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Recent posts by krishna kishore krishnan kutty

I have passed the IZ0-808 Exam in August 2019. The certification bug of mine was not active for last 1.5 years but now it's back and I started checking again the certification path for Java. I found that now there's big changes in the Java certification path as new exam Java OCP 11 1Z0-819 has been introduced combing the OCA & OCP.
So now I'm on crossroads in regards to which exam should I aim for to progress in the field of Java.
Should I take the IZ0-809 exam? If yes, when will it be retired as I would take around 6 months for it's preparation.
Should I tale the Java OCP 11 1Z0-819  exam but then I would have to undergo the same things I underwent for the IZ0-808 exam?
Can someone shed some insights to help this poor soul of mine
Hello Ranch Community!
I need your help in clearing my doubts and providing some suggestions.
I'm a software tester for 3 years and have been working in manual testing mostly. The only experience I have with programming is writing some quite basic selenium automation code. I understood that to be an efficient software professional it is better to be proficient with at-least one programming language. My confidence level is quite bad when it's about learning programming. I enrolled for java online program in Udemy but still I was not feeling comfortable with the knowledge being passed over in the course. Hence I made the decision to do the OCA Java SE 8 (1Z0-808) exam, so that I can learn the basics of the Java as per the Oracle standards.  
For the purpose of preparing for the exam I started studying from the book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bartes. I'm currently starting with the 5th chapter in the book, I read and learn after my working hours each day. I have also enrolled for the practice test from Whizlabs. After finishing with the exam guide I plan to take the practice test. I will take the exam in the month of July.

Will this be enough to pass the exam and also gain valuable knowledge in Java.
Also if I pass the exam, then what could be the steps I could follow to strengthen my knowledge and use it

Have a great day ahead!

Sorry for the long story but I wanted to let it out
Hi Scott!
I'm currently learning for my OCA Java SE 8 exam. I plan to take the exam at the start of July 2019.
Does this new exam has any implications for me. I'm the following doubts:
1. Is the OCA Java SE 8 exam still valid, if valid then how long?
2. Is there any change for the OCA Java SE 8 exam structure.
3. After the completion of OCA Java SE 8 what should be the next steps?