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Recent posts by Daniel Chen

I have a readme.txt and a design choice.txt file, do I need a special user-guide documentation file or just descible something like how to execute in readme.txt?If need, what should be put in user-guide file?
JBuiler 6,7 also provides a simple UML function.
Hi Dave,
When and why can a client unlock a record that doesn't lock by itself?
Hi Mag,
Thank you for your reply.I also think they are the same created by java command-line or JBuilder.However I found file in my jar file created by java command-line has a line like "Created-By: 1.4.0 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)".The jar file created by JBuilder's file doesn't have this line.Though the jar file created by JBuilder run well in java command-line, I am afraid the two kind of jar file have other diffient part.And I don't know how to create jar file with JBuilder can include "Created-By: 1.4.0 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)".By the way I found my client.jar file created by JBuilder includes some class files I didn't add them to jar.I don't know the reason, I doubt JBuilder would include class files if it thought necessary.
Can I jar my classes, sources, javadoc api document using JBuilder?Is it the same result as using command-line with jdk?
Hi Allen,
All my GUI is one Frame, click buttons and show results in JTable in origin interface.Are you sure it is better to use menu?Then my GUI will have both menu and button.
In my GUI I use three JButtons to show all flights, search, book and now I want to do some help in my GUI.I want to do a menu including an exit and a help submenu.However My main GUI used JButton so I think to add a help menu isn't very fit.I have little experence in designing GUI, somebody can give me suggestion?Does it use a help JButton maybe more fit my main style?
Do I need a policy file?Do I need RMISecurityManager in my code?If I don't add RMISecurityManager, is it necessary to use a policy file?I really don't know it clearly.Is there somebody without policy file pass it?
[ October 29, 2002: Message edited by: Daniel Chen ]
Hi Sai & Vikas,
Yes I implement the unreference method to unlock whole db.But I only used a Vector to store reocrd number that is locked without store client id.I don't know why many do it.I found some article said when call unlock method, they would compare the client id want to unlock the record to stored in hashmap's client id.If they are not same, do nothing.And I cannot think out any else advantage than using a Vector only store record number.Is it right?
If I am right, I doubt the worthty to do.When a client unlock the record that it isn't locked by itself?I don't think it will happen in my design.
If I am wrong, anything else I missed?
Hi Marijana,
I also thought it as you before and I also put lock in local mode.However I found it was no use.I thought they were in the diffient jvm so I have no way to promise thread-safety.Then I gave up, only implemented in network mode.
Thank you for your reply.And I have another question.I found many topic said to use a hashset/hashmap to store record number as key and clientid as value.However I only used a Vector to store record number.What is the diffient?Why store a clientid, how to get the unique clientid and what is the advantage of this solution?
Hi Vikas,
I did a test and found unferenced method only would be called when there were no client connection.If one client lock a record and down without unlock and another client want to lock the same one, but it would be blocked.And because there is one clinet connection exist, unreferenced method would be called.Then the client will always wait.How to slove this problem?Somebody can give me a hint?
There are some interface and class implement these interface in my design.Do I need document all these same public methods with the same or familiar words?