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Md Zuanyeed Kamal

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Recent posts by Md Zuanyeed Kamal

Hello All,
I am having issues uploading simple apps in glassFish 6 with netbeans 12.4.

can anyone suggest how to update the files ?

In the parent pom located in ../glassfish5/docs/javaee-tutorial/examples dir.  

link of actual problem from github

another stack-overflow link for the problem:  

stackoverflow link of the same problem

I need expert suggestion. Incase you have any idea of how to get the issue fixed, please feel free to share with me.
Thanks in advance.

1 month ago
I was trying to open all the java EE tutorials using netbeans. But I couldn't locate those files.

Can you suggest me how to locate those files in netbeans so that I can run those files?


thanks in advance
1 month ago
GlassFish server is failing for authorization.

How to get it fixed ?

As far as my understandings I put right username and password. Please help me get the issue

error I got :
1 month ago
I am having issue with installing glassfish with eclipse. Can you suggest how to fix it ?
1 month ago

Tim Holloway wrote:Eclipse is not a JEE server. It's an IDE and it can attach to and run/debug webserver code but you'd actually need to install a JEE server itself.

I'm not knowledgeable in TomEE myself. But JBoss/Wildfly is fairly easy to work with.

Instead of glassfish, I put eclipse by mistake
1 month ago

Tim Holloway wrote:I'm going to differ with Rob here. Disclaimer: I'm a long-time forum moderator for the Tomcat forum, so I do have a bit of a bias.
The main advantage of Tomcat is that it's lightweight and simple to install and maintain. True, it does not support the advanced features of JEE, but when you're first starting out, servlets and JSPs are enough of a challenge in their own right, Furthermore, Tomcat is not a toy - it's a primary production webapp server in many, many IT shops. In fact I've worked in environments where it was the only webapp server product being used.

I used tomcat for webapps before, but now I want to explore the JavaEE features. For that which one would be best cohice considering as a new learner: Eclipse/JBOSS/TOMEE

I have never used TOMEE before. Do you have any resources that will be helpful to install and learn ?

1 month ago

Rob Spoor wrote:

For the JEE container you can go for GlassFish, or an alternative like WildFly. I don't recommend WebLogic, as I don't think it's very beginner-friendly. (To be honest, it wasn't friendly to me either...). Tomcat is not an option, as it only supports the web part of JEE. Without additional libraries (where TomEE comes in), you're limited to servlets and JSPs.

I tried to install glassfish on eclipse, but I failed to do that. I am still not sure should I install netbeans ? or I would try to install glassfish on eclipse. I have never user weblogic before.

Purpose of doing all this it to explore Java EE. Incase you have good tutorials/documents on how to install glassfish on eclipse you can share .


1 month ago
For Learning Java EE7, what server should I use : Eclispe/GlassFish and why ?

What IDE I should use : Eclipse/NetBeans ?

What apps books/free-resources I should use ?

Oracle tutorial is written based on glassfish and netbeans. Please give me some suggestions and definitive guideline please.

I faced difficulty installing glassfish on eclipse. will tomcat work instead of glassfish for learning JavaEE ?
1 month ago
Can you all please confirm what resources I would use in order to learn JAVA EE and prepare for the certification exams ?

and what is the best IDE for that ? I am confused about NetBeans/Eclipse ?

My next question: Do you all think  spring certification is more valuable than Java EE ? Should I pursue both ?

Junilu Lacar wrote:Just as in the other thread you started related to the same class, this is very procedural-style code, not object-oriented at all. Just keep that in mind as you study this code and how the algorithm is implemented. This is more like how you'd do it in C, not Java.

The way author solved problem made me very confused. I am not familiar with C/C++ that much.

I agree with you. There is no point of solving problems in back-dated procedural way in java.

I will come up with my own solution rather than following author solutions.

3 months ago
Can anyone explain how line no 22 and 23 works: = node;
beforeEnd = node;
This part seems to me a bit confusing.
3 months ago
can anyne explain how line 22 and 25 works ? Besides, I didn't get
this==last logic
Full url: LinkedListNode

3 months ago

Ron McLeod wrote:It is happening because it is specified in an environmental variable - either in your shell profile or some tooling:

To check if it has been set in your shell try:
    Linux: echo $_JAVA_OPTIONS
    Windows: echo %_JAVA_OPTIONS%

I deleted it from environmental veriable and this message went off. Thanks all
6 months ago

Carey Brown wrote:Because it is in red I'm assuming it would have to be printed by

everytime I run a program, this thing appears. i didn't print it
6 months ago
how can I remove it so that I do not see it in terminal everytime I run the program ?
6 months ago