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Recent posts by Jamie Shi

I got SCEA Part I at 60. I hope I can get Part II before my retire. I only can get my pention after 65.
Hi Peter,

"I've read elsewhere that there isn't a time limit for part 2 and my experience seems to confirm this..."

One question for you. What I understood is that the voucher is valid within one year. How were you working on Part II more than 2 years after part I? I knew you didn't work on part II in 2004.

You search it and will found lots of replys.
Hi Nicholas,
Thanks! another question: is there free voucher for SCJWSD now?
Nicholas Cheung, what's the SCJWSD? Thanks,
I should reschedule the exam to the end of June. It sounds not good for us who had taken the exam. I didn't do well in Security questions because I never care about it in my work and I spent too little on it.
What is the time zone? Eastern Time or other? Thanks.
Thanks for your tips.
I scheduled the exam on June 10. However, I rescheduled the exam on June 13 (Friday) because I have one important meeting on June 10.
It sounds good for me. I was worrying I would not be one of 400 testers before.
I have more 3 nights to review the spec than before.
Me too. I still need several days to review the specification.
I registered for June 10th. The test center is located in the same building with my office. Great!
Enjoy your exam. After the exam, please put some tips hear, Andrew.
Thanks for your document. You did a good job.
my voucher says 160 in 4 hrs.
Thank you so much for your information. You are really saving our time. We have only 2 weeks to review the spec. However, the life is always like that.

SCJP2 1.4