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Abhishek Naswale

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Recent posts by Abhishek Naswale

@Paul: For every file in my project(jsp,css,java etc), I am getting mime type as "application/octet-stream"
5 months ago
I tried accessing the app in all versions of IE i.e. from IE5 to Edge. Same issue persists in all of them.
5 months ago
@Knute: I don't have option of using different browser as client has restricted environment.
5 months ago
I have recently upgraded to Tomcat-8.5.29. Post this upgrade, my web app is not able to load the css and jpg,gif images.
I see below error message in IE developers tool.

SEC7113: CSS was not loaded due to mime type mismatch

I tried adding in my css file but with no success.

Any pointers to resolve the issue?
5 months ago
I have below main method which shows SQL injection flaw (as string concatenation is done here) when scanned for coding standards/rules.
I want to remove the SQL injection flaw. As my `name` parameter is dynamic, I cannot set it with `preparedStatement`. What can be a optimal solution to this?

NOTE: Using 2 different queries in `if-else` block will not solve the purpose as I have 7 different parameters to be set dynamically which will introduce overhead as there will be many queries.
I am in process to migrate some Struts1 code to Struts2 and confused between how to migrate below JSTL tags.


Can I get help here on how above struts1 code will be migrated. I tried it as below but not understanding <s:iterator> tag


I have requirement to migrate legacy(Struts1.0) code to Struts2. If there are multiple methods in same action class, can we configure them in single action tag?


Here, I have single action i.e. "product" and single action class i.e. "ProductAction". So, can I configure both the methods (show,showErr) in single action tag?
11 months ago