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Recent posts by Nathan Milota

Tim Holloway wrote:Hmmm. I think you're probably too invested in your current employer. Forget about them.

The health insurance is great and they have Udemy Business access which I like.  However, I'm not invested in my current employer other than they are the ones I'm getting a paycheck from unless I become unemployed at the end of the month.  

I have LinkedIn and that's where I put in most of my applications, but I also do search individual company sites as maybe they didn't post it on a job board.  

However, on LinkedIn it has a status where it showed if they have viewed your application and then if they downloaded your resume.   I only get that for maybe 1 in every 200 jobs and whether it turns into an interview is a hit or a miss.

It takes me about 2 months to apply for 1000 jobs, so that would average out to my resume just being looked at only 5 times in 2 months, and maybe one of those if I'm lucky gets an interview.  

I get calls from independent recruiters all the time, but all they're doing is applying for a job for me, and then I never hear back from them again.

My resume shows that I have been with my employer 2 years, that I have a Java certification, created apps before being employed, and 3 degrees including a Master's Degree in Software Engineering.  

It is enough to show I'm dedicated, but not enough to show 8 years of experience.

Oddly enough, many of those jobs I didn't get in the past because I didn't have senior level experience were for jobs labeled entry level and low pay.   It doesn't seem to me as if when they post entry level, they really are hiring entry level, but are looking for some sucker with a lot of experience willing to take a massive pay cut.  
3 days ago

Tim Holloway wrote:

What geographical area are you looking in? Have you studied what's actually being used there?

I live in the Dallas, TX area.  I talked to one of my former co-workers and updated him that our manager at the studio responsible for getting new business who was pushing a return to office model for training has canceled the last 6 meetings in a row and the last one he told us it's not necessary to be present in the office at this time.  I asked him recently what we have as far as new clients, and he said nothing, because none of the ones he is prospecting to are going with us.

Someone in the office described the problem to me as this.  They contact our company wanting to add some contractors to their projects, and give them a job description to post on our platform.  Many apply and get interviews, and she takes the feedback and sends the best ones for the client to interview directly, and they often reply to her saying they wanted people with 8 years of experience, and all the ones she sent them have only 2-3 years, and she tells them that's what we've got.   They either take the most experienced ones and let them learn as they go, or they go with a competitor of ours.

I've been on a hiring panel for an internal project, and getting people who know how to design a service in Spring Boot or create a React component was far and few between, and they were all looking for a project to get that experience the first time because we have nobody to direct our training, tell us what the best route is, how to learn the most relevant information, and they also cut the enablement trainings at the company because they find they aren't worth the money, so in other words, everyone that was hired gets no support or training, and the client expects when we get there that we know all these tools as they think our company is like a bootcamp and we do mock projects, and we don't.  We really don't do anything when not on a project but watch Udemy and try building our own drill based projects, so last one I was assigned to I thought I was going there to use Spring Boot and work on services, but then they told me all I was doing was fixing vulnerabilities and pushing to production, and they were kind of shocked when I told them I didn't know how to do any of that, so they'd have to show me.

There was nobody there to shadow or pair with when I asked multiple times, and they told me they'd have people come help me as needed, but everyone that came to ask if I needed help said they only had about 5 minutes until their next meeting, and I told them how they needed to help was by training me to do the job side by side with someone first and then I'd get it in a couple weeks, but eventually they cut me from the project because they just didn't have the time or resources, and my company told them I was a senior associate when I am not.  

When I tell people about the problems of the company, they are always like, "Well, maybe it's time to look elsewhere since your career isn't taking off there."  

I'm sarcastically like... "Gee! Why didn't I think of that?"   People seem to be under the impression that given the industry has a high demand, that it's as easy as just applying for jobs and getting another one in less than a couple months.   These aren't tech people though that say this, but people who have no knowledge of the industry, so don't realize the high demand is for people who have many years experience, but the market is oversaturated with Juniors because the many who are struggling to find those first jobs or internships as well as many of the bootcamps that came about the last decade telling people they can get a job quickly after finishing the bootcamp, but there are too many fresh on the market and companies investing in them often find once they train and get experience, they're going to leave the company.  

The senior level associates with much experience at our company consist of people who have been on projects with the same client for years, once who get released and get on another one probably the first day, and ones who are looking for jobs elsewhere since our company only gives about a 2-4% yearly raise and about a 3% yearly bonus in one lump payment.

All the jobs that are open in our company that I try to get people to apply to for a referral fee, all of them are pretty much people who have little to no experience.  

One of my former coworkers says he saw me as probably one of the best ones in our office and HR told me that most others in my situation aren't getting any interviews for projects at all, so if I'm one of the highest experienced of the available associates and I can't get work, there has to be something wrong.
3 days ago
I'm working in consulting and the projects I get are as a contractor.  However, every project I've been on, I've done next to nothing for because the client wanted to cut funding and switch to an off-shore person to do my position and I've been with the company nearly 2 years with no relevant experience.  However, I have made use of the learning resources and have learned how to answer questions that imply the experience they are looking for.

