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I have been a Java programmer for many years in the professional world.
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Recent posts by Seymour Jones

If your on windows, you can check your PATH settings by typing echo %PATH% in a command window.
11 months ago

Norm Radder wrote:More clarification on the requirements:

keep the last 5 status results of a widget

Does that say there is a circular queue or list that holds the last 5 result packets.  Each result packet can have from 5 to 15 lines.

Each result packet can have up to 15 items (app1 - app15).

Each item has a "status" in order from oldest to most current and it will keep up to 5. Once you reach 5, the oldest status will be bumped off.
11 months ago
I am operating in an environment where there is a list of approved standards that I must adhere to and SQLite is not on the list.

A sample widget file would look something like this....

cat widget12345.stat

11 months ago
SQLite is not an option.

I mis-spoke on the widget files. Some will have 5 lines some may have up to 15 lines.
11 months ago
Let's first say that a database would be the best solution but unfortunately is not an option in this situation for reasons outside of my control.

You have an application that checks the status of a widget every 10 minutes. Let's say there are 2000 unique widgets to check.

The requirement is to keep the last 5 status results of a widget and it has to be stored in a file (widget12345.stat).

The application uses a ScheduledExecutorService to run every 10 minutes and a thread pool to do the work of checking the status of each widget and storing in a file.

Academically speaking, I hate using files, but have no choice. Is there any way around the File I/O bottleneck of updating 2000 files every 10 minutes?

Or there is not much that can be done here?
11 months ago
I suppose you take just take a filename by itself and toAbsolutePath() will assume the full path as the current working directory. Doesn't matter the file doesn't exist because we aren't trying to open/read/etc to the file.

1 year ago
I think your confusion is that reverseOrder() will reverse the natural order "alphabetically" and not "positionally".
1 year ago
Honesty I won't do java development without Eclipse. I find it invaluable in so many ways I can't list them here. It would be hard for me to create and manage a Maven project without Eclipse.
1 year ago
Ehhh, seems I am late again.

1 year ago
What is the length of text? What is number? Your substring is starting at the end of text to start with.
1 year ago
My interface names start with a capital letter and get named for what they are in general terms. So Widget, Bicycle, Boat, StorageContainer, etc.
1 year ago
Sure thing. These two ipv4 addresses in hex string format....

Will convert to these Strings....

Not sure the code describes everything. Are you expecting 1 or 2 or many arguments on the command line? Maybe provide the command line syntax? (exec arg1 arg2 arg3)
1 year ago
The result would need to be a properly formatted ipv4 address.
I probably didn't explain what I was needing to do good enough. Using your suggestion results in a number format exception. I did find what I needed to convert a hex string ipaddress to string.