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ahsan raza

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since Jan 08, 2019
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Recent posts by ahsan raza

I'm trying to make find the difference game app, but I never made anything like that and since I'm a new to development I'm stuck

well baby Steps are always needed to learn xD

**I read in some documentation that i have to get each ImageView height and width separately so when i touch imageView1 its coordinates can be set to ImageVIew2 and ViceVersa I MAYBE BE WRONG XD**

I have make a simple version so anyone can recreate my coping code  and adding 2 images in drawabale Right now I have a layout with 2 Images set vertically



What i want to do is if i tap a place in image1 a circle should be created on the same place in image2

after reading along a few things i have made a circle if i tap the layout but i am stuck after this i cant find what to do next maybe i cant find documentation related to my problems


**Right now i think my two ImageView arent separate because when i touch between the 2 images a circle is created which shouldn't since imageView1 ends im not sure if im thinking in right direction its just my guess on how should it work for the game to work I MAYBE BE WRONG XD**

I still have a long way to go, but I'm stuck here  
can anyone help?

1 month ago