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Recent posts by Wendy Gibbons

Tim Holloway wrote:That's not much of a stack trace. In fact, it has no information at all about what actually caused the exception.

Can you give us more?

I thought the stack issue was a side effect of the missing field, but it wasn't, the stack trace isn't much more use in full, it is building the application context which I haven't investigated at all yet:

I have just solved the missing field issue the DataDomain class wasn't  Serializable
Also just spotted this:

none of the files you gave us are long enough to have a line 30? have you checked out that?
I don't know much but this line stuck out as different to the rest, not having a column attribute
I have an entity with 2 foreign keys.
This class is generated DcDataDomainDs_.java

The entity class this is generated from is below. I can not see what I have done differently between datasetType and dataDomain. I have left out the other simple columns, as they are working fine.

both the generated classes DataDomain_ and DatasetType_ have the sets of this joining class in them


Here is the mapping of the missing entity

I tried running my test which didn't need the missing value and got this response


Dave Tolls wrote:Do you know how HQL syntax works?

Sorry I was just trying to close this and open a more specific question, as things have moved on.

I am trying to do it via criteria (once I found the code that needed changing)

and a new question stops people reading this and answering the old question
so I have followed this page and it is now working for findAll https://www.mkyong.com/hibernate/hibernate-many-to-many-example-join-table-extra-column-annotation/

but what I can find nowhere to tell me is how to use the extra column in the where section of a select, in My DAO.

so taking the stock example in that page I only want to select stock that was stocked by Fred.

findByUser (for example)

here are the tables from the example:

I have found pages to help me get so far but every tutorial appears to be missing this vital fact. Could somebody help point me further.

if I knew hibernate well the answer may be obvious but I don't.

what I have tried so far is nothing, as I have 0 idea where to start.

Henry Wong wrote:
First language was BASIC, in high school, using the school's Commodore PET computers.


I think it was around 1981 on this beastie commodore vic 20 so obv. it was BASIC.
My sister's boyfriend bought it and "left" it at our house. It was only really recently I realised it was a "Distraction" TM to keep little sister busy.   Thanks Andrew
4 months ago
I think it would have been an accountant as that was the only job I knew the name of, what i actually wanted to be was an Investment manager for a large company.
4 months ago
Buying dresses for someone is almost impossible.

I buy most of my dresses from the same store (I am rather tall so go specialist).

Guess what? I still have to order 2 different sizes of every dress, and if I want 1 dress have to order 3, because 2 won't fit properly, the hips will be in the wrong place, or it will gape around the breast are the most common problems.

So the chance of anyone else buying me dresses unless they are jersey sacks isn't going to happen.
4 months ago
Actually It could have changed quite a while ago, this is a swing app after all

In our DAO there is this code

well for the bug I am working on it does appear to be inserting new options. (the bug was duplicate options).

So has something changed In hibernate quite recently?
I am scared of just deleting this code, what if there are places I don't know about that will lose data...

Would doing a select/fetch checking if any options have been missed and inserting them be a sensible compromise?

Just to add I am alone in the office this week, so don't have anyone to talk to, I have chosen you lot...

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Personally I think if you're interested in learning about the new language features, you're probably better off checking out the Java for the Impatient series by Cay Horstmann. The Effective Java books contain good advice on a myriad of topics that are not necessarily related to newer language versions. That's not to say the books wouldn't be great to have both, since one will introduce you to the topics and the other will give good advice on using them.

5 months ago
Due to work I have mainly been stuck on Java 6 (with brief toe dipping into newer versions).

Would you recommend this as a good introduction into the newer version and the bits that are worth learning and how to do it?
5 months ago

Wendy Gibbons wrote:

Ron McLeod wrote:Click here if its still not clear

the frog and peach classic


warning most likey contains strong language. everything else did.
5 months ago