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Recent posts by Carlo Reyes

Good day, everyone!

I need help with a Web Application I'm working on, it's a Mini-Administrator Panel (CRUD some stuff).
Made with: JSP & Servlets (MVC), and MySQL Database

I'm having a problem with the JSTL Tag <sql:query> (by the way I only use this tag when retrieving stuff).

When I make a simple retrieval, i.e.

Database Table: User [id, name, address etc.]

And I print the results out in a table, the users are properly retrieved and displayed.

PROBLEM: But when I use the same tag with retrieving from a table with foreign key constraints, i.e. INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, etc., with the code:

Database Tables:
   Manager (id, name)
   Employee (that holds an id for his/her manager: managerId column)

(What I wanted was to retrieve a list of employees, along with their respective managers)

All the User details are printed out fine, except for the managerName field, with the code:

Any idea on how I would properly access the column? I would like to avoid using MVC and DAO for retrieving, and have only 1 JSP page handle the retrieving and printing.

Thanks to everyone in advance!
2 weeks ago