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Hi Guys,

I know that for OCAJP (IZ0-808) (Java Programmer I), some questions were "non-graded" isn't that correct? Does the same hold for IZ0-809 (Java Programmer II). If that is the case, approximately how many questions fall under the "non-graded" category - or how many at most can exist.

Hello Guys,

Does anyone know when the IZ0-809 (OCP 8) java exam will retire ? I want to make sure I take it before it does.

4 months ago
Hello Guys,

Is it possible to get a question on the OCPJP 8 (1Z0-809) exam that contains a syntax error, thus failing compilation ? (as seen with OCA exams) ?


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9 months ago

Im already at chapter 9 of the book (1 more chapter left). This is my second time reading the book. Ive been working as a full stack developer for 12 years so im not new to programming. Its just too much information. So many minute methods..too much detail.
Hello Forum Members and past test takers,

I am finding the material for the IZ0-809 exam (OCPJP 8) to be soooooooo much more than the OCA and much harder. Its very difficult to remember everything and its so easy to fall into simple mistakes.

Am I the only one experiencing this? I dont have much time to prepare for it as my exam is in the end of June 2020...Ive been studying since October 2019. So much info!! Ive been using:

"OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer II Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff" - good book, but too much info - my brain is going to explode.
Code a lot using just notepad and the command prompt to execute the java program. Change things around, dont just copy paste the examples in the books - try to really understand whats going on. The exam wasnt "easy" - I had to really think about things. Prepare to see a lot of code and to be able to pinpoint whats wrong with it.
I have a background in Java by means of education - and also a few years of work experience using it. For OCAJP specifically, it was many months of studying on and off.

I just cleared the OCAJP exam a few hours ago with a 72%. Its not a great score but I am very thankful for it. A pass is a pass.

Looking back, I really thought i got most of the questions right...hmmm...

Going to add my name to the wall soon.

Much thanks to :

1. OCAJP Associate Java 8 Programmer Certification Fundamentals 1Z0-808 by Hanumant Deshmukh

2. Mala Gupta's book (OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide)

3. Jeanne & Scotts book - and their accompanying sybex exams. (OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 by Jeanne Boyarsky (Author), Scott Selikoff (Author))

4. Enthuware !! Last but not least.

Good luck to all.
Hello Java Gods,

Just wondering what percentage (approximately) of the OCAJP 8 (IZ0-808) exam consists of "Choose all that apply" type responses versus specific number of possible answers (namely select 2 of the following and such).

Thank you  
I think the main issue I am having in general is KNOWLEDGE RETENTION (memory issue). There are simply too many "laws" or "rules" to be followed and its hard to retain all of them in my head. Even worse is to "apply" those RULES when the time comes in the exam. Ill keep reading / practicing tests for some more time till im comfortable.

Happy New Year.

Actually I got hold of the online version of the book (Safari books) so I started reading OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808 by by Jeanne Boyarsky  (Author), Scott Selikoff  (Author). I am now on chapter 4. Just filling up the missing details in terms of my knowledge with the OCA exam material.


Campbell Ritchie wrote:. . . Please supply more details of the book; we who have been here a long time know exactly which book you mean, but RM might not.


I did read Mala Gupta's book and always code using notepad only for this test preparation.  I just fail to see whats wrong with the code and get tricked by the code shown in the exams. I guess ill just keep studying till im better at it.
Hi All,

I took Java in university around 10 years ago and i always loved Java and still do - however I am having trouble passing Enthuware mock tests from the first time. Are they really much harder than the real exam ? How close are they to the real exam ? I am afraid of attempting the OCAJP exam in fear that i might lose the 300 plus dollars - I always get a score of 55 % and sometimes even 40%. I understand all of the concepts but fail to catch the errors in the code. I also miss out on the questions with analyzing loops . Its really hard to be a "human compiler". Usually when i code, i rely on the compiler to tell me whats wrong - and coding is really a Trial and Error activity in my opinion. Every time i book the OCAJP exam , i cancel at the last minute in fear that i might fail.