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Recent posts by eric sato

Hi guys,
i'm new to Java, could you please any of you uses Spring framework before? Any pro and con? Got any simple tutorial for me to take off?

14 years ago
hi all,
i'm new to struts and currently i was assigned to maintain one of
the website.
The question arise was due to this website need regular changes -
add/update/take out pages (which including transactions) to suit this
business nature. Thus i need to restart the tomcat everytime i touch
the changes on struts-config.xml. Any idea without restarting it, like

15 years ago
hi all,
Is there possible to awake a thread that being sleep??

Based on some logic, sometimes i would like to awake the MyThreadName at specific time secs.

If the question been posted, pls provide the url. Thanks anyway.
Kind regards,
hi Axel,
That url is just merge/combine document, anyway i just found that using redirect from xalan will helps. Thanks all of u.
Best Regards,
hi all,
I read through the documention xslt from but could not find what i wanted in my xslt programs.
Usually xsl need 1 input xml file, 1 xsl file and 1 outfile. But i need another out file which need to write out within xsl coding. How do i do that? pls help. Thanks all the help. If anyone of u came across the same question with answer, pls provide the links for me. Thanks ya!!!
Best Regards
hi all,
i'm newbie here, i tried to use
<xsl:for-each select="/Player/Stat/@Type">
<xsl:value-of select="/Player/Stat/@Type"/>

i wonder render for each of the stat type. but only gave in heigt, height..instead. i must did somewhere wrong. pls advise.

//snippet of xml data
<Player uID="p17552">
<Stat Type="height">unknown</Stat>
<Stat Type="weight">unknown</Stat>
<Stat Type="jersey">67</Stat>
<Stat Type="last_name">Metin</Stat>
<Stat Type="first_name">Tumer</Stat>
<Stat Type="known_name"/>
hi all,
i'm new to xslt, usually is 1 xml + 1 xsl to produce only 1 output file, do you think 2 xml files + 1 xsl ==> 1 xml file possible??? do you have any url links that i can read on??? thanks in advance
Best Regards,
hi all,
i tried to set the min and max in my ant build file to run my tomcat. but sad to say that it gives me error. what should i do now ???
best regards,

Below is the error message from the console.
[java] Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx256m -Xloggc:/home/kh/cvslocal/LiveCricketInfo/gc.txt
[java] Could not create the Java virtual machine.

below is the snippet
<jvmarg value="-Xm256m -Xmx512m -Xloggc:/home/kh/cvslocal/LiveCricketInfo/gc.txt"/>
16 years ago
hi all,
i'm new to xslt thus i'm post this question here. currently i engaged with a project, but their existing system is read the xml from the feeder and parsed and stored in database, whenever requests come, system composed it to xml and send to clients. Assume here, only xml files is needed to send and get.
Question here, if i using xslt, whatever the xml coming from feeder, i parse it to another xml format, whenever the user requests, i just return the new xml format.
hi gurus, which method is more efficient?? the first(database) or second(xslt)?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
hi all,
this could be very urgent and important to me. if anyone of u know this, pls help! how to i parse and read the tag "<wickets>" (at line 12) because at line 8 already has the tag "<wickets>". i tried to parse it but it always return me the "<wickets>" at line 8.
<bowler order="0">
<wickets> <!-- this line 12 -->
<fow order="0">
hi all,
how to i list all the process id, but without own process it using 'grep'
[something$]ps -ef |grep cvs
kh 18426 18420 91 19:02 pts/0 00:00:05 /usr/java/cvs
kh 18442 18263 0 19:02 pts/0 00:00:00 grep cvs

i want only the result return only the first line without my own 'grep' proces id. thanks in advance
16 years ago
hi all,
i really need helps on this jk2. it really gave me alot problems and time to solve 1 by 1. if anyone of u have encountered and solved it pls share with me.
I able to install Apache2 and Tomcat 5.0.19 (multi instances) in Redhat9. But at the tomcat console i see these messages always displaying out. is it a normal??? after i running hrs mild stress test, tomcat complained OutOfMemory error. what should i do now ??? pls help.

org.apache.jk.common.HandlerRequest invoke
INFO: Unknown message 0
org.apache.jk.common.HandlerRequest decodeRequest
WARNING: Error registering request
16 years ago
hi all,
i guess i found the answer for it. This prob related with group. i just add another group [lb2:]. then my problem solved.
16 years ago
hi all,
i'm using Apache as main web server, and tomcat (in multi instances) to serve respective jsp and servlet.
i found out that if only if 1 tomcat is running, everything is perfect and smooth. But if more than 1 tomcat instance runnnig (whether is servlets-examples or test context), the user screen sometimes will get blank (only when they call servlet/jsp).
Pls help. below is my file. i'm confident i'm having inefficient worker's config file.
Thanks in advance.

############ Below there is my file#########################
info=Shared memory for multiprocessing
info=Ajp13 channel forwarding over a tcp socket
#worker tomcat1
info=display examples
info=display servelts

info=Ajp13 channel fowarding over a tecp socket
#worker tomcat2
info=test page
info=Status worker
#info=Display jk2 status page
16 years ago