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I have worked as both an employee and contractor since 1983.  Most of the time I was coding for the end product but most of the time I worked with automation QA tools.   I'm on a long term project at this time. 
I wondered if I work for the money or the enjoyment of it.  Now that I have the ability to retire but I don't I know the answer.  
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Pembroke PInes, Florida
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You explained many things about what the "a" is doing here.  Until now I kept wondering how the outer SELECT knows about the inner values.  


I want to do this:

Write a DML statement to DELETE all records in the ENROLLMENT_MASTER for any member which exists in the OHIO_MEMBERS table

This Statement shows no error.  Also no data is returned and it is correct when I examine the two tables and the join. i think that they put the wrong data in the OHIO_MEMBERS table.  I stay with it as is for now.  I'll fix the data to what I think it should be.  The company I took the test from is local.   The test was 5 mins to look at the tables.  40 minutes to figure out the rest.  I have been at this for weeks and I'm finally on the last question.  

I'm considering stopping by in person and asking to speak with a manager and ask if their test had an intentional error.   Perhaps they will be impressed and it would be an opening to set up an interview.

I want to DELETE the rows in the ENROLLMENT_MASTER table.

ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

It might a WHERE clause in addition to the ON clause.  I'll go try that.  Can you tell what part of the ending is missing?

After submitting my question, CodeRanch recommended looking at another post from 20 years ago.  It is very close to my question.    I will use it and see if I get closer.


That is a great idea.

I sent feedback in the Oracle Live application.   I told them about this particular error message making it difficult to debug.  I told them that I'd be good for going through the internal error handling logic to make it better if they gave me the project.   I also asked where is a good place to let them know which errors are not clear.

The error about the Table not existing happens with UPDATE.  I tried it with SELECT and it gave the error msg saying that the TABLE is missing as I would expect.

I wonder if they will respond.



My 62 year old eyes did not see this.  I don't think it is age related though.   I made the same mistakes 50 years ago.    


The Oracle Live feedback works for issues relating to the tool.  Does anyone know if there is an Oracle Language feedback area?  Maybe I should go to Freemont, CA with a pickit sign.  


I had a similar error on a recent question that I asked.  I looked through my questions but I don't see it.   Is there a way to search for text on my posts?  

Please see the attached table to see that it exists.

ORA-00903: invalid table name

Oracle live will let me share my scripts.   I'd like to try it.   I think that you just go to the URL to find it.

This is where I create the schema:

This is the trouble Statement:

I can also try the publish command so that you could see the code directly inside of Oracle Live.




Your explanation was perfect.  I always wondered how the outside SELECT references the inside one using a letter or characters like the a.

It makes sense to me now.

Ron and Les,

I see that "a" was made using an "AS"  .   It seems as if the "a" was created in the inner select but the outside part of the SELECT statement is aware of "a" on the inside.   Is this happening or am I looking at it wrong?

It is good to know that new posts are added at the end of the thread.

I'm so fortunate that Jeanne Boyarski introduced me to CodeRanch a few years ago.   I think that I would be lost in my career or I would have gone into early retirement if I didn't have a place to get assistance.  

Best Regards,

Ron and friends,

When I at "My Posts" in coderanch I can see the Posting dates/times.   Once I'm inside of the thread I don't understand the order that the posts are being presented.  Sometimes I think that new ones go to the bottom.  Sometimes I see them at the top.  I'll figure out something on my own and post it.  I see that someone answered my question.  I hope that I'm not seeming to ignore input ideas because I take them seriously.  It might look as though I didn't listen to advice but I am.  Nobody has complained but I'm thinking that it may appear to others that I'm not paying attention.  I am.



This worked.  No rows met this condition.  Perhaps the data could have been set up so that it does return at least a row so the test taker knows they probably did it correctly. Maybe not.

I attached a screen shot showing that no rows were returned and there was not an error.

I did not refer to the table with the "a".  It is sleep time.  I'll try it tomorrow.  

All of a sudden I realized that I could do the inside SELECT first.  


I had a flashback to my old SQL days.  I checked that the inner most SELECT works on its own.   I used the SELECT below and it returns  each of the Provider_IDs once as expected.  Each Each row shows the maximum date also as expected.  I added a screen shot to the attachments.

SELECT Provider_ID, max(Contract_End_Date) AS After_Contract FROM PROVIDER_CONTRACT group by Provider_ID.  

I attached a document showing :  ORA-00904: "A"."CONTRACT_END_DATE": invalid identifier

I re-adjusted the SQL to match the table and schema that I am working with.

This is the Query that I am using:

I don't know why it is an invalid identifier.

Most of the time I do try working out code, debugging, and investigating on my own.   Sometimes I make a mistake of asking before trying but not often.  

I sent part of this message earlier today.  I just noticed that CodeRanch complained saying that .docx files are not allowed.  I  used snipping tool this time.





Your explanation was excellent.

I have not tried the SQL that you gave me yet.  I have a question about it.

I think that the inner SELECT is becoming named "a"   I'm not sure if it is the inner part becoming the table alias or the outside one.   I'm probably speaking incorrectly because it is the same table.  The inner data is held in memory.

is this part becomming "a"?


I  have my Yaseu 2 meter hand held.   I had it with me on a Red Cross Van at NYC ground zero.  I was so nervous and choking that I dropped it and the batteries flew out.  I put it back together right away.  

It was not transmitting well after that and I could have bought a new rig but it was a sentimental object so I had it refurbished by Yaseu.   I was in Charlotte, NC a few years ago and called into a ARES/RACES net.  They had trouble hearing me.

 I purchased a Baofeng dual band but its difficult to use because it used a keyword(numeric) system where I need to memorize what each number does.  I really don't like using it because it requires carrying around a user manual.

I have a 440 Yaseu but I'd have to look up the frequencies that I'm allowed to use.  I'm an Extra Class by renewing my license every ten years but I don't remember a whole lot about the hobby.

I try to get in touch with ARES/RACES in each place that I live.  I'm in Pembroke Pines, FL now.  I'm going to search online for a local chapter.  '

I don't know where you are located.  I'm not sure if there is a network between our locations.  If there is I'd like to plan a sked.




Are you a HAM also?  I am N6XUE.  I didn't use my rig for years and then 9/11 happened when I was in NYC.  I went in with my radio.  What an awful couple of days.  It didn't stop then.  People are still getting sick and worse.


I need to read what you wrote to me tomorrow.  It is past my bedtime and nothing makes sense at the moment.