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Recent posts by Kathir jeyap

Any other suggestions ?? Can you help me with good links to refer for quick development with Push Notifications ?? Planning to use Flutter Mobile Apps
6 days ago
Can you please help on the following clarifications, Tim ?

What are the differences between websocket vs TCP vs Push Notification ???
6 days ago
I am planning to build a mobile app to see the updates of stocks being added by the user as soon the price got updated.

Do we need to use Websocket or TCP n this case? Which one is better ?
Do we have any stock market test API's which supports Websocket or TCP to cross check the feasibility, stability, reliability and latency ?

Please Suggest.
1 week ago
I have used NamedParameterJdbcTemplate and resolved the problem. https://www.javatpoint.com/spring-NamedParameterJdbcTemplate-example
1 week ago
The above code is very vulnerable.

I'm looking to execute the method queryForList with the parameters. Please help me with a generic solution.
1 week ago

Table name will be dynamic and need to return the list of objects dynamically. The parameters also dynamic however 4 parameters will be same for any table.

Method name accepts the table name and 4 parameters required to query any table

    List<?> conversations = jdbcTemplate.queryForList(
             "select * from "+ tableName + " where id=? and userName=? and
     password=? and tenantId=?" , paramsObjectArray);

tableName is a string which comes dynamically
paramsObjectArray is a Object[] which comes dynamically

Currently the query throws invalid column type.

1 week ago

Couple of projects are coming for Java to DART conversion.

Is it DART is really worth in converting the existing Java applications ?

What are the differences between DART vs Java language ???

2 weeks ago
Zk is a kind of a (closed) web-application development and hosting environment to build applications which hides some of the web's complexity.

Vaadin is a framework for Java, which is a completely different language the JavaScript, comes also with completely different eco-system.

We need to develop a fully responsive web application and need to choose a fastest, reliable, scalable eco-system to kick off the project

We finally decided to go with MEAN.JS or MEAN.IO but not sure which one to choose

MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications. The MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.

Which one to choose MEAN.JS or MEAN.io ??? please kindly suggest

Any Open Source Tool is available to do the operations - signing, key etc., via java open source instead of command prompt
1 month ago
It doesn't help. can you please help me with the questions one by one?
2 months ago
Could someone help me with the following clarifications ???

1. Why a signed Jar is needed?
2. When a signed jar needs to be created?
3. What is a key tool  and how does it related to signed jar?
4. How to create a signed jar?
5. How the client will be benefited with signed jar?
6. What will happen when a jar is not signed?
2 months ago
This is for a test case..Instead of having all 200 lines in the test case to set the values. I am looking for a way to set the existing DB objects with values.
2 months ago
I'm having Hibernate Object which has Set setters as well. When i do via reflection i am getting exception on save.

I'm not sure how to set the values via reflection for an Hibernate Object which has been loaded via get() or load()

2 months ago

i have a class which extends an abstract class. abstract class many getters and setters and the class has few getters and setters

Now i want to create Random values for all the fields in Base and the Super class.

I'm not sure how to set all the values of setter which exist in Base and Super class with some values.

Please help me.

2 months ago
Looking for a Java Swing or JavaFx Frame where whenever a user drag and drop a file or a folder a certain operation needs to be done.

A stanadlone java class which creates UI with java swing or javafx.

Now after launching the jar or the class when the user drags a file or folder in his machine to the frame a certain operations needs to be done.

Can someone help me with a java program for the same?
3 months ago