The last 3 clients rejected me for petty reasons including that I had all the experience, but they decided to find someone who knows Flutter instead of Spring Boot.  One didn't even ask me any React based questions in more of a behavioral interview, but they rejected me without questioning me after because they wanted x years of experience.     The most recent oine was told by our representatives that I got all the interview questions right and was very knowledgeable and requested a final interview, but he just said it didn't appear my resume showed that React was my most recent project experience even though I knew it very well.  

It's almost as if they are trying to find any excuse they can to reject me after being recommended for hire.

I have had my resume designed by someone who writes resumes for a living and it does far better in an ATS check, but in all the jobs I applied for on LinkedIn, only about 3-5% of them show that they even opened my resume, meaning many reject without even knowing if I have the experience because they never check, so what good is having a better resume that nobody reads?

The only interviews I get are internal and if I wanted to leave the company for a better opportunity, I don't see how that's going to happen as out of the last about 400 jobs I applied for, they have not even resulted in a phone screen.

What's even more disturbing, is our company that was spending too much on bench/deployable associates, they cut of tons of them over the last year, and they still don't have enough openings for the few remaining.  

Our office has pretty much told me they are not going to be getting any new customers anytime soon which was nearly my last hope as I'm 14 days away from layoff and all the positions I interviewed for were 100% remote and not within our office location.   They told me the problem is all the clients they prospect to, they're saying they only want 8 years of experience or more, but we don't have anyone on the bench in our office that has more than junior level experience.   They all either are on projects or they left the company for higher pay.

I'm running out of options to hopefully save from having to go on unemployment, because every interview I get, they either don't follow up after promising they would, the client doesn't ask anything relevant, or after I pass the technical interview, they keep getting someone else to ask questions that are so difficult that I'd be shocked if anyone got them correctly.

There is another resume service that comes even more recommended than the one I previously used, but what am I supposed to do to get them to read it and not just auto-reject it without it even being looked at?  

I'm just lost for what to do, because I had a list of options started since release from my last project for petty reasons such as wanting to use someone in Mexico.  I have emailed many people in our company, tried making LinkedIn contacts, kept in touch with people in our office trying to get new clients, learning new skills to improve the interview experience, and have applied for just about every job I could find relevant even if the years of experience was asking more than I have.   What else can you think of that I haven't done that I can do in less than 2 weeks?  
1 week ago
I am trying to get my docker SQL databases connected to my microservices, but I keep getting exceptions that the connection failed.  I cannot figure out why.  

I have the docker-compose.yml here.

This is my file for the inventory service.  

The service for the SQL launches and is in a container working, but my inventory service in Spring Boot will not connect to it.
7 months ago
We have a need for Java in our company depending on your location.
7 months ago

Otto Kaiden wrote:I am a second-year student at the university, but unfortunately, my university doesn't provide any assistance in finding jobs. I started learning Java at the university and even passed the course on it. So now I am continuing to study it on my own.

Any luck yet?  If not, message me and I'll be happy to give you some referrals.
7 months ago
My application is connected to Okta for Spring Security.  I have the users in the defined roles correctly.  I have the hasAuthority in the controller class for the API set up correctly.  In my, the client-id and client-secret are both correct.  The token for the API authorization works correctly.  So, when those items are not correct, it will either give me a 401 or 403 error.  However, since they are all correct, the API accepts the token and the credentials, but it gives a 500 Internal Server Error and the Exception as listed in the subject line.  

I honestly don't know what else to do, because I am doing this in a course where I am copying the instructor.  I went back several lessons to confirm that I did the steps correctly, and I even went into his repository to make sure his code matches mine, but for some reason, I cannot get the correct response from the API even though the credentials are accepted.  It gives me the same Error no matter what I do.  It only does it in this microservice though as the other ones seem to be just fine.
9 months ago
What I found out is that it was because I installed a plugin called Lombok Build Helper.  That plugin for some reason by default makes all fields non-null be default without an annotation.  

I only downloaded it because I was having some issues with another class which I ended up finding out that it was due to the wrong import statement, but I thought the builder was broken.
9 months ago
I don't know why, but for some reason, when I opened up IntelliJ today, nearly every class of my project was screwed up, and I cannot trace any of the changes because the log says there are no recent changes, so I can't revert.

This is my method.

This code has been working just fine until today, and now it will not let me execute it because it says the productId is required when it is autogenerated, so it will not let me run it to create a new product.  I do not have any @NonNull annotations.   I had so many errors all over today and I had to fix and rebuild so many classes and I don't even know why as nothing changed.

Here is the Product class.

