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Recent posts by Roman Le

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:I havent runned it eather, just following your logic.
if you do it like that I would use:

I see your point i should use logical and operator...

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:
but that seem a lot of if's to me, I would consider a switch

Dont know why but it never came  to my mind

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:An other excersise you might wanna try, they asked me to that on my jobinterview (without an ide of course)
Write a program that keeps asking the user for nrs untill he presses 0 and sort the inputs in prime and non-prime numbers.

I got 0 experience with Scanner Class(as it not required  for OCA exam). But I think it time to learn...

1 week ago
To be honest Im dont really know this game my self,but the way I understood on every number dived by 3 should say Fizz and divided by 5 Buzz and number divided by 3 and 5 Fizz Buzz
To fix number issue should replace else statement with if(x%3!=0&x%5!=0).
I wrote this code on my phone and didnt had chance to run it first
1 week ago

Roman Le wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:That FizzBuzz code looks more like procedural code, I am afraid. No FizzBuzz objects created or anything like that.

Understood will do another one  

1 week ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:That FizzBuzz code looks more like procedural code, I am afraid. No FizzBuzz objects created or anything like that.

Understood will do another one  
1 week ago
First of all sorry for disappearing for couple of weeks without any replay , I didn't gave up with learning just had very busy time.
And secondly and mostly thank you for support and giving me motivation , not to give up and move ahead.

salvin francis wrote:
A good program solves someone's problem. Let's say that your neighborhood has a book library and they manage everything on paper or simply Ms-Excel. Can you solve their problem using java ?
Even if it's a basic CUI (Character user interface) code, it's good to start with.

It took me a bit more time that i expected but here you go.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Just about anything would do, yes. One thing they sometimes ask in interviews is to write a program for Fizz‑Buzz. If you can't think of anything else, how about a fully object‑oriented version of Fizz‑Buzz?

As promised here is a quick code

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

I know we have mentioned book "Head First Java" many times, and I know this particular book is a bit dated, but get it, read it, that would make you understand some programming and other fundaments, these would be needed in your daily work as a programmer.

I don't think I said clearly yet, but forget the certification for now. As Campbell said, start on some personal project, you'll learn way more as a programmer. Don't get me wrong, certifications aren't bad, but probably not now. Desperate trying to become certified is of little value I think.

Thanks Liutauras , bought this book and really like it . Regarding certification as I mention before. Im trying to change my career and without certification i wont get to any interviews...
1 week ago
Hi guys,

Thanks for replays,
What kind of code should i write ? just anything?
4 weeks ago
Hi All,

First of all let me introduce my self I`m in my 30`s , 1.5 year ago I decided to change my carrier and be come a developer (i never had any programming experience or any IT qualifications  before).
So i found course online (don`t ask me why but i chose Java, and course it self was a bit expensive) so cut story short.
After finishing my course I didn't learn much end up buying more study materials and failed my exam in June with 40% score.
So i bought more study materials and got myself enthuware practise exam(passing average  score with 50-60%) , after few months of practise (today) I did second attend with failing exam 42%.( i still don`t understand exceptions and lambdas at all)
And now I`m thinking maybe it all not for me , maybe I`m to old for this.
But I spend so much money and time...
I don`t know, should i give up or not?

Give up or not give up that is the question
4 weeks ago