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Recent posts by Mohamed Rabbani

Siva R U marketing for Safari ? Just kidding
Anyone from Hyderabad ,India bought this book?
As per the link given by Richard
it shoud be available in India
Any update ?
I got the score report finally.
I scored 85%.
Thanks for all who has helped me to get this
So far I don't know the score.CretManager shows only the
result .I passed
Not many questions on Filter,basic only.No questions on advanced concepts like Wrappers.
Find more questions on servlets .Better to go through the API
which method is in which interface/class.
Tricky questions on useBean ,include ,forward
Questions on JSP Life Cycle ,Servlet Life cycle.
I have taken exam on 24th.The exam duration was 5 hrs.163 Questions.
Questions on new topics(EL,SimpleTag) are difficult to answer .I felt working out samples on EL is essential rather than studying theoretically . [] operator,type coercion are tested deeply.
Questions on older objectives are easy.
Some questions are directly taken from spec.I would suggest
reading servlet and jsp spec alteast once.
[ January 25, 2004: Message edited by: Mohamed Rabbani ]
This is the XML Schema of the web.xml .
I think in previous versions we have DTD .
This describes the tags in the web.xml file
this like a template for the web.xml file
With this we can find whether an element
is mandatory or optional ,what are the
valid values or valid dataTypes,attributes,children etc.
You should know XML Schema for that
The link mentioned has a session id ,this session would have gone .
Am I applying session management concepts
I downloaded this way
go to
type Mastering the JSP Standard Tag Library in Search
click on the book and download sample chapter
[ January 16, 2004: Message edited by: Mohamed Rabbani ]
Hi All,
Happy to pass this exam .Hope this is a good score for 2 day prepration
I thank all for getting a certification free of cost
18 years ago
27(ignoring Chris Chang )
I have taken the exam today in Hyderabad,India.
As mentioned by other test takers I also got "Out of Resource " for 3 DnD questions in EJB-QL.
I prepared only for 3 days.My experience
in EJB helped a lot.I must thank all who has given "last minute tips".
Waiting for the real SCBCD exam .
hi All,
Iam registered for the exam on 11th of this month.
I don't know whether 400 mark will reach before that .Is there any possibility of knowing how many
have actually taken the exam?Does Evelyn has any plan of extending this 400 mark?If not i can try taking tomorrow.
BEA Server Specialist -weblogic7.0
hi monz ,
I bought Jwhiz for Rs.599/- .Better you can
buy it.I think it is worth for altleast the new
topics in exam(assertions,hashcode,equals,collections)
19 years ago
hi all,
Thanks for all java ranchers !!!.The sucess stories here motivated me to score high.I studied
for about 15 days.Since I have 21/2 yrs of programming experience in Java,I tackled major
part of the exam easily.Especially my experince
in thread programming helped me.I answered all
questions in thread correctly!!.
Here I should mention Dan, Marcus Greeen,Jiris,
RHE,khalid books ,velmurugan notes and Jwhiz.
Every one should take Dan's beta exam on threads.
Khalid book is good ,It covers objectives not only
for scjp but for all java projects!!!.Velmurugan
notes gives a clear idea in areas like inner classes .Jwhiz has some good questions covering
new topics (assertion ,hashcode etc).The explantion to the questions are good .
Thanks All again!!!
19 years ago