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Recent posts by Randy Tong

What are all num referring to ?
1 week ago

Once again, where did you get the context from?

The context is getting called from Fragment.java. We can use context as long as our class is extends to Fragment.
2 weeks ago
In Flutter, we can easily initialize int StreamBuilder using this way:
But how can we initialize HashMap List StreamBuilder?
Can you show startActivityForResult code?
1 month ago
Sorry for the late reply. Can you explain what are you trying to achieve?
1 month ago
I guess is because of the  android:layout_marginTop and  android:paddingTop, which make the bottom navigation bar to bottom.
Try this code
1 month ago
Maybe change the height to match_parent?

android:layout_height="812dp" to android:layout_height="match_parent"
1 month ago
Can you screenshot both UI and paste here?
1 month ago
Thank providing me with such an honour ! I will continue to do my best  
2 months ago