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After seeing this figure, one thing is sure you are not going to reach 600 beta taker on 7 July.
No Way.....
So what will be your next step. I think you will have to extend the date.

I think Sun has the original magic 400 number needed for a statistically significant sample already in hand. I think the 400 number was bumped to 600 to generate a greater number of testers and ensure the 400 number would be reached. If this is in fact the case, I see no reason or rationale for the beta being extended. I think Sun has gained valuable experience in dealing with some of the problems of this beta and I'd expect the next beta's to go more smoothly.
Evelyn, I think you should take full advantage of Sun's "full holiday shut-down" so as to be away from your desk in the event we hit the 600 limit before the July 7.
Whew, it's good to hear from you Evelyn. I was afraid Sun's "complete holiday shut-down" might have disconnected you from us beta-testers. We appreciate you (and Kathy, too!) keeping us posted and addressing our questions and concerns.
I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and I just called Prometric and successfully changed my exam date to July 7, so it looks like the problem is not universal. I hope Sun/Prometric resolves the situation for you guys.
The last word from Evelyn was that only 275 folks had appeared as of 6/24 and she stressed the fact that those of us with vouchers needed to appear by the July 7 close date. I originally scheduled my exam for July 3 but pushed my date back to July 7.
Ramon, I believe you were probably given incorrect info since Evelyn posted that only 275 had appeared as of 6/24. I'd suggest emailing her directly about your situation. She's done a good job of responding to folks' inquiries, voucher problems, etc.
Thanks again for monitoring this forum and keeping us posted Evelyn. I'm very surprised that only 275 testers have appeared so far. I have no idea (and would love to know!) how many folks hold each of the Sun certifications, but I'd imagine there are a good number of certs out there. Anyway, based on your info it looks like I'll have more time to prepare and can push my exam date back to July 7 from July 3, so the 275 number is good news to me.
Evelyn, we appreciate your monitoring this forum, answering people's questions, and keeping us apprised of the current number of test takers.
I'm studying the O'Reilly book 'Enterprise JavaBeans' by Monson-Haefel (in conjunction with the spec) for the exam and find the material first rate. However there are a good many little typo's in the code that, while easily detectable,
are somewhat annoying. I skimmed the sample of the Kathy/Bert book, also by O'Reilly, and the content looks fantastic but I do hope O'Reilly proofs it well before it hits the press (not that I wouldn't pay good money to have a copy, typo's and all, in my hands right now).
While I'm very pleased with the spec's readibility I think Dave (who posted above) may be right that the info is better digested when presented in a fuller context like that provided by the Monson-Haefel or Ed Roman book. I've worked with session ejb's but have done nothing with entity beans so I'm retreating to Monson-Haefel for a proper grounding. Then I'll read through the exam objectives and go through the spec in a more focused manner. I read Ed Roman's book for the SCEA objective exam (which focused on higher level knowledge than is needed here) and know that's a good book too.
Thank you for the timely information Evelyn. This really helps those of us who need to guage how much time we can take to prepare against the possibility of not making the 600 cut. I think a well-prepared beta test force will provide the best feedback for the exam. I'm scheduled for July 3 at 9:30 am EST, but will advance my schedule if I see the slots filling. Thanks again for everything you've done (upping the limit to 600, keeping us posted, etc.) to support the test takers.
Thank you for pushing for us Evelyn and thank you for continuing to keep us posted on the beta numbers. Now, I can concentrate on studying hard and have confidence I'll be able to take the exam on July 3 and make the 600 cutoff.
Based on the pioneers' advice in this forum I'm studying exclusively the 2.0 spec. I do have Ed Roman's 'Mastering EJBs (2nd ed.)' and the O'Reilly book by Monson-Haefel and both of these have been highly recommended here on javaranch.
I do feel sorry for the guys who rushed their preparations in an effort to make the first 400. I too thought the number would be reached early and was prepping to take the exam on day 1 (June 6) until a major outside event prevented my doing so. However, now that the number has been expanded to 600 at least it looks like a much greater percentage of folks holding vouchers will be able to take the exam based on Evelyn's statement that she'd sent out 400-600 vouchers. So, for most folks the situation has improved.
Thanks Ashik. You've done excellent work and produced a document that will help all of us here. Good luck to you in all future endeavors.