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Recent posts by Wendy Gibbons

Randy Maddocks wrote:

Tim Holloway wrote:using Java since 1936

Campbell Ritchie wrote:And I was using Java® long before half past seven

It took me a few seconds, but when I got it, it made my day.   

Good catch Jeanne, where the "recruiter" asks for a copy of your resume that he "supposedly" already has. My dad always told me: when in doubt, or it doesn't feel right in your gut, trust your instincts, or you could get scammed. And he told me that before Internet scammers were around.

Sort of on-topic: Our IT Security team quite often will test internal users to try and catch them off-guard. On one occasion they created a fake LinkedIn profile, which, I have to note, looked authentic (the "person" was a Director of Technical Services at Microsoft, had a nice profile picture and all), with an invitation for users to respond to the profile and provide some information about themselves. Before I start sounding condescending about users who fell for it, I honestly admit I was almost fooled by it as well (and I had been in a technical/security role in IT for several years before becoming a developer). But some users not only responded to it, they provided waaaay too much personal info. At our next IT gathering the security team got up and did their presentation about it. Without giving away employee names, they showed just how much information the fooled users provided - name, address, phone number, job title and description, employer...The point, of course, was to show how easy it is to fall for these nefarious scammers, and how to be more knowledgeable in identifying what is and isn't authentic/malicious.

A customer has given me a laptop to access their systems. I got a dodgy email, so did the correct thing, went into google to search the company claiming to want to talk to me. had I heard of them etc. Well chrome went boom, telling me not to worry as it was a phishing test.
Well i am really pissed off now as their reports will say I failed it.
3 weeks ago
And thank you everyone, yes i should be fixing them.

I have talked to people and basically they ran out of budget/time. So more forgotten then never had time to do anything
3 weeks ago
They left years ago. or I would be giving them very hard Paddington Bear stares.
3 weeks ago
I am currently bug fixing a swing app (2013)
and it is littered with null pointer exceptions. These exceptions don't seem to affect functionality at all.

Here is an example: right clicking on the tree without first selecting a node with left click. So before my null pointer check, no menu is shown, after my null pointer check: no menu is shown BUT no null pointer is thrown.

is it really worth the effort?
I am doing it because I hate null pointer exceptions in my console, but I was wondering are they really bad? or am i just adding in extra processing for the 99% of times when it will just work?

3 weeks ago
I just solved this myself, by adding this to the server.xml in tomcat. I had already made sure all the existing encodings were correct at utf-8 in the web.xml

1 month ago
I have no idea where to put this question as it could be so many thing.
When my rest call gets logged in chrome developer tools it has the correct encoding "UTF-8".
By the time it lands in my setter function of the bean it has been decoded using 'iso-8859-1'
We use spring, maybe jaxb.

This is the little feller causing all the problems: '¬'

1 month ago
oh bother that sounds serious. thanks
So i want to provide a bunch of components. Now the problem i am having is how to create an array of the components, so I know what I have and can process them later.

All of the example components I have found just put tags in the HTML template, well doing that means i lose them, and I need to process their contents for the rest call.

I don't have any code to show, as i don't even know how to start.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Wendy Gibbons wrote:. . . bought a fridge that year to keep the milk warm

I remember frozen cream standing an inch above the top of the bottle, usually with the foil cap still perched on it. If we let the kitchen cool off overnight, the milk froze inside the fridge door, too, the room got that cold. At least, unlike in 1947, coal was readily available, so we could warm up indoors.

you also remember 1947? are you scared of somebody chopping your head off?
1 month ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:So why can you buy Battenburg cake and not Mountbatten cake?

heaven knows, maybe as the cake is a special celebration cake none were made so it didn't matter
1 month ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:It sounds more than three snowflakes and a gritting lorry. But that is usually all it takes to bring a British city to a complete standstill. I can remember 1962/63.

my mum says they bought a fridge that year to keep the milk warm
1 month ago
and the hapsburgs to the windsors.
1 month ago