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Recent posts by Nathan Milota

It does it only for the first item in the seat table of the database.  Every other seat in the database works just fine.   It is just one seat that won't work right.  I don't get what's wrong.
2 days ago
I'm getting this error in Angular for my Spring Boot project.  

JSON parse error: Already had POJO for id (java.lang.Long) [[ObjectId: key=5, type=com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.impl.PropertyBasedObjectIdGenerator,]]; nested exception is com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Already had POJO for id (java.lang.Long) [[ObjectId: key=5, type=com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.impl.PropertyBasedObjectIdGenerator,]] (through reference chain:["theatreEvent"]->["venue"]->["id"])

However, it only happens on the first loop when I try to create a new ticket.   Here is the Angular function.  

Here is the Java code for the entity where the error is happening.  

3 days ago
Here is my controller class.

Here is what I'm doing in Angular

No matter what I do or what I name it, it is being blocked by CORS policy.   I don't understand why.  Every other program I made, the @CrossOrigin annotation fixed it.  Why is it not working?
1 week ago
Here is my class.  

The problem is, without the annotation, I can't get it to work properly on a GET request.   Is there any workaround?
1 week ago

In this file, I keep getting "cannot read property "name" of undefined" on the line it calls for in the hidden form as soon as the page loads.    I don't know why it is doing this.

It took me awhile, but this finally fixed it.  

I had to do an ngModel for the varaibles itemName and itemDescription, put them into local Storage, retrieve them in the onSubmit() method so they wouldn't be null, and now it works.
3 months ago
I've tried this several different ways.   I even put an input as a typescript variable and pass it in the loop, but it always becomes null when I try to use it.  It doesn't do this in Java.  There is something wrong with the way this language works I think.
3 months ago
The item object keeps going to null and I cannot use it in a loop or where I need to.  

When I log the item to the console the second time, it goes to null.   How do I stop that from happening?
3 months ago
This is actually a problem with the back end, but I'm still not sure what is causing it, but it's not an angular problem.
3 months ago
 I have a Bin class, and when I post warehouseNum to it, when I do the console.log(this.bin) it is showing the correct warehouseNum, but when you console.log(data) it shows it as 0.   Why does it do that?

3 months ago
Okay, so for some reason, I concluded that the objects are not coming up as equal when they are on the two different lists.   I changed the code to...

This is more of a workaround than an ideal situation though.
3 months ago

An object of type Bin contains an Array of type Item.  

It is supposed to print true as I am searching for an item the bin items list contains, but it keeps returning false.  

There has to be some error in the logic of the loops, but I can't find it.   No matter what items I put in the list where the bins contain those items, it keeps printing false.
3 months ago
It's saying active and direction are missing, but they are both in the function.   I don't get what's going on.
3 months ago