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Recent posts by Nathan Milota

I'm at a road block.   I think it could be partly due the pandemic as well as I'm more depressed, irritable, less patient, and panic more easily about everything, and that has extended to developing as well with the catastrophic thinking that I'll never understand it and I'm doomed a failure.  Given that nobody here is a psychologist, I assume, I'll leave that part at that.  

I have a Java associate certification from Oracle, which was a hard exam that took me two attempts.  Other than that, I only have my novice projects I made using Java Swing.

I just think I hit an impasse on what I can learn on my own without a mentor as I'm just not getting it anymore and think I may be going about it all wrong.
2 months ago
I'm at a bit of an impasse now and I don't know what to learn next.

I already know core java skills, I passed the associate certification exam by Oracle, and created a few desktop applications using Swing.  

However, I can't seem to wrap my head around the Spring framework, and I don't know how much of it I'm gonna be expected to know for job interviews.

I didn't really learn much of anything related to Java web development yet, and when I do I get confused and discouraged.  

I know the core skills including classes, interfaces, objects, collections, etc and have a few projects on my GitHub.  

I was hoping I had enough to get entry level and learn the rest in the training labs, as learning them on my own is turning into an impossible task.  Also, due to the pandemic, there aren't any jobs open or internships for me to test the waters.  

I'm also majoring in a graduate degree in software engineering, but none of the content seems to be relevant to coding anymore after the 2nd programming class, and the rest is just the principles of software design and agile principles.

Are there still java desktop programmers?   The problem with trying to learn Spring is that it is a different language to me, and I'm becoming raw with my core java skills.
5 months ago
I'm kind of at a crossroads now of deciding whether I'm getting too discouraged and impatient too easily, or if there really is something here indicating that my strengths don't translate into this career.

I was able to develop a few desktop applications using Swing and Apache POI cells, and was able to integrate MySQL  I have a certification for Java 8, an associate one.   In a few more courses, I'll have a master's degree in software engineering.

However, when it comes to trying to study and learn frameworks such as Spring Boot, I've been trying for weeks, and I just don't get it.  I'm not making the connection, so studying it in the same manner that has not worked and form that has not worked thus far might indicate there is something I'm doing wrong.  I've read through "Spring in Action" other books, tried Udemy courses, and for some reason I just still don't understand what I'm doing and can't make a basic website using it.

I get stuck on a concept that doesn't make sense, but there really isn't anyone in real time to ask questions like in a lab.  Does this issue get any easier when training in person if you don't know frameworks and such?  

Another problem I'm having is that if I just try to look up a how to create a simple website using Spring Boot/MVC on a video, everyone does it differently than one another, and it gets me all confused.

I think maybe I might just not have the right background knowledge to start learning frameworks yet, as I know enough core Java to pass the exams with Oracle and to create programs using Swing, but I just can't translate them into Web development.

Do you even have to know web frameworks to get employed or have to use them on the job?  Are desktop applications obsolete already?

What I'm afraid of is being able to pass Java interview questions and basic exercises, but getting into more complex things and not being able to learn them by myself.  It would help if I wasn't the only one here and good training programs in companies do exist, because I've about given up trying to learn it alone.  Not because it is too hard, but because I am likely doing something the wrong way and practicing bad habits, and it is also getting in the way of my graduate school studies as I'm spending too much time getting anxiety over frameworks and not understanding them.

6 months ago
From what I've seen studying DI, is that people are saying without it, you have tightly coupled classes, which you have to instantiate a new object.  With dependency injection, you have an interface instead, and you put that interface in the classes constructor, and declare it with the object, and therefore it is loosely coupled.  

I guess none of the programs I've created had anything tightly coupled before, so I just haven't seen the need for dependency injection and loose coupling before.  

Does anyone know of a good video or source that creates a web application and shows you the steps start to finish so that you get how it all works after you finish?
6 months ago
I'm trying a Udemy course right now that is pretty extensive.

I've been studying it for several days though and still cannot make the connection and that light bulb hasn't really gone off on what Spring really is yet and what the purpose of it, or what dependency injection or IOC really means.
6 months ago
So are annotations such as @Controller, @Service, @Autowired, @GetMapping, part of Spring JPA or is that something else?  
6 months ago
Okay, that's where I'm all confused now.   I was under the impression that Hibernate and JPA were both used at the same time for different things.  I don't think I can actually explain what JPA and Hibernate even are.
6 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:No, you're making it too complicated. Given an ownerID, you can do a JPA find() by primary key from the JPA EntityManager. The find() will (hopefully!) return an owner. Then just call getBikes() on the owner object. That's assuming that you named the OneToMany field "bikes", of course.

Do you have a page source that gives an example of something like this being done?  I've literally been typing everything I can think of into Google and can't find.  What prerequisites do you really need to understand how this is done?  I'm trying to understand what JPA itself it, but it's a very broad concept from what I've been researching.
6 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Because with JPA, the only query you do here is to look up the owner by owner ID. That causes JPA to return an instance of Owner and you can then call getBikes() on that object to get the collection of bikes, which you can then enumerate. Or do whatever you want to do with a collection of bikes. There's no lookup query for the bikes, because JPA did that for you automatically when you said "getBikes()".

So basically after I would do a GET method, I would getOwner(id).getBikes() and that would get all the bikes the owner has?   If I put a new bike in the database, and mapped the foreign key to an owner, it would add that bike to the set of bikes for that owner?
6 months ago
I'm just not getting it.  I've watched videos on what Spring Data JPA is and my brain is just not making the connection.  

I created the classes correctly according to OneToMany mappings, but now it's how to I take that and then get to where I can look up an owner by ID, and get all their bikes is the issue now.  Websites given here and ones I've looked up only tell you how to set up the classes, but not an example of how you set up a query to find them.  It's almost as if for some reason they deliberately keep that from you.
6 months ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Well, you're going to need to support the query "Give me all of Pat's bikes", most likely. Anyway it's not a trivial question so check out this tutorial and also this tutorial for better information than what you're going to get from me here.

Okay, so according to those links, you don't actually have to do a one to many with a set, you could query it the way I thought where you just look for bikes that match the owner ID with the foreign key if you wanted to, so I'm not crazy.
6 months ago
I added a set this way.  

Is this correct?  I just don't see how the database reads that as there isn't a need for a column for bikes in the owner table.
6 months ago
What happens if I don't add the set though?  

It seems like in the bike table, it is already handled.  One bike has one owner, a different bike has one owner, but it could be the same owner, so I thought in that class it would just be one to one, referencing the foreign key.  

I'm just confused here on how the logic works.
6 months ago
I am trying to create a simple project where all it does it create a way to look up the owner of a bike by the license tag on it, kind of the way it is with a car.

Here is my database with only two tables.

Okay, now the question here I have is, what kind of relationship does the bike have with an owner?  An owner can have multiple bikes.   Each bike registered will have an owner identification, so is that a one to one relationship, and does that make the owner a one to many with regard to the bike?

This is my owner class.  

Do I need to add a set of type Bike to this class?   I think this is almost too simple that I'm having trouble wrapping my head around all this.   If I create a Bike class, do I just put the foreign key of the owner as a one to one relationship?
6 months ago
Is there an online web course or anything other than just someone's video channel on YouTube for learning Spring and Spring boot you'd recommend?  I personally just don't like "Spring in Action".   It's entire book is about building a taco application, and I think many of its tools might be out of date as the code as written in the book simply does not work and I don't find it to be a very good book for a beginner as it's very confusing.
6 months ago