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Recent posts by Ivan Gortschakow

for some reason i get null values. Im filling the value from label input with a defaultvalue form the database That works fine

Later in script:

I thought about the scriptfunction takes the value of the label and not the label/input. And the label value is empty. If so. How can I change that?
7 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Ivan Gortschakow wrote:. . . I thought it would be the best to finish the design and focus at the logic second

Nonononononononono. The display is simply a display. You need to get the logic designed and working before trying to draw a GUI. Remember that the logic should work completely independently of the GUI. Then you can add the GUI to it.

The logic is programmed in some minutes.
My struggle is the design becuase i have never done that before.
Beside the Keypad already works.
8 months ago

It is just the question of attching the sidepanels to the boarder. I have no other problems at the moment
8 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Follow RC's suggestions. But don't try to do everything at once. Start with your number buttons and get them working. By the way, but “.” on the bottom left and “0” at the bottom centre. Then add one component at a time.

How are you creating the number buttons?

I thought it would be the best to finish the design and focus at the logic second
8 months ago

Rob Camick wrote:The key to any complex layout is to break the layout down logically into smaller panels and to use the appropriate layout manager for each panel.

You just identified 3 logical groupings (west, center and east).

So the place to start is with a BorderLayout. It has LINE_START, CENTER and LINE_END constraints.

See the Swing tutorial on Layout Managers for more information and examples.

Note the panels you add to the west, east will expand in height if the frame height is increased.

You can prevent this by using a "wrapper panel". Something like:

I did that.  Im looking for the function to attach east and west panel to the boarders.
8 months ago
Of course. I ve been reading reading and watching documentations since sunday on a daily basis.
I have no idea why but after i deleted everything i had and strated over it somehow worked.
But like i said. Everything is clumping mid.
Somehow i have to bind the West and East Panels on ContentPanes Boarders and the center Panel has to fill the rest.
The mid Panel is the painted blue thing
8 months ago
Can we learn walking before climbing to Olymp?
I have never swinged in my life before.
How can I connect a for example BorderLayout.WEST panel with the left boarder?
Center,West and East are clumping in mid.
8 months ago
It is fullscreen application so i think it should be realtive to the size of the screen
8 months ago
i want to create a GUI for a virtuel shop with Swing and tried several different things and it just doesnt work like i designed it.
I have worked daily about 3h and tried stuff but always getting to the point where i think it doesnt work like that and start over.
Can sdy drop some key information what Layouts, structure to use to succeed?

I post a picture of how i want to make it look.

8 months ago