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Recent posts by SwapanB Biswas

Hi Pavan,
I am preparing for 1z0-807. I have read a list of book along with Allen and Bambara.  You can discuss your questions/topics here with me.
Hello Adriano,
Thank you for the reply.
I am currently practicing with Whizlab simulator. Is real exam similar to Whizlab? Do you have any suggestion on taking real exam after how much average score of Whizlab simulator? Could you please share your average score for Whizlab test or score for all the mock test? This will give me a clear picture of my readiness and confidence to take exam. I am scoring from 78% to 85% in the mock exam in the first attempt.

Hi Adriano,
Congratulations on your achievement. I am also preparing for OCMJEA and have targeted to appear for 1z0-807 in July.  Thank you for sharing your experience and preparation path.

Did you use any mock question(simulator other than whizlab?

Did you read any book for Security part?
Hello Barry,
Have you already cleared 1z0-807. I have just started with Paul Allen's book. Requesting you to share your preparation and experience which will help future aspirants like me.

I tried earlier this option but did not work. every time when I run javac -version, output with javac version was getting displayed. But when I tried java -version, it was throwing jre not found error.

Now again I verified path variable details. I removed an extra existing java path - C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;
After that java -version returned java version successfully.
Thank you so much for all your help.
2 months ago
Congratulations Praveen. I am planning also for this certification. Do you mind to share your preparation story? It will help future aspirant like us.
Also do you have any information when Oracle is going to release new version of OCMJEA
Thanks Carey.
I have installed jdk 12. Now while I am installing eclipse 2019-03, it is throwing error that java runtime environment not found. So if JRE is not present in my computer(as I removed Java 1.8 from my computer) and jdk 12 does not provide jre, how can eclipse be installed?
2 months ago
Where can I find jre 12? Is it still free?
2 months ago
A method or operation can have return type. So "return type of Stream" is basically incorrect statement. Correct is - what is the return type of Stream operations. Stream has intermediate operations and terminal operations. All intermediate operations returns a new Stream.  Different terminal operations have different return types. You need to understand and remember what each Stream terminal operation is doing to know about Stream operation return type.
2 months ago
Thanks Carey.
Even I noticed that there is no jre for Java 11. So what is the latest version of jre? Will all the features of Java 12 run in lower version of jre?
2 months ago
I have installed jdk 12 but don't see any jre 12 present in my computer. Does not Java 12 include jre 12? Or is not there any jre 12?
2 months ago
Hello Edmund,
I don't have any answer for your first question. I would suggest to call oracle support center and ask your first question.
Regarding 2nd question: You need to clear two exams for this certification - 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816. So when you are prepared for 1Z0-815, you can buy a Oracle Certification Proctored Exam Voucher from education.oracle.com. Link is https://education.oracle.com/certification-exam-vouchers. The voucher is valid for 6 months. After buying voucher, you need to schedule examination from Pearson Vue - https://home.pearsonvue.com/test-taker.aspx. Go to this link -> search for 1z0-815 -> login (create user id if you don't have) -> schedule exam(use your voucher here).
Using old syntax, the code becomes self explanatory if you go through the lines of code.
Using functional programming, the code becomes self explanatory if you already have the knowledge of functional programming. So one needs much higher level of knowledge to understand code with functional programming.
2 months ago
Today I passed OCPJP exam with 86%. I passed OCAJP with 90% in October,2018. OCPJP is much tougher than OCAJP. There are many new topics like functional programming, stream, NIO2.  As I don't have much working knowledge with Java 8, therefore it took longer time for preparation. I have followed OCP study guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott SelikoffMy. This is a great book for learning and preparing. After going through Jeanne's book, I have completed all the chapter tests and mock test given the book. I have given all the Enthuware mock test. I repeated some tests. I have reviewed all the questions after each mock test, updated my note. Then reviewed my note.

Here is Enthuware score:

FT - 88
T1 - 56
T2 - 59
T3 - 60
T1 - 88(2nd time)
T4 - 64
T2 - 77(2nd time)
T5 - 69
Last Day Test - 76

Real exam question was not much easier than mock test. Rather it was much closer to mock test. Got bunch of stream questions.
Thanks Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott SelikoffMy for great book.
Thanks Enthuware for great product.
2 months ago
Congratulations. Great score.!!
2 months ago