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Phil Niksen

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since Mar 06, 2018
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Recent posts by Phil Niksen

Node.js with express is the easiest to use(both set-up and edit) web application framework.I've tried many of them (not a single one in java though) for a project in my current work and it was a joy to work with.
4 days ago
I am not by any meaning a Java expert but I've played a little with Drop Wizard and it's really easy to start with.
5 days ago

With a ~6 months background in C#, I'm trying to learn Java and I've started following a Udemy Class (Complete Java Masterclass) + reading a book about (Head First Java).Those two materials follow a totally different way and order of teaching which I've found a good way to mix up my studying.After some days, I've reached the concept of getters/setters, which I believe is similar to C#'s get; set;, and I've found some dithyrambs at the  book about this technique and how crucial it is to use it.I've done some research on the internet though and I am a bit confused if it's the best thing to use this technique:

According to my limited experience as C# developer, the rule was to use them but i wasn't sure if that was the proper thing to do.So, what's your opinion?
1 week ago
Isn't head first java based on a really old version of Java?
1 week ago
May I ask what is your academic background Aneta?
1 week ago
I think both is the best.Video tutorials are better because they tend to point the most important things at the end of each session.Books are better for exams when even the smallest error is important.
1 week ago
I was wondering if MTA and MCSD are the C# equivalent of JAVA SE OCA and OCP.Microsoft certificates are a bit confusing.
I don't like Perl syntax and I can see why anyone would prefer to learn Perl over Python or even Ruby other than the cult status.
1 week ago
I understand that the exam will be more difficult.How many questions do you have to answer?
Thanks for the replies!I am planning to get enthuware of course and probably a book for preparation.I saw some sample questions at and they seem really easy, I was wondering if that's how the test is.
The artwork of the cover is great.Congratulations to the winners.

I am willing to get OCA 8 Certification.I don't have much experience with Java but I have experience in other languages, mostly self-taught, I've also worked 6 months with C# which seems a bit similar.I am thinking to follow a Udemy course "Complete Java Masterclass" but I am not sure if this course follows the spirit of OCA exams.Also, my university collaborates with Oracle University and the OOP Course prepares students for this exam (this is the first semester this will happen though) and I'm planning to attend.Do you think I have chances to be ready in around 5 months?Are there any other suggestions for quick preparation?Thanks in advance.