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since Jan 19, 2018
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Peter Luxus wrote:While all the arguments might be true for who begins to learn, when you develop software for a living you want the best IDE on the market and that is IntelliJ right now.

IntelliJ is of course the best product for productive use. But when it comes to learning, it can be useful to dig into the basics of an IDE. The editor that is undoubtedly included on every Unix machine is likely to be the VI
A farrier used to learn to make his own tools first before forging other things. A programmer should also forge his own IDE. This is possible, for example, with Emacs or Vi and an integrated programming environment for adapting the IDE (Lisp). Anyone who can do this has their own editor for life across all platforms.

All other reasons have already been mentioned.

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Thorsten Kreutz wrote:Is it allowed to use a dictionary in a exam ?

Most likely you wouldn't have time to skim through it even if it were allowed.

Campbell is right, contact examination centre for that, but my best guess is - no.
I took this exam myself, only 3 things are allowed to take with you to an exam room: [1] bottle of water (if I remember correctly), [2] pen (given by them), [3] drawing board (given by them).
Don't remember any other stuff specified on a list you'd be allowed to take to exam room.

Okay - thankĀ“s for the information.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

What does it say on the Oracle exam website? I think you would have to direct that sort of question to Oracle; it is unlikely that anybody here can give a definitive answer.

Oracle gives no information about this - pearson vue gives also no information for this question. You have to take the exam therefore, to get the information. I am preparing for 1Z0-808.
Is it allowed to use a dictionary in a exam ?