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Enjoy wrangling your cows. I really love having a cow a day to give out!
1 week ago
I think the "Expanded Mind" meme does a very entertaining job of showing just what makes this greenhouse so awesome

1 month ago
The pretty letters also aren't on our least not here in the US.

And, Tim, thank you for the history lesson on letters. I find them facinating! Have a cow! (Preferably not one with a human face like the ones pulling the plough/plow!)
3 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:I thought I recognized that name! And yes, it's weak because it's a dictionary word, but most of us would have trouble entering it accurately on the first 3 tries.

In English, incidentally, "w" and "y" are designated as semi-vowels. Which means that sometimes they serve as vowels and sometimes they serve as consonants. Then we have schwa - "ə" - which is pronounced all the time but never used in writing or print except in pronunciation guides. And I want the letter "thorn" ("þ") back! Þis "th" nonsense has got to stop! And no faking it with a "Y" like ðey did last time. It's "þe Olde Curiousity Shoppe", not "Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe"!

I hate spelling, and often come across words with ə--the unempasized vowel sound--and they drive me NUTS. I can never remember which letter I'm supposed to use, and invariably use the wrong one.

And, I just learned about þ two days ago, while reading a medieval cooking book (coincidently called, "þe Bors Hede Booke of Cookry"), and I saw the letter in one of the recipes, and realized the word was THE. I so wish we still had the þ letter. It'd sure make teaching kids phonics a whole lot easier. Having the "th" sound made by a T and H really makes no sense!

Apparently, there was another letter Ȝ ȝ "yogh," that made a bunch of sounds like the g in give "ȝive" and also the Y sound in year "ȝear." And, apparently also the "gh" sound. We could have had a letter for that, rather than two letters that don't make that sound at all!

And, here's a sentence that has both ȝ and þ:

"God spede þe plouȝ: & sende us kǫrne inolk. ("God speed the plough: and send us corn enough"
3 months ago
I think, but I could be wrong, that the Bartender title is not actually tied to the Bartender Scavenger Hunt (found in people's profiles, and I'm pretty sure Lucian found), but is still tied to the 30 post requirement mentioned in

When you first sign up you are automatically given the rank of greenhorn. You have to earn the title of Ranch Hand!

Ranch Hand
After your 30th post the forum software automatically upgrades your rank to that of Ranch Hand.  This is the last automatic rank change.

I'd be interesting to figure out what's causing this, because Bumper Stickers used to be available to everyone.
3 months ago
I think something is wonky, because they were working before for everyone, and now they're not.
3 months ago
I give this book 9.5 out of 10 horseshoes!

This book is full of ideas for cutting one's carbon footprint and saving money, and they're not the ones many of us have heard of before. They range from growing food (the most important suggestion) to community living, to heating more efficiently by heating the person not the place, to drying cloths on a clothesline, avoiding expensive and toxic cleaning products, and a whole lot more! They're ways to save the word without having to battle the bad guys--we just starve them of their money and have a more awesome life in the process.

Paul and Shawn use the word "luxuriant" a lot. This isn't the kind of luxuriant that's had at other's expense, but rather just having a easier, more enjoyable life. I really appreciate the suggestions in this book--they're inspiring and there's something in this book that all of us can do right now, even if we can't do it all. Every little bit helps!
3 months ago
Here in the US, we'd say it's because they wanted to be classified as a fancy-pants "gated community." It's got a gate, so it must be fancy and secure!

Near our house is a property that's got a huge, 1-acre flat lawn...and  a gate on their driveway. No fence. Anyone could just drive on the grass around the gate if they wanted to. It's not going to stop anyone they'd want it to stop.
8 months ago
For those interested in making badges and want the background to match, here's the file for the background on the current merit badges:

8 months ago
Big congrats to you, Campbel, for being at the top of the list!

I'm looking forward to having 3 cows per day to chuck at people. I think I'd need a  trebuchet to throw them, though.

8 months ago
For all those times you just can't get dusty rice off of your phone...
11 months ago
Maybe try your name, or "hello"

Maybe "Abracadabra" would work...