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Recent posts by Randy Tong

thanks sharing
3 months ago
Did you get any errors? How about using  println() ?
8 months ago
thanks for clarifying
8 months ago
I'm reading Head First Android. In Chapter 4,page 162, it said that

...there's not enough room to display all of the views:

Does it mean space instead of room? Or room has the same meaning as space here?

8 months ago
Welcome John Culkin & Mike Zazon
8 months ago
I will suggest you to have basic knowledge about the fundamentals and syntax of relevant programming language before moving forward for learning OOP's concept.
Both frameworks have the support of the popular Messaging systems but Spring Boot supports more tools.
9 months ago
Welcome on the Ranch!
9 months ago
Welcome and congrats on your new book
9 months ago
From the project's description:

In this series of liveProjects, you’ll review the microservice architecture, create an architecture test using ArchUnit, simulate random problems using Spring Boot’s Chaos Monkey library, use Dependency-Check and Dependency-Track to analyze dependencies, and create API and performance testing using Karate and Gatling.

9 months ago
Welcome to Ranch, Alex Soto Bueno & Jason Porter
11 months ago
Intent not working after applied Lock Task Mode.

Before that, bluetooth setting able to open, but after screen locked, it only display "efefef", it did not open bluetooth setting.
11 months ago