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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

Wow! That's impressive to have flowers so early! The only ones I have right now are maybe a dandelion flower somewhere (though we just had a stretch of below-freezing weather, so I think that killed off the buds that tried to open), and crocuses.
1 year ago

Some of you might remember Clippy (and the cat, dog, wizard, etc, that you could switch to) on Microsoft Word back in the late 90s. Well, some kind soul wrote the java script for Clippy and some of the other Microsoft Assistants, so they can be added to any website:

Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia. Our research shows that people love two things: failed Microsoft technologies and obscure Javascript libraries. Naturally, we decided to combine the two.

During lunch a few weeks ago we thought it would be cool to have a fully functional Clippy that can be embedded in any website. We fiddled around with it and we had an unexpected amount of fun laughing at Clippy and his antics.

We started thinking about the developers' state of mind when they created Clippy. Did they think it would really help people? It seems that Microsoft really believed that Assistants were the way of the future.

We built Clippy.js over the weekend to share that fun and whimsy with everyone, and to remind people to try new and risky things, even when they seem silly.

Here's the website:

2 years ago
Oh yes, I've seen vivipary, though I didn't know it was called that. I had a tomato that had the seeds sprouting inside it. They were just little tiny sprouts. But, man, google images for vivipary sure is disturbing. :shudder:
2 years ago
Those things look WEIRD! So weird that I had to go and find pictures of them in bloom--they're even weirder!

picture of Teasel from Dave's Garden

I don't think I've ever seen anything like that in the Pacific Northwest, but it could be I just never noticed them. Maybe people plant it on purpose for flower decorating, or just because they like it? I've never seen them growing wild, but that doesn't mean they don't!
2 years ago
Just made one more stretch goal, and there's  only 60 minutes left to go!

2 years ago
Well, apparently Nampa, Idaho (USA) is getting drug-sniffing goats. At least, that's what I saw on facebook today.

So, I don't see why Australia can't have police cows or police moose!
Have you tried ctrl+C and then ctrl+V. That works for me every time...
Well, yes, of course. They'd only make one meal for my family. So I should serve them to everyone? Maybe they can be part of our Easter dinner.
I was walking in the woods, and I saw these mushrooms:

The death cap, Amanita phalloides, from button stage to full-size fruiting body.

I picked a bunch of them and I was thinking of cooking them up for my family.

What do you think--should we eat them? They look tasty, and mushrooms are really expensive at the store!
I once made my mom cook brussle sprouts because I wanted to know how they tasted (I was a teenager and had never had any because my mom hated them). So, she cooked them up and they were awful. I've heard some people can roast them or something to make them yummy, but I've never wasted the money to try to figure it out!
2 years ago
I just tried it, and I can't click the number above cows, either.
3 years ago
I just dug back in my memory, and realized that I hadn't figured out a way to see my cows in the old view. I'd just looked at my emails or my post list and opened posts to see which ones had apples. If there was a way in the Old View, I don't think I ever found it. I'll have to try clicking on the cow number to see if that works!
3 years ago
I remember on the "Old View," we were able to see where we'd gotten all our cows, as well as where everyone else had gotten their cows. It was in the old profile, in a different section down lower. It was a link that said "cow log"...or something like that. I can't remember the exact words, because it was a long time ago.

But, I was never able to see who gave me the cow. I'm thinking that's probably a good thing!
3 years ago