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Nicole Alderman

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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

Maybe try your name, or "hello"

Maybe "Abracadabra" would work...

My head just hurts looking at that image.

The back burners are the nobs at the extremities.

The front burners are the nobs in the middle.

The right burners are at the top.

The left ones are at the bottom.


Edit: Looking at it further, I notice that the nobs go big burner, small burner, big burner, small burner. At least there's that pattern. And, if one is standing at the oven, it's clock-wise from the big right back burner. Why they arranged it that way, the world may never know...
5 months ago

Harry Kar wrote:
PS: one img (that with marijuana ) is not shown

Campbell Ritchie wrote:
I have managed to correct the image of the marijuana.

Just so you guys know, it's just a generic picture of a brownie that I pulled from The Food Network ( Most brownies do not have marijuana!   I only mentioned the marijuana because someone mentioned "munchy"!
5 months ago
Brownies can mean lots of things.

Brownie= girl scout who learns crafts and helps in the community and sells cookies door to door. Looks like

Brownie = a dense, chocolate, cake-like food. Sometimes people put marijuana in it. Looks like

Brownie = mythical elven creature that lives in homes and cleans them if given milk &/or bits of food. Said to look something like:

5 months ago
Munchy=someone who has the "munchies." They are hungry and want to "munch"(eat) everything.

Some people make brownies with weed/marijuana. If someone eats the brownies, they then become happy and hungry
5 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Well, I think brownies are supposed to fix things overnight. I may have them conflated with the shoemaking elves.

Alas, most of the brownies I've encountered only want to sell me cookies.

Ha! Cookies! Brownies actually required gifts of cookies/milk to keep working, or they'd turn into nasty boggarts.

Speaking of shoe-making elves, leprechauns were known to be shoe-makers.

Brownies, I think did more cleaning and tending, than fixing. Interestingly enough, in early stories, they were said to guard treasure. They were also mischievous and played tricks on lazy people....Are there any elven creatures that aren't mischievous?!                    
5 months ago
Gremlins are the "cause" of things that go wonky in coding or in a machine, right? So, what's the opposite of a gremlin? Say something unexpectedly awesome happens, what silly mythical creature do we atribute it to? A gnome? A dwarf? A sprite? Something from a non-European mythology? What do you think?
5 months ago
I try to alway pick security questions that are things both my husband and I know, in case on of us is sick and the other needs to access the account. Plus, on joint accounts, it's hard to remember who's first pet we're talking about. I also pick ones that aren't on record anywhere--so no "What street did you first live on?" or "what's your mother's maiden name?" or "What school did you first go to?" etc.

So, I'd pick questions like, "Who was the flower girl at your wedding?" or "Where was your first date?" or "What's your brother's favorite color?" (my husband doesn't have a brother, just a sister, and I only have a brother, so we know who we're talking about).  
1 year ago