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Recent posts by Tina Low

great idea about a book.

I am not sure which is the limit,
would be interesting to know...
Are there any studies on the market ?

I am 35, working in Healthcare support and have lot of former colleagues are having problems getting a new job or go on there career with above 50 years age.

6 years ago
Thanks for your "very very helpful" help on this web page.
Never stop learning!!!
In the end at least you know what you achieved!
TXs (-:
15 years ago
thanks for the help.
The games play (hiding/Overriding) was pretty good. It helped me to pass the SCJP2 Exam
on 10.1.03.
Thanks a lot Tina :roll:
16 years ago
Hello, while studying overriding stuff I was a little confused, because literature is contradictory.
Can anybody help me through?
Can I override methods:
static - to be nonstatic
static - to be static
nonstatic - to be nonstatic
(I think yes)
non static - to be static
Any suggestion where this make sense in programs?
Thanks Tina
16 years ago
Hello David,
don't be disappointed.
I have loved Java applications so far.
Now I tried the applets stuff. I also realized that the browsers (IE 5.5. and Netscape 4.75) have problems with applets compiled in jdk1.4.
So I tried to install the plugin in Netscape. I didn't get it running, instead of the jdk1.3.1 plugin installation.
The IE is not much better, there is not even a possibility to load or see at least the plugins.
The download of the VM fromMS is no fun.
So i jumped back to jdk1.3.1. applets until jdk 1.4 has settled.
16 years ago