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Recent posts by Santosh Jaiswal

Thanks for quick response.
I am buiding a SELECT LIST (DROP DOWN), thru query with a database. This list is a list of Corporate Customers. Actually I have two frames. In One frame I have few SELECT LISTs i a FORM , and based on selected values, I have to query the database and display the results in next frame. Hope this will help.
20 years ago
The problem is that it's taking very very long time. Is there any way to build the Select List for few thousand rows in One shot and continue building the list in background.
if any other alternative is there?

thanks a lot in advance.
Santosh Jaiswal
20 years ago
Actually I am designing a Query screen, based on selected Parameters.
I have a applet, selecting values from a 'All Parameters List' to two other List - 'InputList' and 'OutputList'. Besides this, I also have an Array of Text field containing 'OrderSeq' for Parameters in 'OutputList'.
I have to pass 'InputList' , 'OutputList', 'OrderSeq' to a JSP Page to create a 'Query Screen'.
Total Paramters may be upto 15 in both List ('InputList' , 'OutputList'). and in 'Order seq' , it will be same as the 'Output List' depending how many are selected in 'Output List'
What's the better way to pass above parameters from the Applet to JSP. Any idea is appreciated.
20 years ago
Can you please tell me which one is better?
Applet-Servlet-DB architecture or Applet- JSP - architecure
20 years ago
Yesterday I cleared SCJP2 exam with 74%. I am not satisfied with score, but really very happy. A lot of thanks goes to Maha, Maracus and to many guys of this forum.
I was preparing since last week of Aug. I was about going for exam about 3 weeks ago. But I waited three more weeks. Did more mocks,then I got Exam cram for fews days from a friend. After my office, I could devote only 2-3 hrs on an average.
I already had some knowledge of C++/OOP.
I started studying about java since May 00. I had started learning about servlet/JDBC etc. Then I thought to go for Certification, but what I found that Objectives for Certification is very basic.
But sometimes "Basic" is more typical to understand.
Really I was in haste to appear for exam(actually I got bored reading/doing same "basic" things), so that I can continue for advance study - Javabeans/JDBC/Srervlets.
After knowing about my certification, my boss today asked to see how can I implement my java knowledge in a new upcoming project.
Really, I am thrilled.
Questions were really easy but tricky. Probably I would have done some "basic" mistakes or might have missed tricks. You need to do a lot of mocks and code practice.
I wasn't good in thread.
It seems that I writing too much.
Thanks again
Santosh Jaiswal
6. Which two demonstrate a "has a" relationship? (Choose two.)
public interface Person{ }
public class Employee extends Person{ }
public interface Shape{ }
public interface Rectangle extends Shape{ }
public interface Colorable{ }
public class Shape implements Colorable{ }
public class Species{ }
public class Animal{private Species species;}
interface Component{ }
class Container implements Component{
private Component[] children;
Can any one explain that what is difference between "has a" and "is a" relationship
Here you need a nested try-catch, in Outer try block you need to handle the exception thrown by the statement
throw new RuntimeException ();
Hope this helps.
You can't override static methods in subclasses. But if you define a method in subclass with same signature as in Super class with static keyword, you may access the Super class method in sub class as classname.methodname() as you in following code
class A {
static void method1() {
public class B extends A {
public static void main (String arg[]) {
static void method1() {
Thanks for prompt reply.
Object ob1 and ob2 are not itself thread ? I getting your point little bit. Can you or anyone else explain in more detail.
It is giving error "undefined variable, class, package" when I write as
In IMO, Any object can access any private member of its own class. So in this case, it is always "yes".
Correct me if I am wrong?
Yes, I think you are right.
Do we need to mention Correct if any qstn comes for Deprecated method?
Which of the following are methods of the Thread class?
1. start
2. stop
3. resume
4. run
5. sleep
Here stop and resume are deprecated, should we choose for the answer? Any one with valid answer, please.
class NewThread implements Runnable {
String name;
Thread t;
NewThread(String Threadname) {
name = Threadname;
t = new Thread(this, name);

public void run() {
try {
for(int i =5; i >0; i--) {
System.out.println("Child thread:" +i);
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
System.out.println(name + "Child thread interrupted" );
System.out.println(name +"Exiting Child thread ");

class DemoJoin {
public static void main(String args[]) {
NewThread ob1 = new NewThread("One"); // create a new thread
NewThread ob2 = new NewThread("two");
try {

System.out.println("waiting for other thread to end");
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
System.out.println("Main thread interrupted" );
System.out.println("Exiting Main thread ");
In the try block, Why ob1.t.join(); instead of ob1.join(); ?

setLayout(new BorderLayout());
p = new Panel();
p.add(new Button("OK"));
p.add(new Button("CANCEL"));
Which class can I get the syntax for above add("south",p); method. I am not finding it in java.awt.Component class