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Arthur Harkivsky

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since Jan 09, 2019
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Recent posts by Arthur Harkivsky

JIRA plugin*
4 days ago
How to solve this?
Removing of / prefix did not helped.
Plugin loaded without errors.
REST works.
6 days ago
fixed lombok version, but error is same.

thank you 1000 times for any help!
1 week ago
0. How to fix this error?
1. Should I place all dependencies to Import-Package? Only packages, used in my code from this libs
or root packages of dependencies?
2. If last, how to define root packages, should I manually open jar to see it?
Because from errors I see that Import-Package does not corresponds to groupId.
3. Do we have only maven way to build the plugin?
4. Why plugin requires additional oracle dependencies, when other java
apps need only jdbc driver?
Such great JIRA for users, but development of plugins is a hell for me (and other developers, I read).
I spent several nights without any pogress and there are no practical examples with dependencies- just fictional 'my-lib*'.

additional thank you for
1. postgres,
2. mysql and
3. mssql

instructions, if they includes more than one libraries for each case
4. in addition to mentioned oracle.

sqldrivers described only for JIRA server setup in docs.

please, check pastebin
1 week ago