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wayne brandon

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Recent posts by wayne brandon

ok thanks

actually i changed the path to scenbuilder and now its running like a bomb
4 hours ago
Daniel one last quick one, i managed to get scenebuilder integrated into intelij
but its pretty slow and cumbersome

would rather use it as standalone and then import the data into intelij is this practical? how do you go about it?
6 hours ago
k thanks have a good weekend!!!
6 hours ago
the oracle one was scenebuilder 2 but it was from 2014
downloaded the gloun one and it says july 2018
so i will use that
7 hours ago
hey daniel do you know off the top of your head if there is a difference between scenebuilder downloaded from oracle or from gluon?
i downloaded from oracle web site
7 hours ago
thanks for that Daniel,will give it a go
so you can use CSS to style it? nice
8 hours ago
What do you guys think of scene builder 2 for making basic gUIs in java?
is there something better, or would you advise just learning to code with javafx
or both?
8 hours ago
" So a text GUI gives me form data input without the overhead of a windowing system."

are you just talking about a text menu system?
9 hours ago
very interesting, how the h do you know all this stuff!!!
1 day ago

is it pretty powerful compared to kivy or pyqt and how easy is it to use

is there no gui designer that can be used by python
kind of like visual studio designer for c#
1 day ago

this line
askForString = input("Please enter your ", what) doesnt work

askForString = input("Please enter your " + what) works but i just wondered why

1 day ago
is it ok? or should i look elsewhere?
1 day ago
Thanks Piet

Manager: Wayne Brandon
Team: Tottenham
League: English Premier
| Team:                   MP   MW   MD   ML   GF   GA     PTS                        |

Tottenham                 00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Manchester City         00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Liverpool                   00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Chelsea                     00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Newcastle                  00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Huddersfield              00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Arsenal                     00   00   00   00   00   00     00
Everton                     00   00   00   00   00   00     00

works great!!!

But i just realised this cant go any further without using OOP
it will be a nightmare to assign teams points etc without using OOP

back to the drawing board

thanks again

1 day ago
i cant seem to line up my team league stats with the descriptors (matches played, matches won, matches drawn etc)
now i know what you thinking but i have handled the team name and length it works great
so all i can think of is having it 01 02 as points will run up to 80s
and from 1 to 2 digits it breaks the line horribly

is there a way to format it to use 01 02 etc

or is there a better way of doing this?

League: dgdg
|                         MP   MW   MD   ML   GF   GA      PTS                       |

Man City              30    10     10   10   11   11       12

heres the function:

1 day ago
hi guys

feel i want to start making GUIs even for my small programs
sick of trying to space things out on the console etc
would be more fun to start using GUIs

been looking at
pyqt and kivy

both have their pros and cons
and i know nothing except there are loads of tutorials available for both

which is the better for the following criteria
support and community
ease of use
learning something useful (i assume both have been around a long time and arent going anywhere)

or maybe you have a better option
1 day ago