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since Jul 22, 2018
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Recent posts by Randy Tong

Congratulations on your new book, Jamiel
Hi Jamiel Sheikh,

1. Is your book cover DeFi  ?
2. Might you share a little about what Machine Learning methods you use to perform data analytics on Corda nodes ?

What you mean by continuous effect?
3 days ago

I'm one of the winner for this book(Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms).

I haven't received the paper book yet, but the status in  Book Promotions Winners Page has changed to Winner reported received .

Is the book was sent or still in MEAP?


1 week ago
Malaysia moved from the Recovery Movement Control Order to Movement Control Order ...
1 week ago
Usually we need to take some time to digest others people's code, so cheers.
1 week ago
it same like how you add the title and location
3 weeks ago

Mike Savvy wrote:I'm not sure if it was a limit, but when you start identity verification before exam, you should check in the field that you are 18 or older. Then you should take photo of you, photos of your room where you will take exam and photo of driver license or identity card.

You not answering my question ...
In life - which is long - you will have many successes, and some failures, too. Yes, it is LIFE.

Between, I planning to take the exam in future too. Is there any age limit ?
You know Malay language?
2 months ago
Because I don't know how to parse the first JSON. Seems like I need to create object "1", "2" and "3" ?
2 months ago
2 months ago