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Recent posts by Geraldo Valenzuela

Recently I reproved the exam 1Z0-899. I received the Examination Score Report. The feedback shows the score distributed in 9 sections:
* Design Web Applications Using Standard Architectures, Protocols, Technologies, and Components
* Develop Controllers to Manage Navigation
* Identify and Implement a Security Model
* Identify, Capture, and Resolve Errors
* Implement Views using JSP and JSTL
* Integrate the Model, the View, and the Controller
* Manage User and Application State Data
* Throughout the Interaction Lifecycle
* Perform Request and Response Processing with a Servlet
* Test, Package and Deploy Applications

How are they related to the certification targets?
01 Introduction to Java Servlets
02 Introduction to JSP
03 Implementing an MVC Design
04 The servlet's environment
05 Container facilities for servlets and JSPs
06 More view facilities
07 Developing JSP pages
08 Developing JSP pages using custom tags
09 More Controller facilities
10 More options for the Model
11 Asynchronous web applications
12 Web application security

I want to reinforce the weak aspects with the Enthuware software, but the feedback seems a little confused to me.