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Recent posts by Subham Burnwal

Hay ranchers!   This is my first moo here in a membership of 2 years. For some wild reason which I cant figure out, any changes I make to any views of an activity's layout, through the activity's class code, is not happening. Whether its adding listeners or changing layoutParams, etc or even changing a color. The basic view hierarchy is this:

The textbox TextView has visibility GONE, and goal is to make it VISIBLE on clicking other visible siblings, change some colors and text, and when clicked again it must be gone again for good. Cant understand whatever it is that am missing. I have checked many older projects in which I did the same thing and cant find any visible differences as to why this code is not working now.
I hope nobody gets angry if I post a lot of minimal-reproducible-code

EDITED NOTE: There are some extra ">" symbols popping up in my submitted code, which I didnt type, I think it might be a bug, so dont fall for them as typos or code errors

3 months ago