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Recent posts by Adrian Grabowski

What about Dart? It can do web and mobile and has a nice syntax. The downside is that there are not a lot of tutorials...

When it comes to online courses I don't want to spam the forum with links but I have tried quite a few so you can msg me if you want to know my thoughts one them.
4 days ago

Having passed only OCA8 so far should I go for OCP8 first and upgrade later by taking 1Z0-817? I think it will be much easier than going straight for OCP11 as I'll need to focus on too many things at the same time.

What are your thoughts?
So basically you need to override equals method. First check if the other object is actually of the type of GeoCountDownTimer, then perform a cast and compare fields year, month and day to see if objects are equal. Try on your own and post your code if you get stuck.
2 weeks ago
There is also BlueJ, my uni uses it for teaching basics of OOP

2 weeks ago
That's a good start. It's worth noticing that both Employee and Client have some common attributes.

I'm not sure how often UML diagrams are used in the real world but for my small, silly projects I use class diagrams and activity diagrams.

For drawing them I use Lucidchart which is pretty cool if you love diagrams (who doesn't?)
2 weeks ago
That's one of the reasons I really look after my old MBP, it has everything I need. If it breaks I'll probably have to switch to Lenovo and use Linux - that's just one step away from living under a bridge and food stamps!
4 weeks ago
I use org.json for this, it has JSONArray which does exactly what you want.
1 month ago
I'm a student and not a professional programmer so here are my thoughts:

- Swift and iOS development tie you up to one vendor, Apple's hardware is quite expensive - traditional uni will stay away from it as it means extra costs for them and courses will be less popular
- Java is a safe choice, low barriers to entry and large job market, easy to find tutors, courses cheap to create and will be popular, it just screams large profit margins for the university
- Why just these two? Why not consider Smalltalk or Dart?
1 month ago
What do you mean by "not be blank". What do you want there instead? Zero?
1 month ago
I'm a bit confused, I have these dependencies:

inside my module-info I have both

 requires java.json;

Which gives me "Error:(1, 1) java: module ****** reads package javax.json from both java.json and"

I can't figure it out, any hints?

1 month ago
this one doesn't change anything

and this one

is almost correct but when your parameter has the same name as your field you need to prefix your variable with "this":
this.playerhp = playerhp;

1 month ago
That's purely educational in my opinion. If you want to learn about distributed computing/big data - a cluster of Raspberry Pi is one way of doing that (and playing with toys is fun!). The poor specs of a Pi (especially RAM) can only help with that.
1 month ago
I can't see your Enemy and Player classes unless I missed something, can you post it here?
1 month ago