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Recent posts by Eric Burdon

I've created a simple library using Gradle and published it on my default (~/.m2/repository) maven repository location. It contains a single public class (Library) and i've checked that it exists on the repository along with the pom.xml file which is below:

The build.gradle file of this library is the following:

Now i want to "consume" this library so i create an other Gradle project with the following build.gradle file:

When i run gradle dependencies --configuration implementation I get the output:

Then i try to import my library in the new project with import com.appstract.saavMathLib.Library; and when i try to build the project it gives me the error error: package com.appstract.saavMathLib does not exist

What am i doing wrong please?
4 years ago
Thank you for your replays and ideas!
I decided on the first meeting to play a little with Python and maybe creating a command line Hangman game (without expecting them to understand the code) so that they'll have an idea of a complete program's development. And talking with them i'll try to guess what everyone expects from the team and what fits them so i'll THEN decide which language to teach. Although i'm almost sure i'll start with Python.
5 years ago
I've been programming as an amateur for 10 years. I'm completely self taught and have experience mostly on C, Python and Java. Lately i entered an association in my city that has 19 individual clubs of various activities (unrelated with programming). So i talked with the president and proposed him to create a new club where i could teach programming to people that have no idea about it. He agreed and now i try to figure out which language should i teach (at least first).
  • Should i teach Python? Python is very easy, quite portable and they can create many types of projects (games, networking, web development etc.).
  • Should i teach them C? It's the mother of the languages and even if they will never use it learning C they will learn many things about programming that no other language will teach them.
  • Should i teach them Processing? It's very easy, visual and funny but it's something that they won't use again after passing the "beginner's" level.
  • Should i get a bunch of Arduino's and breadboards and start making some fun projects from the first day?

  • I'm unable to decide. On one hand i know that they have to see some results quickly before they feel bored and dissapointed. On the other hand if they try to do anything after having experience with the "obscurities" of C everything else will seem so simple.

    What do you think?  
    5 years ago
    Thank you Rob spoor! So it seems i have to tackle the TelnetClient code to make the TelnetInputStream public or something like this. But i'll just make the corrections that you suggested in the code and not mess with the libraries internals. Thank you very much for the corrections too!
    5 years ago
    Hello Rob Spoor.
    I had already used the method you describe in your post. Also in this case only one character is read
    in the buffer. Using your EXACT code snippet after reading the first character the while loop is stuck
    in the condition evaluation for ever. Only if i use reader.reset() in the while body it continues reading
    all the characters (although it raises errors for not supported method).
    What i understand is that the TelnetClient class somehow prevents the InputStream it uses from reading more
    than one byte/character even if i give it a buffer as argument. This makes the TelnetInputListener class
    useless as its telnetInputAvailable() method runs only once for the whole program flow.
    For now i use the following code to do my job:

    Thanks for the help!
    5 years ago
    I'm trying to create an android Telnet client. I'm using the TelnetClient class and create an object. Then i get an InputStream with getInputStream() and from it i create an InputStreamReader. This runs on a separate from the main thread. The TelnetInputAvailable() of a TelnetInputListener object is called every time the input buffer goes from zero to none zero bytes. So inside this method i try to get the data calling the read() method of the InputStreamReader object.
    The problem is that the InputStreamReader's read() method returns ALWAYS ONLY one character. Then the TelnetInputAvailable() method has to be called for a new character to be fetched.
    The same happens also if i just use an InputStream and get bytes. Only one byte i get every time.
    Do you know how can i get more than one character?


    5 years ago
    Hello, i'm a beginner on maven and Spring development. When i want to create a new Spring project i can use choose between 2 plugin repositories.

  • They seem to me very similar. Which one should i prefer and is there any difference concerning the Spring development?
    6 years ago