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Recent posts by Joseph Michael

Going to use StringUtils apache commons which will strip out all control characters which is not required in normal inputs. Is that would cause any issue?
1 month ago
Thanks a lot for all your answers....What you all conveyed is right..I am going to strip out the characters so that it won't be an issue at all. It's an invalid character which should be removed. Thanks for all your time and suggestions
1 month ago
This is not a XML...Just a user alphabetical character string..Where SOH is exist in start of the string or middle of the string or in the end of the string...How to restrict this in Java? We want to support unicode however want to restrict SOH alone
1 month ago
The user copies a text from excel or some where..When he pasted into the application string field or text box, SOH character gets appended.

SOH character -

char(1) gets appended and causes the parse exception

Either we need to remove using trim or some function or should not allow the text at all. What would be the best approach in this case?
1 month ago

A user entered a value in a texbox...However somehow the start of the header character is embedded along with the string

However on parsing JDOM exception is thrown 0x1 is not a jdom character content

1. Will the problem will be resolved if i add trim ??
2. How to figure out whether a string has start of header character at the prefix or in the suffix and remove them ?
3. Is it good to remove the start of header character or throw exception to the user as it contains illegal character

Please kindly advise.

1 month ago
The below query is very slow

select * from employee where emp_city = 'chennai' and emp_key NOT in (select emp_key from emp_details)

This query is slow when the data is very huge

Instead of 2 select queries,

1. how to create a query using join for the above
2. will join query will be much faster then 2 select queries.

Please advise
Declare a column as varchar(2) - assume my input is ab - only 2 characters are allowed. When i try to insert one more character it throws error.

Declare a column as varchar(4) - assume my input is abcd - only 4 characters are allowed. When i try to insert one more character it throws error.

Declare a column as varchar(255) - however i can able to input abcdabcdabcd...more than 255 characters

I couldn't understand how many alphabetical small case characters a varchar(255) can hold. if it can hold many...why the same is not applicable for varchar(2) or varchar(4)

Please kindly clarify in detail.


I have huge text files - raw text. I want to convert them to a different language. Google/Microsoft/Yandex is best for online conversions. However we need to copy and paste and moreover it has size limitation as well.

Is there is any tool which i can use for bulk conversion at one shot which can give the output in multiple files.

Thanks in advance.
1 month ago
We have two tables

Employee Table
Address Table

Employee Table hbm definition will have the following

Address Table hbm definition will have the following

Currently the application throws the following exception when execute the following HQL query

from Address where primarykey = '1232';

More than one row with the given identifier was found: 1232, for class:
com.region.Employee (compact stack trace follows)


1. Will Address primary key will always have one similar primary key in  Employee?
2. Will the Address primary key might differs from Employee primary key column
3. Will the Address primary key will always have one similar address column value in Employee table?
4. When this issue might come?
5. How to fix the problem

Please refer hibernate in action page number 221. Many to one is really a one-to-one. We have defined so that it works properly. please go through the PDF 221 for more info -

3 months ago
I understand any api needs to be exposed as webservice needs wsdl file


1. Any Sample webservice example and wsdl file?
2. How to test webservice in a standalone PC??
3. Sample test case to verify the webservice?
5 months ago
I understand micro services can be deployed as separate service and memory can be allocated for each service


1. Sample micro service example which can be independently deployed?
2. Which server is best for deploying microservice - tomcat or jboss ??
3. How to test microservice in a standalone PC??
4. Sample test case to verify the microservice

5 months ago

What are the differences between async vs. reactive ?

5 months ago
From an expert,

In imperative programming we spin up threads to do things in parallel.

In reactive programming we declare the unit of work and leave execution (i.e. concurrency) up to the runtime.


1. Does Java supports imperative and reactive programming? How?
2. Can someone explain with an example of imperative and reactive programming with an example?
3. Concurrency can be done via call back or futures. What is the difference between having a call back or using futures?


5 months ago