But I'm persistent and kept going back to the book to the point where I had some sections memorised. I still didn't seem to do well on the tests and couldn't convince myself that I would pass the exam. I read a few other books on Java and slowly got more familiar with it. In 2017 I found myself with more free time and started studying harder. I found that you can teach an old dog new tricks, but you have to spend a whole lot of time and effort to do it.

By this time I was aware that Java 8 had come out too, but passing the SCJP6 exam had become a matter of personal pride after the amount of time I had spent on it. It felt like every time I mastered one chapter it was overwriting the knowledge of another one in my head. There just wasn't room for it all at the same time. Eventually I just booked the exam because I was worried Oracle would retire it before I got the chance. I passed with 80% in August 2017, and was pretty pleased with that, and very relieved.

When I looked at the requirements for the OCA7 exam I realised that there was hardly anything new compared to version 6, and only half as much to worry about. It seemed a shame to spend so much effort on an outdated exam and then stop when it was all finally in my head. So I bought Mala Gupta's OCA7 guide, read it through twice, and took the exam a month after my SCJP6. I passed with 80% again.

Now I felt like I was on a roll and I had a choice. Do I go for OCP7 or OCA8? Again, it looked like the difference between OCA7 and OCA8 wasn't that big, if I was confident about the version 7 stuff. So I bought Boyarsky and Selikoff's OCA8 guide, studied up on the differences between 7 and 8, and took the OCA8 exam a month after the OCA7 one. This time I passed with 78%.

It seemed daft to think then about doing OCP7 when OCP8 was available, although with hindsight this may have been a mistake. I bought the Boyarsky and Selikoff OCP8 guide and fell into the same sort of mental quicksand that I felt I was in the first time I read the SCJP6 book. There were a lot of new concepts, nothing seemed to stick in my memory, and functional programming in particular seemed like some sort of hocus-pocus programming. I might have been better off doing OCP7 and focusing on a smaller amount of new stuff. I seemed to be better as a proofreader than I was at understanding what I was reading.     I needed all the help I could get so I bought the revised Sierra, Bates and Robson version 8 book when it came out, and also signed up for the Enthuware tests.

In June I did one of the Total Seminars online exams that comes with the Sierra book, and got 48%. Back to the drawing board for my revision plan.

After several more months, eventually I seemed to do OK on the Enthuware tests, although I did them in a bit of a haphazard way. I booked the exam. I'd saved the Last Day Enthuware test until literally the day before the exam, but only got 66% when I took the Enthuware one. Yikes, but it was too late to reschedule the real exam.    
I didn't get much sleep the night before the real exam, which was my own fault (too much coffee), but it may have affected why I thought it was harder than I had been expecting, as many people suggest it's easier than the practice tests. I didn't think so. There were many questions on streams, and about 6 on Fork/Join, which felt like my weakest area. There seemed to be very few on topics that existed before version 7. I might as well have taken the upgrade exam. After the first ten questions I was wondering if I had got any right, and was well behind on my time management. I just stuck at it and did the best I could. There isn't time to rethink any questions. I just had to go with my best guess and move on. I think I had 2 questions unanswered with 20 seconds to go, so I literally picked an answer at random for them. I left the exam convinced I had failed but when I got home I found I had passed with 70%. I was very pleasantly surprised. I could probably have done better with another couple of months revision but I'd reached the point where I needed a break with or without passing.  

I'm 55 now. If my experience can serve as an example to anyone else struggling that sheer persistence will eventually get you through the exam then that's OK with me. Now can anyone offer me a Java job?    
3 months ago
I found a typo in my shiny new copy of the Sierra/Bates/Robson OCP 8 Programmer II Exam Guide.
At the bottom of page 501 are some lines of code -

String currentStatus = "Everything's okay";
logger.log(Level.INFO, currrentStatus);

Note the triple 'r' in the second line, but not in the first.

And I'm puzzled why there's a font change halfway through the word 'method' halfway down page 585.
That's all I've got so far.
Fair enough, but my slow learning rate has given me time to spot a few more typos.

p203 - second last sentence. 'limit() prevents its second element' should be 'limit() allows its second element.'

p228 - Q9. Being picky, if answers A and B end in semicolons, C and D should also. The answer requires the code to compile.

p338 - second last paragraph - 'the writers of the Java' could be either 'the writers of Java' or 'the
writers of the Java language'.

p361 - 3rd paragraph. 'that object' should be 'that an object'.

I read the SCJP6 version of this book several times before taking the SE6 exam and found it very useful.
It's good to see an updated version as I hope to be taking the OCP8 exam real soon now.
I have some questions on various points in the Sybex OCP8 study guide. I don't know if it's my own misunderstanding that's the problem or if it's the wording of the text. Any help would be appreciated.

p84. In the bottom paragraph. 'We provide two methods for retrieving the total number of favorite foods as
well as a method to retrieve a food based on an index value.'
To me that sounds like 3 methods altogether but I think there are only 2 that are relevant. Should it be rewritten for clarity?

p359 - I'm puzzled by the third sentence - 'As you may remember from our discussion of polymorphism in Chapter 2, even though the reference type changes, the underlying object is still a ConcurrentHashMap.' But in the examples above, the reference type hasn't changed and the object has.

p377. In the third sentence in the box (starting with 'Alternatively') the end doesn't seem to match up with the start. Are there some words missing?

p463 - first sentence. What is a 'path representative'? Does 'representative' have a specific meaning in Java that I've not come across before?

p476 - middle of the page 'the NIO.2 API bridges information about streams,'. What does this phrase mean?

I've spotted a few more minor typos for the errata list.

p178 - In the middle of the box, the italicised 'eggs' should just be 'egg'.

p208 - 5th line, 'this function that takes an Object' should have 'that' removed.

p334 - halfway down, my old English teacher wouldn't like 'requests the current thread of execution rest'. It could be either 'requests that the current thread of execution rest' or 'requests the current thread of execution to rest'. I'm English, and American English grammar may not be as strict so you could disagree on this one.

p358 - near the bottom 'in own custom implementation'? Should this be 'in our own custom implementations'?

p358 - same sentence as above. 'forgot' is a tense change within the sentence, which my English teacher also wouldn't like, so 'forget' would be better.

p373 -  last sentence - 'Recall that' should be 'Recall that the'.

p377 - First sentence in box - 'a parallel' should just be 'parallel'.

p551 - Q9. 'and as the code would not compile'. I think the 'as' is superfluous here, or maybe it should be 'so'.


Hi, first post.
I've made it all the way through the Sybex OCP Java 8 Study Guide.
Overall I like it and I expect most of my questions will be answered by another readthrough.
However, I noticed a few typos that I haven't seen in the errata.

page 219 - Third paragraph. Shouldn't it be 'implementation of Set' not 'implement of Set'?
page 233 - First Localisation bullet point. Shouldn't it be "set the locale" instead of "set the local"?
page 287 - Table 6.3 Reference to Chapter 3 for DateTimeException should be Chapter 5.
page 298 - 2nd last comment line in code example. "exeption handler" should be "exception handler".
page 306 - First paragraph. Shouldn't it be "There are a few" not "There are few"?
page 428 - First sentence after the box. Is there any need for the 'a' before Serializable?
page 637 - "Too be determined"? I know it's in a String and it will print perfectly well. It just bugs me. Should be "To be".
page 648 - The very last page. There's a reference to Option H which does not exist. Should be Option G.

Now back to page 1 for me for another try.