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Thank you for your reply and warm welcome

I really appreciate your advice.
Yes, I agree with you about going freelance. Trying out freelance / remote opportunities might be the best bet at this stage. I have some savings to get me going for approximately a year, so I can't waste even 1 day of 2018
Personally I love to work as long as it is a new technology or something that will improve my skill set like most of us. I don't bother working for anyone or myself, if the engineering I do or projects I develop pays off by means of self improvement. However, most of the projects that are being developed in private companies here are more or less the same. I mean same technologies, same methodologies, similar customers. When I take these situtations into account, having to work for someone else slowly becomes pointless after a while since the actors are the same.
Moreover, the saddest part is that you don't earn what you deserve. Your qualifications are most of the time disregarded.
I once encountered an interviewer that stared at me like I was speaking chinese when I brought up SOLID principles. I know that is an exception and I am not saying that I am a cut above the rest, no one should say that but if you are the interviewer, you are expected to have at least a pinch of superiority on your field compared to younger / less experienced interviewees

About that last part, I really would love to go freelance or seeing my own work becoming successful -let's say an app maybe a game or even a website- would make me feel satisfied.
While trying to achieve those, I could really consider working abroad. I have never worked abroad before, but I have a strong feeling that the IT industry in the US, Canada or central Europe would meet my expectations.
My current plan is to do my best to get some freelance or remote jobs, developing my own applications/games/website while trying to get certified in parallel in order to find a job abroad if everything fails as it always tend to

To sum up, is this a viable path based on your experiences? Maybe that's a meaningless question since it depends on personal expectations but getting your opinions would greatly help.

Thanks and sorry for the long post
Hi all,

I've been working as Java EE Backend Developer for 5 years in the industry. Developed various web applications using core java enterprise edition APIs (jsp, servlet, jpa) as well as Spring, Hibernate etc. on different projects.
There have always been ideas occupying my mind to become self employed and develop my own projects.
A month ago, some strange urge to resign from my current job kicked in. So I decided to go for it, and left my job.
First objective for me was to get certified. I've studied for two weeks for OCAJP8 exam and passed it (I thought I was a Java developer until I read the book )
The problem is, now what? Should I go for OCPJP8 immediately?
Two main reasons why I'm planning to get certified are self-fulfilment and being able to find a better job easily if my personal projects fail.
Last but not least, what I am trying to ask you that should I fully concentrate on Oracle Certification path (OCPJP8 and beyond if you recommend) or should I multi-task (learning other stuff right along with preparing for certification exams) ?

As you see I am a bit puzzled.
Your kind assistance would be appreciated.