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Recent posts by Jay Gummers

Beatrix Lugo wrote:Hey, is your issue got resolved?

Yes, I found a similar design of the generator on this website. So I scraped off the JavaScript from the website and gave it some personal touch.
With the features that bad, I don't think I'd be upgrading anytime soon. Disabled auto update from the Settings.

Tim Moores wrote:Which page should contain the script obviously depends on which pages need it. There are probably plugins that can add scripts to particular pages, but altering the header is the quick way to add them to all pages. Note that upgrading WP will clobber changes made that way, do you need to re-add the code after upgrades.

I have recently upgraded to WP 5.0 (the one with the terrible Gutenberg). However, I don't think they'd be releasing any other update pretty soon.

Paul Clapham wrote:

Tim Moores wrote:There is no difficulty adding custom JavaScript code to each WP page (by adding it to the common header or footer include file), if that's what you're asking.

This is provided you're running your own Wordpress server. If you're asking how to do that to a page hosted on wordpress.com, then you can't include JavaScript in your posts or pages.

Yes, I am hosting the website on my own VPS hosting server. As for the code, do I need to paste it in the theme header.php ?  
Hi, I wish to create a custom promo code generator based on JavaScript. However, I am not if it would work with WordPress. The basic idea is to implement the generator into WP posts.

Does anyone has every has tried it? Any reference would work.