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Recent posts by SwapanB Biswas

Java EE 7: New Features -- this training on demand course available only for Japan. I ordered this but order was cancelled. Oracle did not communicate me anything. After so many follow up, call and email communication they said that this is for only Japan. But they are showing courses available in USA.
Do not buy this course. And oracle training/certification support is frustrating.

Wabi Sabi wrote:Fellow Ranchers,

Do you know if it's still an option to upgrade from SCEA5 to OCMJEA, or Oracle retired this path? I did my SCEA5 back in 2010. Would passing 1Z0-807 still be sufficient?

Many thanks,

The upgrade path still exists and passing 1z0-807 is sufficient. Please find below link:



Campbell Ritchie wrote:Well done: please find the “Wall of Fame” thread and add your name to it.

I was trying to add my name in OCMJEA Wall of Fame as  |JEE6|Swapan Biswas|November 01, 2019|71%|150/160|-| Retire Early|TOGAF|USA|

But getting below error message. Could you please help on this?
Sorry, your post appears to be spam. If it is a legitimate post, then we apologize for the inconvenience; please bring it to the attention of one of the moderators.
I recently have cleared all the steps - 807, 865, 866. You can ask  questions here about your doubts. Happy to help.. happy to learn..!!

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Well done: please find the “Wall of Fame” thread and add your name to it.

Thanks Campbell. I submitted my assignment and appeared the essay exam on 1st of November. I was waiting for the result eagerly. I got the result yesterday. I scored 150. This forum and your team is awesome. Appreciate all of your help.

Swapna latha wrote:Thank you very much swapna. Have you purchased kindle books or books from Amazon. Have you received any  certification badge after passing exam

Hi Swapna,
I am a Safari book online user. I read all of the mentioned book from Safari. I did not find Amritendu's book in Safari. So I bought that book in Amazon Kindle version. Amritendu's book is not useful for Part I(807), but it is much usefull for Part II(865).
Hello Sanjay,
The rule is still same. You can take all 3 exams and take training at the end to get certificate. I have cleared step 1, uploaded step 2. Now I will appear for step 3 within few days.
Any help on below is greatly appreciated. Thanks all for all the previous help.

I have JSF page(.xhtml). In sequence diagram I am showing a messaage from JSF page to EJB like below:
JSF Page -----1------> FacesServlet ---2-------> ManagedBean ---3-----> EJB.(Similar pattern mentioned in Amritendu's book). Note: 1, 2,  3 are numbers used here only for explaining.

I the assignment it is mentioned that all the public methods referred in other diagram(sequence diagram) must be mentioned in class diagram.
I have public method for managed bean and EJBs. So I can mention method call for 2 and 3(mentioned above) in sequence diagram. There is no custom public method in Controller/Faces servlet.

So what shall I mention in 1(JSF page ------> FacesServlet). In bothe Humphrey Sheil book and Amritendu's book, they have mentioned some public method in sequence diagram between UI page and Controller. But those methods are not present in class diagram's controller/FacesServlet.
What can be done? Suggestion please.
Congratulations Prachi..It's a nice story for future aspirants. What was the name of your assignment? Did you already complete the training and got the certificate? You can add your name in OCMJEA wall of fame.
Hello Ranchers,
It would be really helpful if anyone can help me in identifying the approach for below scenario. Thanks in advance.
Customer can open a brokerage account with XYZ financial institute.  Customer can deposit money from his bank account to his brokerage account with XYZ. XYZ has a contract with ABC bank for transferring fund from customer bank account to customer brokerage account. When customer inputs his bank account number, amount to transfer, his brokerage account number and initiate fund transfer, XYZ contacts ABC for processing this fund transfer.

How this integration can be done? Do I need to use any payment gateway or can XYZ communicate with ABC via web-service call? Generally payment gateway is used for POS, debit-credit card payment. Does transfer using bank account number, routing number happens through payment gateway or a web service of ABC can be called from XYZ?

Anyone has any experience for Python Certification provided by Python institute? https://pythoninstitute.org/certification/pcap-certification-associate/
How good are those - PCEP and PCAP? Are those certifications valuable?

Thank you
4 years ago
I am happy to share that I have cleared  OCMJEA step I exam - 1z0-807. I prepared for 3 months - mainly after office, during weekends and whenever I got spare time in the middle of my office work.  Though my score is just the passing score but I am happy that I can focus on the next step. There was technical difficulties in the computer during the test at Pearson Vue test center. After I started the test, the computer display was disappearing for 2-3 seconds and again coming back. And this was happening almost in every 2 min. I reported this to the invigilator who called Oracle Support team to fix the issue. Then invigilator stopped my exam and asked me to wait in the reception. She worked with technical team and gave me another computer to continue the exam. The exam again started from where I left. The issue still persisted. It was very much irritating and hard to give the test. Every time when I was putting concentration in reading the question, the screen display was disappearing suddenly breaking my concentration. I reported that to the invigilator again. She asked me whether I want to reschedule my exam or I have to continue like this. I thought that it's again painful to wait and read for another week and come back to the test center. So I decided to continue the test with patience and passed with 71%...finger crossed..... I could have been correct few more questing making little bit better score.

Here is my experience  during preparation -
The exam does not check for in-depth knowledge of each JEE technology, rather it wants you to test what is what and what, when it is used, where it is used, where it should be best fitted, what is not to use, where not to use, what are the advantages/disadvantages of different JEE technologies, advantage of one technology over another technology,  different tiers of N-tier architecture, their advantages and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages of 1/2/3/N tier architectures, different layers, different laws like leaky abstraction, open closed principle, interfaces segregation principle, common reuse principle, interface, inheritance, encapsulation, composition, identifying GOF design pattern based on given scenario, identifying JEE design pattern based on scenario, find useful integration technology based on given scenario, scenario based anti patterns.
All the questions are scenario based. There is almost no straight forward questions. So it is required to do lot of scenario based question before appearing for the test.
I have bought myExam cloud simulator. This is full waste of money. I wasted my money and time by buying and practicing this. Here 90% questions are one liner straight forward. The questions are not updated and connection is slow. Answer explanation is not good.
I bought whizlab too. This one is better and updated. Questions qualities are better than myExam cloud but yet not up to the expectations. Far more easier than actual test. Final exam of this simulator is good but still much easier than real test.

Here is the link of the questions which are almost of same standard(not updated to JEE6).

I have studied following books during my preparation:
 1. OCM Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Guide by Paul Allen & Joseph Bambara. A must read book. Need to read thoroughly. Though practice questions are not good.
 2. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide by Mark Cade & Humphrey Sheil( Good book giving a good overview)
 3. Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies by John Crupi, Deepak Alur, Dan Malks. A must read book
 4. EJB 3 in Action - in depth reading is not required. But need to read hand get sufficient knowledge of different EJBs and JPA
 5. GoF design Pattern - any good tutorial site. Paul Allen & Joseph Bambara's book is also good on this.
 6. Java Web Services: Up and Running - by Martin Kalin. In depth reading is not required.
 7. JEE 6 documentaion whenever requred to understand something - https://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/tutorial/doc/

Hi Pavan,
I am preparing for 1z0-807. I have read a list of book along with Allen and Bambara.  You can discuss your questions/topics here with me.