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Recent posts by Randy Tong

Mike Savvy wrote:I'm not sure if it was a limit, but when you start identity verification before exam, you should check in the field that you are 18 or older. Then you should take photo of you, photos of your room where you will take exam and photo of driver license or identity card.

You not answering my question ...
In life - which is long - you will have many successes, and some failures, too. Yes, it is LIFE.

Between, I planning to take the exam in future too. Is there any age limit ?
You know Malay language?
3 weeks ago
Because I don't know how to parse the first JSON. Seems like I need to create object "1", "2" and "3" ?
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
When return to Activity A, will you pass Activity B object to A?
3 weeks ago
Welcome Ken Youens-Clark!
3 weeks ago
The first line is the Malay word,which mean "Don't sit here".

But because of a typo, the sentences turn to other meaning.

3 weeks ago
What is nbr stand for in your code ?
I guess something like this?
3 weeks ago
I have asked the backend team to return the second JSON to me since it more easier to get, but I still interested to know how to iterate the first JSON. I did parse the JSON.

3 weeks ago
Wonder how could I loop through the levels list to get all the items if need written in dart language?


I guess it should be this?
3 weeks ago
Try open using private browser to test.
Maybe is because of the caching issue ?
3 weeks ago