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since Jun 08, 2018
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Recent posts by radouan el ouardi

Hi, i am rad and i m looking for learnning partners.
I just begun  to learn java, so i decided that to learn fast i have to work on some project. And because i am new at the java language i have to look for other beginners to learn together.
So if any one of you is a beginner or want to help beginners to learn java fast, here is my simple java program idea that i want to create with you.
Its a software about it seevices, it need a GUI and mysql database, its cornerstones  are:
- stock
- technicians
- interventions
- regions
- cities
- reports
- clients
- geolocation of the technician

Its a software that track a companey technicians about thier interventions, the time  and place of their intervention,inventory..ect

And we can share our project here for new ideas

Please if anyone is interested in my idea contact me here

Best regards
6 years ago