There is nothing in there indicating any of those fields are required and should be throwing an error if not included, so I don't know why it is requiring me to add them all before I can do a builder().build().  It never did this before today, but it will no longer allow me to not require all fields even when I didn't indicate those had to be non-null.  
9 months ago
Okay, so I was doing everything correct.   However, for some reason the same as a problem I had in the past, it wouldn't work until I closed IntelliJ and completely reopened it.  Even though I kept saving the dependencies and properties.  Anyone know why the IDE is doing this?
10 months ago
I'd like to add that when I remove the entire Eureka client dependency, the application is not even throwing any error at all, so it isn't even reading the eureka parts of the application.yaml file at all.
10 months ago
I've copied the dependencies and code directly from the repositories in a course I'm taking, and I cannot even get it to look for the Eureka server upon execution.  This is my application.yaml

This is exactly how it is written in the course.  However, upon execution, it won't even look for the Eureka Server.  It doesn't say not found, it doesn't even recognize that I have it there.  The dependencies are correct in the pom.xml.  However, it's simply not working.
10 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Dallas/Forth Worth is a larger job market than the one I live in, although I'll admit I have had to go through multiple lean times to remain here. Still...

There ought to be something, even though it's not going to be Radio Shack HQ. I'll admit that offhand I don't know who has a major presence there.

The companies here are Chase, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, AT&T.  

I've applied to all of them numerous times.   Chase all I ever got was coding challenges, and even ones that passed all the tests, I still got rejected without an interview.   Southwest Airlines I never got any further than an auto-rejection, even on an internship that was for IT workers on the autism spectrum and had several references saying I meet that criteria, they still never even as much as gave me a phone screening or virtual interview.  American Airlines I got an interview with a staffing company for a contract to hire position.  The position was paying near the bottom salary and the health benefits available were terrible, and I still didn't get it even though it was entry level with no experience required, but I got turned down due to lack of experience and they ended up not hiring anybody.  With AT&T, same as Southwest.  Never further than the auto-rejection.  

The problem with all the internal interviews I get within my own company, is that all the clients want the best employees for the lowest cost they can get, so they end up going to other places to get people for their projects because when anyone at our company gets hired as a senior developer, they usually get a project right away and are unavailable, and when they go back to the bench, they often leave because our company reduced its bench time from 90 days to 35 days meaning you get fired if you can't get a project in 35 days, but some hiring managers take half that time just to get to the final interview before the allocation.   Our company consists mostly of junior level associates needing a project to learn hands on skills to grow with that client instead of being an expert from day one, but they all wants experts from day one now and don't want to have to train any of us, even when they are only wanting to pay the minimum still.  
10 months ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:
IT market is struggling a bit these days, not just in US, but all over in Europe as well. You can tell solely from LinkedIn. What it used to be ~5 messages a day from recruiters, now you get 5 messages in a quarter. That was the main job search engine really, where you had to just reply to few messages and then you had an overwhelm of phone calls so you could start working on the following Monday or at your earliest convenience.

The issue is, I get calls from recruiters every day.  However, 99% of them end up ghosting me after I send them my resume and then they submit it to the client.   I had to put a voicemail greeting set to where it asked recruiters that were not employed the company they were recruiter for to please send me an email with the details instead of asking me to call back due to the overwhelming volume of calls.  

The problem wasn't getting too many calls.  The problem is that only one every few weeks out of the several per day led to a follow up call with another screening or an interview appointment.

One recruiter got me an interview, and then I went to the interview and they told me they'd get back to the recruiter with the next steps.   Less than one minute after leaving the building, the hiring manager sent out a reply all that he probably forgot I was included on saying I was no good and told them to pass on me.  
10 months ago
Two of the interviews I had were from staffing companies who ended up telling me the client didn't fill the positions in the end because they didn't get the level of experience they wanted from the interested applicants.   The pay they disclosed was in the bottom 10% of the range in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and both were asking very high level questions.  

One of them, I was the last remaining candidate and the staffing company had me submit a background check and make a fingerprinting appointment as they under the impression from the client that it was more of a formality final interview, and I was told it was mostly a behavioral interview with maybe some light technical questions, as it was not a technical interview.   However, all they asked me were very senior level questions that I didn't know the answers to, but near the end we had a good conversation and they said it was mostly just to see where I was at to see the best place for me in the company.   I called back the recruiter and he was shocked at the questions they asked me when I reported back to him as they were told it was not a technical interview, and that the position was junior and no experience beyond a CS related degree was required.   However, they ended up passing on me due to not having enough experience even though they said my attitude was positive and I had a high willingness to learn, that they weren't going to hire for the position because they didn't produce the level of quality of candidates they wanted, regardless of them disclosing the pay rate was very low and the benefits for the first 6-12 months were minimal healthcare coverage, yet they were disappointed in the staffing company for not getting highly experienced candidates.

The last interview that was a client interview within my own company, the lead told me she was sending me to them anyway as the rate they were wanting to pay the company for the labor was at an entry level rate, but were asking for senior level experience, so she was telling them if they were willing to compromise, she had someone newer, but ambitious and with a lot of skills for a campus hire that can learn quickly, but I still haven't heard back and I'm not sure they're gonna budge.  She told me she is not going to seek a senior level candidate for them with the rate they are willing to pay, so she was guessing they'd either onboard someone with my level of experience, or they simply won't fill the position, which happens.
10 months ago