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J Puga

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Recent posts by J Puga

The problem seems to have been the terminateEditOnFocusLost property. It seemed that it forced the DatePickerCellEditor to close editing before receiving the update from the calendar popup.

I just commented the following line and it started working properly.

7 months ago

I have a JTable to which I added a DatePickerCellEditor to edit dates by overriding the getCellEditor method for the table. When i edit this cell by typing on the text box everything works fine and the data is changed. Unfortunately, when I press the button and select a date from the calendar, the calendar disappears, but the date does not change.

Here is my getCellEditor. Is there something wrong with it, or is it something else? I'm using JDK 8. Thank you.

8 months ago
I'm trying to develop a java client for the web service using the wsdl found at

At first, I was having trouble with a HTTP 301 error, but, after contacting the web service owners, they instructed me to change the endpoint to https. I did so by changing the ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY. I then started getting MustUnderstand headers:[{}Action] are not understood" exception. It was solving this exception that took me to the code I'll reproduce next and to the exception on the title.

My client code is here My ActionHandler (used in the code) is here

Any help would be much welcomed, since I have been stuck with this problem for a few days now.

Thank you.
9 months ago