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since Jan 17, 2018
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Recent posts by Thiago Antunes

Welcome Nik. I think you make a good choice buying this OCA/OCP kit!
7 months ago
Thanks Rajeswari and Jeanne.
Jeanne i miss your books to EE certifications, any plan for it?
7 months ago
I'm aiming this certification now!!!
Thanks for share your study path!
7 months ago
Hi Jon,
In this case
"We check" in every if statement. Even if the first are true, we pass in every if.
Second case:
if else
if else
When the condition is true, we not "pass" in another "if else" statement.

1) Condition is true (for this example true or false doesn't matter).
  if (condition) //we check here
  if (condition) // we check here again
  if (condition) //we check here N times.

2) Condition is true.
 if (condition) //check here
 else if (condition) //ignore that
 else if (condition) //ignore again

I think is that, but if i'm wrong, please correct me
7 months ago
I used the OCP Java SE 8 Programmer II study guide written by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff and Whizlabs mocks.
The preparation was the same of OCAJP.
1- Read the study guide
2- Read again the study guide and make annotations
3- Code everything
4- Read annotations and take mock exams
I started in middle of january, but i could not focus.
At ending of march i really  started with my study.

My whizlabs scores:
1) Diagnostic Test:  57/85
2) Test I: 62/85
3) Test II: 58/85
4) Test III: 55/85
5) Test IV: 67/85
6) Final: 59/85

Next step: Thinking  1Z0-897.
7 months ago
Yeah, Im doing it. Thank you again.

Laurynas Robotas wrote:

Hello Thiago! Thank you OCP is more difficult. Especially when it comes to Generics, Streams and Files/Paths methods. But once you pass it, you will have enough to start working or even reading other's code. Also, don't beat yourself too much and keep a normal pace. I think it's really important to let the information sink. Best of luck in your preparation!

Thanks for the advice. I will keep going with patience and baby steps

Pete Letkeman wrote:Welcome to CodeRanch Thiago Antunes.

I hope that you find the community here welcoming, sharing, knowledgeable and helpful.
Feel free to post any Java related questions questions you have to this site as there are some community members who are very well versed in Java and well be happy to help you out.
There is actually a variety of knowledgeable people who know more then Java so feel free to ask about other programming stuff as well.

Thank you ;) !
Congratulations !!! !!! I started my preparation for the OCPJP and I felt a little more difficulty than the OCAJP.

Yash Sonwane wrote:which mock exam is best? whizlab or enthuware?

Hi, i think the two mocks are pretty similars.
I made the test (01/18) and pass.
I did the whizlabs and enthuware mocks and my average (in these mocks) was equals.
Srry for my english.