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Recent posts by Valentine Shemyako

You're given a digital badge and a digital certificate after passing the certification exam, even without taking an expensive Spring training. The Badge and certificate are both sent to you via email.
Once again, at the moment Spring training is not required in any way. It is just an additional way to get prepared. An exceprt from FAQ:

Our training courses are the best way to gain the knowledge tested in our certification exams. However, class attendance is not a required step in the certification process.

2 years ago
Hello everyone!
Several days ago I've passed Spring Professional 5.0 certification without attending an expensive course.
Want to thank everyone who shared experience and valuable links related to this and prior versions of certification exam.

In case someone is looking forward to take this certification exam here are some advices:
1. Official study guide is essentialy everything that you need to know to pass the certification. It can be found on the Pivotal certification page.
2. There's a software developer whos name is Ivan Kriszan who has already answered all of these questions and published a book (this book covers official study guide questions). Here's his blog where you can find some useful info (he actually took a certification course and shared his experience).
3. Consult official documentation and make as much examples on your own as possible.
4. Mock exams that I've took were of bad quality in comparison to well-known Java mocks from Enthuware. Unfortunately, it seems, that there's no reliable source of mock exams at the moment.
5. In comparison to OCA/OCP questions - actual Spring certification questions are more general, asking about concepts not about some tricky code execution or compilation errors.
6. Big note to everyone: don't waste your time learning Spring XML configuration. Certification exam doesn't simply ask about that.

P.S. If someone is interested about my own certification path - here's a github repository where I've tried to answer all of the questions from Spring certification exam. The preparation took me about 5 months to be prepared.
2 years ago
Hello everyone!
Finally I've passed my OCPJP exam with 91% score. Preparation took me about 4 month of almost everyday study with full-time job.
I've created github repositories (for both OCAJP and OCPJP), so if someone is interested you can check what test programs I wrote and what edge cases I tested.
1. OCAJP github repo
2. OCPJP github repo

Roughly speaking I've thoroughly read books by Boyarsky J., Selikoff S. (big thanks to authors) and took Enthuware (a bit more difficult than real certification) tests.
This approach allowed me to pass OCAJP with 97% and OCPJP with 91%.
Big thanks to everyone who shared their experience, this helped me a lot also.

P.S. Just some notes about books I've mentioned: I had questions related to JDBC which weren't covered in book, consider reading some additional info about JDBC related topics (authors have mentioned this discrepancy somewhere on forums).
P.S.S. If someone is interested, I have about 7 month of real programmer experience with no format education background in this area.
3 years ago