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Tim Moores wrote:
Copying just parts of a page is quite tricky, no matter which library you use. Unless you have quite some time to spend, or money to license something from Adobe, I advise to leave out that part.

So, I've modified my source files to be smaller paper size. This will allow me to merge the entire file without needing to take a portion of it. But, now the second file is merely overwriting (or overlaying) the first one. Any suggestions?

Only because I didn't realize it can do it. I can't find any examples or of people discussing doing that, so I posted here for ideas.  All the examples I found show each merged file coming in on it's own page. I'll go try it and see what happens, but if you have any hints or links that clover that, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for your help.
Dang it! Yeah, I must have been pretty tired when I wrote that. I did mean PDFBox (sort of a block, right?)

I've looked at pdfmerger, but got the impression that it inserted a page break after every merged document. No?

In my case, my PDFs are full page, but 4/5ths of the page is blank. I only want to merge in the part that has content.

Can pdfmerger do that?
This will be run via javascript on a web app.

I have a bunch of PDFs that are 8 1/2 x 11, but only has content in the top 2 inches. A standard merge of 10 of these PDFs would create a 10 page document.

But I could actually fit 5 of those blocks on a single page, resulting in a 2 page document after merging those same 10 files.

Does that make sense? How can I do that. I'm currently using PDFBlock, but I'm open to using other open source libraries.