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for pagination - Skip and limit vs find and limit ??? Which one would be the best choice ???

Case#1 - Paginate using primary key

Case #2 - Paginate using some other column

1 month ago
You are right...Thank you So Much.....
1 month ago
Daniel Demesmaecker...It is nothing but Awesome Reply.....Thanks a lot....

I would like to hear more answers for many of my questions. I like the way you explain...

Would you be like to respond via email ? Please kindly let me know.
1 month ago
Thanks a lot for your kind reply. Need the clarification on the below

1. Do we need to create the web-inf folder?
2. Do we need to create SpringBootServletInitializer  class ? (Ex:
3. Do we need to have component scan or just placing the classes files inside the war file would be sufficient ?
4. Do we need to create and do any configurations to make it work?

Thanks in advance.
1 month ago
We have two project developed using Spring Boot. Basically developed the back-end code developed and tested via Rest API.

Now, we have done the front end html and other pages separately.

Now we are not sure how to integrate this project as web application and deploy automatically via Maven in Tomcat

Need to know the project structure for web application project for Spring Boot
Where to place the jsp, javascript, html, css, file in spring boot
How to automatically bundle the project and deploy as a war so that we can deploy in any tomcat externally instead of going for a Spring Boot Embedded tomcat.

Tried by placing all the files in external tomcat webapps folder by creating war file but the attempt got failed.

Need advise.
1 month ago