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Recent posts by must Janik

I have byte array which was converted from zip file. I would like to check in the test whether its files contains proper content. So for example zip consists of 2 text files. First file contains "HEY" word, and the sceond "HEY2". I would like to after reconverting whether everything is all right.

I have made something like this:

and it prints:

Entry: 1.txt len 5 added 03/16/21
Entry: 2.txt len 6 added 03/16/21

how can I go deeper inside every file?

3 years ago
God.... You were right Tim.
I logged into manager and I get:
stara_war_exploded as a path so I went into: stara_war_exploded/sayHello and it works...

Couple of hours wasted just for this..
Thanks a lot guys for help!
3 years ago
None of them works which is werid as...
3 years ago
So I added TomcatServer in Configurations of Intellij and before lunch I have appname:war exploded artifact. That's how I'm deploying war on tomcat.
Full logs after running app (deploying in tomcat)

3 years ago
Because I'm comparing app written in Spring Boot and in Spring 3 + jdk 7 for my engineering thesis.

I'm building war. I'm deploying it like this (it is on polish, but you can conclude from screens how I do it.
3 years ago
The problem was that webapp director was not under src/main.
In logs right now I get:

so I moved forward, but still getting 404 on stara/sayHello or /sayHello

I also added
dependency to pom.xml
3 years ago
I'm trying to write Spring application in Spring 3.0.x (yes I want that version). Made a really simple method that returns String.

After calling http://localhost:8080/sayHello I'm getting 404 don't know why.

I'm using Tomcat 8.5.60.

My pom.xml



Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong to make this Controller work?

3 years ago
I tried to create dynamic query using JPA specification, but I'm not sure whether I understood the JPA specification properly. I was using to write the code. The case is, I got some paramters that are optionals, so first I've written all etc alone. like this (from above site):

while scrolling down the site I could read about JPA specifiaction and it looked much more better, because within each parameters I got next if using above solution.

Using JPA specification the code looks like this for now:

As you can see code looks much more better, I got rid of boiler plate, but the problem is, just those advertisements are returned that meet all requirements so it has category/city/proper title.

If I got

and if I put only Warsaw I want it to be returned, if I put only random (as title) I want it to be returned etc etc, for now if I put Warsaw, random (as title), MUSIC Could you tell me how to do it?

PS: The code  I write is kotlin, but it is very similiar to java so you can propose solution in java if you want.
Thanks a lot for help!


I changed to


and it works, but the question is, how to make to return all the advertisements if no parameters where passed.
3 years ago
To be clear.I want to rewrite application which is written in Spring Boot . I will have 2 application which are the same, but written in two different technologies. It is for my engineering thesis
3 years ago
Hi guys. I have a question regarding spring 2.5 (with java 6). I would like to rewrite web application based on REST which is written in newest version of Spring Boot.
The question is... is it even possible? I mean, I do not want to create any front (returning jsp files), just want to create backend.

Some sample from controller I want to rewrite:

As you can see I just return response in JSON. That's all I want. I read that I need some RestTemplate or something, but it is available since Spring 3.0, so I would need some custom mapper to return json, but it is not that hard I think.
Could you tell me whether is it possible to do it? All tutorials are about returning jsp files which I do not want.
Some sample of service/controller would be extremely useful for me if possible.
3 years ago
Thanks a lot @Stephan! I think I know already everything that I wanted to know.
3 years ago
Hi, I’m going to start writing my application for athletes based on Spring 2.5.6 and Java 6 (as I’ve read that Java 7 is less compatibile with this Spring version). I’ve couple of questions as I’m not familiar with such an old versions. (I need to write it for my Engineer’s Thesis – comparing app written in old version of Spring and in newest version of Sping Boot)  

1. I know already I need web.xml, but do I need servlets  to handle http requests or there is some other common way to do it? I won’t have any front sides (like jsp files) – just backend.
I mean, I want to build the most common app based on Spring 2.5 and java 6 and to do it I need these two things to do any request, right?

2. What about declaring beans in these versions. Do I need to do it in xml like <bean>….</bean> or I can annotate class with for example @Component (as @Service propably does not exist in this version). Which way should I go? I would like the differences to be most visible - beetwen spring boot and old spring, so declaring beans in xml would be fine (as in SpringBoot I have annotation like @Service, @Repository etc) -  but it’s hard to explain in my Engineer's Thesis why I’ve chosen for example declaring beans in xml when I could do it easily with annotations.

Do you have any simple crud examples of projects written in these versions?
3 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Must,
I think you may need a CustomAdvertisementRepository interface and its implementation:

Your service or controller can do this:

In your pom, put java persistence dependency

yee, I have made with the same solution earlier. Thanks anyway, will be for next people!
4 years ago
That's why I wanted to use Example, but nevermind will check criteria out.
4 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:Define a method for your repository which takes all the searchable parameters.
You'll then need to add an implementation, inside which use a CriteriaBuilder, adding criteria for each parameter that is supplied.

Something along those lines. (section 9.2)

Ye, I've heared about that but I thought that it's much longer solution than that I had. I cannot use Example right here?
4 years ago