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Poornima Velayutham

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since Aug 09, 2018
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Recent posts by Poornima Velayutham

congrats on your success.
what was your previous score in enthuware?
Was it(enthuware) so close to the real exam?
what can I expect in real exam,if i always score 50% in all enthuware attempts?
Hi there,
   I'm little confused in accessing the question bank for Sybex. It's asking for the course access code. The other way it's complaining that the user has been registered already.
please help me out to access the question bank. Thank you.
Hi all,
   It will be great if somebody encourages me so that I can take up the IZO 808 and get passed.
Firstly, I have only 15 days more for my final exam. In spite Being a mother of a year old child, I've put up a maximum effort to learn java(Read all the chapters in Sybex book) and do the coding part.
Stepped onto enthuware to test my understanding, resulted in a disheartening score. I've still 15 days more to take up the exam. Please, somebody, share your experience and advice to boost my confidence and score a pass mark.
I really have passion for Java. Please share me some materials to practice well. I dont know where iam weak. Dear Ranchers, each and every of  your comments will help me in gaining confidence.